America’s Got Talent – The Top 10 Performance

Yes, people! Believe it or not, America’s Got Talent, the show that seems never-ending will air its finale next week.

After tonight’s voting, 4 of the 10 acts will advance to next week’s show, where they will compete for the top prize.

With only 10 acts, there was time for a performance by pop singer, Enrique Iglesias.

Tonight was a real mixed bag. My favorite act was easily, crooner Michael Grimm who decided to forgo his guitar tonight to sing a soulful “Let’s Stay Together”. The judges were suitably impressed, and like the American Idol judges would probably do, they called his guitar a crutch. Whatever.

The sister act, Christina and Alli need to be put out of their misery this week. They seem to be sweet kids, but their act is mediocre and amateurish. I think their Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis has carried them as far as it can.

White-boy singer, Taylor Matthews turned “What a Wonderful World” into a dull acoustic ditty, and the judges couldn’t praise him enough, inexplicably. He looked like he was going to pee his pants the entire time. He needs to be stopped.

Prince Poppycock was deliciously WTF tonight. He did a huge patriotic number, with dancing flags, and Washington DC landmarks. It was so over-the-top it probably offended some people. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I’m not convinced he’s really a Vegas act, but he’s pretty entertaining.

Videos after the JUMP…

Jackie Evancho? Still creeps me out. Sorry. But I think I’m in the minority, and I expect America to take her at least to 2nd or 3rd place.

The young hip-hop dance troop, Studio One Young Beast Society are pretty good, but I’ve seen way better on other competitive dance shows. They were first tonight, so I don’t expect them to advance.

The injured stunt biker, Jeremy Vanschoonhoven seemed to be over his injuries, to deliver a crowd pleasing stunt-filled routine with his bike. He lost a wheel…on purpose, and continued to pop his bike on the back wheel. I think he’s established himself as a fighter and an underdog. He could be a spoiler.

Anna and Patryk, the kiddie ballroom dancers, unwisely chose to perform the dance of death, the quickstep. On SYTYCD and DWTS, dancing the difficult quickstep often leads to elimination.

And, wouldn’t you know–Anna tripped and fell down some prop stairs during the first seconds of the routine, and it was all downhill from there.  She was crying afterward. The judges tried to pump her up, calling her brave, but I think they both need to go home and do KID stuff.

Magician Michael Grasso had a bit more WOW factor last week, but he was still pretty impressive.

The black-light dudes, Fighting Gravity, performed another crowd-pleasing routine. They could absolutely take this thing. They’ll definitely be advancing, I think.

Who will go through? Jackie Evancho for sure. The other three will be either, Fighting Gravity, Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, Jeremy Vanschoonhoven or Michael Grasso.


Studio One Young Beast Society

Christina and Alli

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven

Taylor Matthews

Anna and Patryk

Enrique Iglesias – “I Like It”

Fighting Gravity

Michael Grimm

Michael Grasso

Prince Poppycock

Jackie Evancho

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  1. LOL at the dancing Capitol building. I couldn’t stop watching the damned thing. I was kinda over Prince Poppycock, but the crazy nut reminded me why I like him. Plus he’s a Yankee Doodle Dandy, you know.

    Michael Grimm made me vote. Can’t help it. I already liked him, then he performed my favorite song in the whole world, “Let’s Stay Together.” Want my vote? Sing my favorite song, and sing it well. Heh.

    MJ, I am also a bit creeped out by that woman voice coming out of Jackie Evancho. I keep thinking… Poltergeist.

    I’m still a bit perplexed by this show. They have so many weeks of “preliminary” stuff that I can’t keep track how long it went on. Then BOOM, top 10, and then they hack that down to 4 and it’s over? Weird. I’d be cool with Michael Grasso, Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock and Fighting Gravity. Alas, Jackie Evancho will bump one of them. Maybe even bicycle guy. Who knows. My kids like bicycle guy.

  2. Tierbee: I thought the same thing. THey have so many audition and preliminary rounds and then when they get to the best, they’re done in 3 weeks. It is weird.

    In a weird way I think Prince Poppycock might win this. He’s the most Vegasy. And definately OTT.

  3. This is the first yr I’ve really watched AGT and I’m confused. Have they always cut it down from 10 right into the finale? That just seems so abrupt to me. Anyways, if I have to pick 4, they would be Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity, Michael Grasso, and Michael Grimm. I agree with tierbee. Jackie creeps me out big time. I wanted her gone the first time I saw her. Ugghh!!

    IMO, I think the ones best suited for Vegas are Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity, and Michael Grasso.

  4. Since I am not a big Enrique Iglesias fan, also I didn’t pay much attention when he came on. I thought, that this was Michael Grimm – LOL :lol:
    I thought, wow this guy is pulling out all the stops and is actually really good, great performer, voice could be a bit better…. Hahahahahaha
    And then they didn’t judge him – huh? and then Nick said “Thank you Enrique Iglesias” …. I am still rolling on the floor laughing.

  5. LOL, GreenHippo, that is hilarious.

    My husband was horrified by Enrique and turned to me and said, “What the hell is he doing, doesn’t he sing love songs?” Hee.

    IMO, I think the ones best suited for Vegas are Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity, and Michael Grasso.

    I think so, too. Just hope to see more of Michael Grimm. I know lots of these folks just sorta vanish after the shows are over but he intrigues me. Like the soulful voice. He could make an album of what my daddy likes to call “belly rubbin’ music” and I’d be happy to buy it :)

  6. Loved Michael Grimm from the beginning and hope indeed to see him advance. As far as the other acts, I would hate to see bicycle guy not make it. Prince Poppycock is very creative, but I like seeing his face a lot more without all that makeup, lol. I would have liked more reverence shown for America, too, in his act, but it was not bad. And the magician has to go through. He is incredible.

    That was funny, GreenHippo, about Enrique Iglesias. I was wondering, too, what happened to singing love songs. I have not kept up with him, but I thought he would kind of follow his dad, Julio, in singing love songs. To me, they fit him better, but no one asked me, lol. I grew up listening to his dad. I was actually also wondering what happened to his brother, Julio, Jr., who had appeared on the show “Gone Country.” He apparantly won it, but I haven’t heard from him since.

  7. I had to email my sister the link to Poppycock’s video. If nothing else so she could see the dancing Capitol. I’m still laughing about that thing; when it came out on stage with those legs kicking all over the place I about died.

  8. Jackie Evancho definitely got my vote. She was amazing…Fighting Gravity and Michael Grimm were good too.

  9. I’d really like to see Fighting Gravity, Michael Grasso, Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock to go through. I don’t see Jackie as a Vegas act and I feel the same way about her as you do, MJ. I guess we’ll be in the minority together.

    I think she’ll have a career anyway if her voice doesn’t fail her. She really doesn’t need to win this show. She’s such a darling little girl, though.

  10. My top 4 are Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Michael Grasso, Fighting Gravity, and for Vegas Prince Poppycock.

    I think Jackie Evancho can sing but BORING!!!! have since the beginning. She is no Vegas act. IMHO. I have to say that top 10 had some of the best acts I have seen on this show. 6 I think will be fighting for 4 spots. 2 ok and 2 bad.

  11. Thought my Prince was excellent again. I just discovered him this week, but have seen his video’s multiple times now. I love the attention for detail in his decors and outfits/make-up.
    I understand this is for a Vegas show and that might be a bit problematic for him with all the costume/make-up changes, but I’m sure he’ll come up with something – he seems inventive enough.

    Great story GreenHippo, I could see it being risky performing on shows like this. There’s a good chance you won’t be the best one!

    I think I agree with Dhunken for the top four.

  12. My top 2 are Michael Grimm and Fighting Gravity.

    I would also put through Michael Grasso and Jeremy Vanschoonhoven into the top 4.

  13. Great talent this time around. Had a hard time deciding who to vote for. Fighting Gravity or Michael Grasso are more suited for Vegas. Jackie’s voice gives me the weebie jeebies. Sounds like an older woman’s voice coming out of her mouth and it’s weirding me out. She’ll do well regardless, but she’s definitely not a Vegas act. Cute little girl, though. I like Jeremy a lot and I absolutely loooooove me some Prince Poppycock!!! He’s just hysterical. Cracks me up. I watched a bit of Enrique and was like “Whaaat?” stopped, fast forwarded, heard the same thing and cut him off. WTH?

  14. tierbee:
    I had to email my sister the link to Poppycock’s video. If nothing else so she could see the dancing Capitol. I’m still laughing about that thing; when it came out on stage with those legs kicking all over the place I about died.

    Ooh, now I’m picturing the Lincoln Memorial and especially the Washington monument joining in (“step, touch, step, touch, KICK!”). If Prince P. needs some ideas for a Vegas show, he could do an operatic revival of the Schoolhouse Rock series.

  15. Loved Prince Poppycock, never took much notice of the show or him until I checked here an hour ago. I have now gone through all his videos from the show and my husband has been looking over my shoulder the whole time. When I finally turned them off he was saying, ‘more prince poppycock, more price poppycock’ well the prince has two new fans now. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with for the final if he makes it through.
    Loved the dancing monument!!

  16. So glad to see people loving Prince Poppycock, IMO, the perfect Vegas act. He will never run out of material and when all is said and done, I would even like to see him perform a song or two sans make-up, scrubbed and handsome with his *real* flowing locks. Yes, he has to stay in persona for AGT, but afterwards, he could be John Quale for at least one number.

    All I know is that he puts a smile on my face and I can watch him over and over without getting bored. I would like to see him and Fighting Gravity going through. They will probably be joined by Michael Grimm (who reminds me too much of last year’s Chicken Catcher) Kevin Skinner? I think was his name and who went nowhere fast as far as I know. No doubt Jackie Evancho will join them. Yes, she has a nice voice, but honestly, it is mostly amazing because it is coming out of a ten year old. I happened to walk in the other room while she was singing and without looking at her, I thought “Voice was okay, but I wasn’t blown away when not looking at her young self.”

    As to the remarks about Inglesias here, they had me laughing hysterically. The only thing missing was a *BUZZ* from Piers. Now that would have made my day. I wonder if they turn off the buzzers on the last two weeks. It must be awfully hard for Piers to keep his hands in his lap, lol.


  17. LOL at Poppycock doing a revival of the school House Rock shows. I can totally see that! I’m scratching my head about all the love for Michael Grimm. It’s like he was named for his personality… Grimm and BORING!! What a downer. He makes Lee look interesting. I’ll give him credit for at least not needing to be autotuned. Bike guy? Dull, too. This show is bizarre, but I watch to see hometown girl Jackie E. Though, opera is not my cup of tea, especially coming from her adorable little self.

  18. I was actually pretty impressed with the show last night but really- WTF with it finally being down to the top 10 and the finale next week?

    Enrique looked so cute without his mole :)

    I don’t get the Prince Poppycock thing. It’s not his theatricality I am an Adam fan afterall,lol- I just don’t think he is all that good of a singer? But he is entertaining I guess. He has actually said he knows Adam and they ran around in the same underground clubs back in the day.

    My money is on Fighting Gravity- was impressed on day one with those kids. They will definitely be in the finale with Michael Grasso, Prince Poppycock, and either Michael Grimm, Jacki Evanco, or Jeremy Whatshisnamen.

  19. America is weird. Even Capitol Building has nice legs :D. And Jeremy and his wife look so alike, like bro and sis.

  20. That was funny, GreenHippo, about Enrique Iglesias. I was wondering, too, what happened to singing love songs. I have not kept up with him, but I thought he would kind of follow his dad, Julio, in singing love songs.

    Don’t you think that this is what we keep hearing and saying around here about “that’s not what’s played on the radio”? I’m thinking that Enrique, like the Idols, would like to be known as somebody who gets played and sells as a pop singer — So that means, drop the love songs. Melodies are out out out. And EI knows it, so he’s trying to adjust — by completely altering himself!

    My faves on the show, by miles, are Prince Poppycock and then Fighting Gravity. Now those are Vegas acts. They’ve got talent, creativity, imagination, and they’re business people. I would *so* go see both of their shows. I would *so* go to see both of them as headliners.

  21. dhunken:
    09/08/2010 at 3:08 am
    My top 4 are Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Michael Grasso, Fighting Gravity, and for Vegas Prince Poppycock.

    ITA. These are my top 4 as well, but unfortunately I think I fell asleep before I finished voting, so I’m sure I’ll be mad at myself tonight with the results.

    I know that Michael Grimm sounded good on that song, but there is something about the persistently pained look on his face that really bugs me. IDK – maybe I just don’t think of typical singers being Vegas acts.

    Jackie Evancho? Still creeps me out. Sorry. But I think I’m in the minority

    MJ – I’m with you on this. She still reminds me of pageant girl who got murdered (very sad).

  22. My top 4 are Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Michael Grasso, Fighting Gravity, and for Vegas Prince Poppycock.

    Same here! I’m hoping for bike guy, magician, glow-in-the-dark dudes and Poopycock. But I figure opera girl and skeevy soul singer will likely make it instead of two of them. I just hope Poppycock makes it thru.

  23. PP is my fav although I don’t actually think he needs to win the show to have a career. Of all the so called “another Lady Gaga” he’s the closest in terms of his artistry (although she’s got more than that going for her).

  24. I’m a litle surprised by the Jackie hate on here. Her voice is pretty amazing, yes she is 10 but you cannot deny that voice. I really think she could win this thing. I also am surprised by the love for Grimm. I find him boring, his sob story almost sickening and his voice is a dime a dozen. He does not make my top 4. I have feeling he won’t with America either.

    My top 4:
    Jackie Avancho
    Fighting Gravity
    Prince Poppycock
    Michael Grosso

  25. Why would it be surprising that people have different opinions? The only thing I feel safe in calling is that I’m in the minority that’s not feeling Jackie and she’ll be going through. The rest we’ll see, I think it’s a bit of a toss up with most of the rest. Poppycock is polarizing but I am hoping he goes through. You know he pissed people off with that act, silly though that may be. The bicycle guy might sneak in and bump the ones I think are fighting for the other three non-Jackie spots (Grimm/Grasso/Fighting Gravity/Poppycock).

  26. Michael Grimm is interesting and has a voice but give me Eli Mattson any day of the week.

  27. I love Prince Poppycock. I only watch the show for him. I like his off stage personality as well. He’s so entertaining and original and artistic.

  28. I think Prince Poppycock is the most talented/creative- he designs his own amazing makeup, costumes, performances. And I agree that he is the most’Vegasy’ and will have a great career even if he dosen’t win the contest.
    Young Jackie’s performance had me in awe with it’s beauty. Heavenly. It is strange to hear that mature voice from a young girl, but that’s my problem, the girl’s singing is magnificent, incredible, outstanding and I really enjoyed her performance. She is truly amazing and like Sheri said, I also will never forget her performance. Of course she has a wonderful career ahead. She deserves much success, she practices a lot and it isn’t easy singing in a foreign language.
    The ‘Fighty Gravity’ group is creative, fun, fresh, enjoyable too.
    Michaels magic tricks are great, but I personally get bored after a couple tricks, however, that’s just a personal thing; he is a great talent.
    I have no respect for the bicyclist or anyone with is willing to do tricks that can paralyze or kill them. If they don’t honor their health and well-being, I don’t respect them,-again, it’s just a personal thing.
    Anna and Patrick are talented, but I personally like comtemporary dancing, esp for youngsters.
    Michael Grimm has a nice voice,nice stage performance too.
    Good luck to everybody, they all worked hard and it means a lot to each of them.

  29. Am I the only person that saw right through Michael Grasso’s trick last night? I think it was pretty easy to tell how he did it.

    All of my votes went to Poppycock.

    Grimm is good, but he couldn’t support a Vegas act. Sorry. Put him on radio.

  30. Love Grimm, Michael Grasso, Defying Gravity and Prince Poppycock.

    I’m creeped out by the kid dancers and the 10 year old opera singer. Howie Mandel asked her if she ate a grown-up. hee hee.

  31. Michael Grimm is interesting and has a voice but give me Eli Mattson any day of the week.

    I soooo agree with this :)

  32. Hard to tell who people will put through – I wouldn’t be surprised if the final 4 was all singers…Jackie, Grimm, Poppycock, and Matthews. I know plenty of people liked Fighting Gravity, Grasso, and Jeremy, but the question is, will enough people have voted for any ONE of them, or will the votes split? I figure Jackie will get a ton of votes, as will Poppycock. Taylor Matthews probably gets the votes of a bunch of girls and I still think could very well win it. And it’s apparent from here that there’s a good many people who like Grimm as well.

    I think America just tends to remember singers more than anyone else – they may be entertained by dancers and magicians, but the singers get them voting, IMO. And how many people really would vote in terms of what would be best in Vegas as opposed to just simply what they like personally?

  33. Jackie is amazing. What a gift and such an angelic presence. I have never been a fan of opera, but her voice just gets me hooked and Im never bored.

  34. I wish they were narrowing it down to six first and then to four before the finale.

    I’d really like to see an act win this year. They’ve had enough singers win it.

    Prince Poppycock has been the last or near the last act of the show for the past couple of weeks so he must be garnering some support, either by voters or producers. I think he’s got a real chance at winning.

    Hopefully, Michael Grasso will get a Vegas gig regardless because I don’t think he will win.

    But, truth be known, I am really pulling for Fighting Gravity.

  35. I don’t watch this show but was hooked when I saw Prince Poppycock. I love the hilarity and the overall artistry from costumes to stage props and to song choices. It’s like watching Glee. I would love him to move forward to the top with Fighting Gravity and Jackie. Fighting Gravity is a showstopper with a big wow factor; I love them. And Jackie, what can I say, I’m a sucker for prodigies. She deserves to be in the top4. She showed consistency throughout this competition. And judging from the crowds reaction, she’s a hair-raiser. I also like the Studio One just for the entertainment factor. And definitely, a BIG NO, NO to Grimm for me. I switched channels everytime I see any white guy with a crutch, so traumatizing to watch the likes of him (haven’t fully recovered post-AI).

  36. I love Poppycock. What a fun act. As far as Jackie, I don’t know what to think. I’ve seen two of her performances via video and I’m just having a hard time believing she’s not lip synching. The voice and the child just don’t match. There are even small sections where she’s out of synch with the voice. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but there’s something creepy about that. One of the other posters said she reminded her of Jon Benet Ramsey (although she didn’t name her). That’s doubly creepy!

    Is there any way to prove that’s really her voice?

  37. It was a really good show! Jackie was an angel in perfection. Prince Poppycook is so entertaining – I’d pay to see him with his artistry. I guess I am not as impressed with Fighting Gravity as others are. It seems they want Michael Grasso go on. I just can’t see four singers making up the Top 4. This is the first season I have watched, and it’s been pretty good, especially the last 2 weeks!

    I think the winner will be either the Prince or the Angel (Jackie)!

  38. Is there any way to prove that’s really her voice?

    It’s her voice. I haven’t watched her on the YouTube videos posted here, but it’s clearly obvious that it’s her when you see her on TV. The breaths match up perfectly, the movements of her mouth fit exactly with the vibrato…no question. Now whether or not people find it creepy that someone that young can sound that mature, that’s another story. I really don’t think it’s creepy at all, but to each their own.

  39. Wow, There’s something about AGT this year. I can’t takes my eyes off from this show. But anyways, overall this will be a tough night. I’m expecting Prince Poppycock, who is always entertains me to watch his different character that has me made wanting more..Jackie Evancho will make it through and I don’t think she’s not that creepy. She’s just talented and amazing singer and that’s why the show is all about.

    Michael Grasso, slick and very cool magician and IDK why people always nagging about his magic trick and we do all know it’s fake. The Illusion that made it very interesting. I’ll be surprised when I saw it for the first time

    Next, Maybe Fighting Gravity or Michael Grimm. IDK which of these two will go through but i’ll be happy if one of them go through. FG last performances was a little bit down for me than their semi performances and Michael Grimm WGWG, well I don’t want another singer to win

    I think PP or Michael Grasso will win

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