America’s Got Talent 9, Week 2 Auditions – Live Blog and Discussion (VIDEOS)

America's Got Talent - Season 9

I will be live-blogging the second night of auditions for America’s least grammatically-correct talent show, America’s Got Talent. Last week was the season premiere, and several acts were really impressive to me. Let us hope that they didn’t already show the best acts, and that we will have some surprises tonight. The show starts at 8 PM EST. Join me in the comments, won’t you?

Here we go! Nick Cannon is in a race car for no reason. We see a recap of last week’s acts. Judges introduced. Howard wants his head to explode from something original. Is it me, or does his hair look like it already exploded?

Our first act is a 12 piece band of SIBLINGS. They are called The Willis Clan. Nick Cannon asks the important questions, like “how do you all shower in the morning?” and “any twins?” There is a kid named Jedi. Wow, that’s how you know they ran out of names, but the strange part is he is in the middle. There is a three year old and she’s adorable. They know who their lead singer is-and she’s pretty good. All of these kids have some part, and it’s actually getting more impressive as it goes on. Howard says they are exactly what AGT loves, like the Osmonds but more talented. Howard brings the parents out, and jokes that they spend most of their time in the bedroom. Mel B loved the harmonizing. Heidi called it inspiring, loved how the family could do it together. Four yeses.

The Willis Clan, 3-21 ~ America's Got Talent… by HumanSlinky

David and Leeman are the next act, and they are magicians. They come out and switch name tags for their first trick. They ask Howie to come up onstage for their “pseudo-science.” Howie is unable to read certain words that pertain to him when they squeeze his head. First one is comedian, next is germophobe, last two are Howie Mandel. The delivery of the act is pretty great too. Howard loved it because it made Howie look like a jackass. Heidi wants to try it next time. Four yeses.

David & Leeman ~ America's Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Julia Goodwin is 15 years old and dreams of being a singer-songwriter. Her dad introduced her to music, and wants her to do what she loves. She is singing New York State of Mind and doing a fine job. I like her a lot. She doesn’t have much confidence but frankly she could work on that. She isn’t the best at high notes, but overall a solid performance. All four judges stand for her, as does most of the audience. Mel B says her voice is unique and she has control. Howard says she is one of the best singers he heard this season, she is very mature. Heidi comments on how effortless it is. Howie talks about passion, says that passion is the sound of her voice. Four yeses.

Julia Goodwin, 15 ~ America's Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Sean and Luke are “brothers from another mother.” And they are tap dancers. Kinda arrogant seeming, but maybe that’s just me. But they are pretty good. I think. I’m not a good judge of this kind of act. Howard jokes that Heidi was flirting with them. They are 17 and 18. Mel B says girls will love them, the act is cool. Mel B and Heidi say yes. Howard says he doesn’t need to see them again, that the talent isn’t enough, so he says no. Howie says yes and they are through.

Sean & Luke ~ America's Got Talent, 2014 Auditions by HumanSlinky

Lots of martial arts acts playing to Eye of the Tiger.  Qi Feilong (pardon me if my spelling is wrong) is a “kung fu master.” He has a translator, who isn’t saying anything. His talent is energy, whatever that means. Howard buzzes him. Nick is going to kick him in the nuts. Mel B says yes. Howie says yes. Howard says no. Heidi says no. He doesn’t make it. That was the strangest 5 minutes of TV I’ve seen all year.

Grand Master Qi Feilong ~ America's Got Talent… by HumanSlinky

Real Encounter are a bike stunt group. They are also a ministry, and like to inspire people. This is very dangerous, they warn us. Howard guesses they do porn from their name, they say their act is the opposite. A guy just did a jump, and barely landed it right. This is hard to describe, but it is pretty cool. Four judges stand up. Howard says it was the most death defying thing he has seen in three years on AGT. Heidi says it was crazy. Mel B says they took danger to a whole new level. Howie says it was scary but incredible. Four yeses.

Real Encounter ~ America's Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Montage time! Basketball group does flips and it was pretty cool. Four yeses. Jump rope as a show. Four yeses. X Pogo stump team. They are pretty cool too, I don’t see them headlining a show though. Four yeses.

Successful Auditions ~ America's Got Talent… by HumanSlinky

Lots of kid acts now, leading into Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat which consists of three 8 year olds. They are triplets. They were inspired by Rick Smith, a former contestant on this show. They cut things with cards, and then throw them into the balcony. Pretty cool, but I don’t need to see it again. The little kid asks Howie “deal or no deal.” And he says, “deal.” Howard says they will inspire kids. Four yeses.

Dom The Bom's Triple Threat ~ America's Got… by HumanSlinky

Montage of bad magicians, including one whose trick is to pull Heidi’s bra out of her dress.

Mad Jack has been doing magic for 20 years in bars and nightclubs. He invites Howard up to the stage to help out. Makes fun of Howie by giving him a fist bump not a handshake. He does a card trick. Howard picks a card. He puts it back in the deck. And I know this might sound made up but the card is up Jack’s ass. Three no’s. Heidi says yes but it doesn’t matter. Jack’s ass trick didn’t work out for him.

Mad Jack ~ America's Got Talent, 2014 Auditions by HumanSlinky

Miguel Dakota is 21 from Colorado. He wants to play music for a living, but works construction jobs at the moment. And he plays guitar. Of course. Sings Too Close, and he is good. Nothing special though, a little bit too much vibrato from my perspective. Heidi’s heart just melted, says he sings with feeling. Mel B likes his voice, calls it sexy. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, can cook, loves his mother. Howie says he has the whole package. Howard says he is going to go really far. Four yeses.

Miguel Dakota ~ America's Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Abigail  is an aerialist who teaches for a living. Her act is called Aerial Animation, and it consists of her doing moves with drawings behind her. And it’s pretty cool. The screen reflects her movements and I like it. This is one you will need to watch, my words don’t do it justice. All four judges stand up. Mel B didn’t want it to end, she was mesmerized. It was like art before her eyes. Howie says it was about uniqueness, originality. Heidi wants to be surprised, says she was surprised, the act was original. Howard says that he loves her mind. Four yeses. Abigial is crying. I like her.

Aerial Animation ~ America's Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

John and Andrew are salsa dancers. John is straight and Andrew is gay. Holy crap they are great. Really fast movements, and it looks amazing. Would I see them for more than an hour? Probably not, but I’m not that into dancing. Four judge standing ovation. Howard says he loves what they do. Heidi loves the speed. Mel B says it looked effortless. Howard and Howie go up on stage and dance, because they had great chemistry last season. Not a good idea. Four yeses. Well deserved.

John & Andrew ~ America's Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

My favorites tonight were the last two acts. I think I liked Aerial Animation slightly more but both acts deserve to make it pretty far. See everyone next week!

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