America’s Got Talent 5 – The Finale

Results: Michael Grimm wins America’s Got Talent!

  • 1st place: Michael Grimm
  • 2nd place: Jackie Evancho
  • 3rd place: Fighting Gravity
  • 4th place:  Prince Poppycock

I would have NEVER picked Michael Grimm as the contestant to take it all! I’ve always maintained that Jackie Evancho would take 2nd place, but figured one of the variety acts would take the prize.

Now that yet another singer has won AGT, I have to wonder if a variety act will ever be able to win this show.

Fighting Gravity taking 4th place was a REAL surprise. And, quite frankly, a disappointment. They wuz robbed, peeps.

But better the grown up and extremely talented performer, Michael Grimm, win the headlining show and million dollar prize than the kid opera-bot, Jackie Evancho.

This could be a blessing in disguise for her. I hope her parents help her handle the loss. She’s just a kid. Sarah Brightman had some great advice for Jackie-telling her to save and perverse her voice, and in so many words–not to grow up too soon.


Who will win America’s Got Talent Season 5? Will it be Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho or Fighting Gravity. I’ll be live blogging the results here.

The Final Four will duet with their heroes. The Goo Goo Dolls, Cirque Du Soleil, David Copperfield and Usher perform tonight.

First duet: Prince Poppycock and Donna Summer sing “Last Dance/Enough is Enough”. OMG! Donna’s got her own big hair-do going. This is pretty surreal. Male pronouns for the win!

The cast of Beatle’s Love perform “She’s So Heavy/Get Back”

Next Michael Grimm and Jewel duet on the tune “Me and Bobby McGhee.”

Fighting Gravity do their thing while Lionel Richie sings…wait for it…”Dancing on the Ceiling.” Yep. They dance on the ceiling. They make Lionel an honorary member.

Nick Cannon’s got the hots for Spongetta! She comes back to the AGT stage to sing “I’ll be in my studio studio…ah ah ah…” (pretty much the entire lyric, there) Nick rocks out! But there’s a surprise…T. Pain turns up to surprise the crap out of Spongetta. Yes, no rehearsal required for that joint!

A slew of scary rejects take the stage to sing Black Eyed Peas  “I’ve Got a Feeling”.  It’s absolutely absurd, of course. Just like this show. I couldn’t even tell you who any of these people are.

The last duet: Jackie Evancho sings with Sarah Brightman.

WHOA. Sarah Brightman told Jackie that she needs to “save and preserve” her voice. She told her, in so many words, to take it slow, because she had her entire life to sing. I hope Jackie’s parents are listening.

After a bunch of snoozey filler, David Copperfield takes the stage to do some magic. The trick he does…squishing himself up like an accordion–was pretty cool.

Interesting tidbit: Everyone in the Top 4 has come 1st in the audience voting at least once…

Goo Dolls are next, singing a medley of the band’s hits.

The first result! The Top 4 take the stage…and after an unbearable pause…Prince Poppycock is eliminated in 4th place. Piers loved Poppycock’s performance with Donna Summer–that’s the Prince he loves–flamboyant, campy and fun.

More results. Who come in 3rd? It’s…Fighting Gravity. DANG!!! Sharon tells the group that she KNOWS they’ll land a Vegas show, and that they better get her front-row seats.

Before we find out the winner, Usher performs his single, “DJ Got Us Falling In Love.” This is the 3rd time I’ve seen him perform this song in a week.

It’s time to pick a winner.  Howie says the right two people are up there. He asks Jackie if she’s handling it ok. She nods her head like a good little kid-bot.

And the winner of America’s Got Talent is…Michael Grimm! Holy Sh*t.

VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Prince Poppycock & Donna Summer

Michael Grimm & Jewel

Fighting Gravity & Lionel Richie

Jackie Evancho & Sarah Brightman

And the winner is…

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