America’s Got Talent – Ep 4

The auditions are in Atlanta, GA and New York City. Holy crap, these auditions are endless… But tonight’s show, only an hour! YAY!

Recap and Videos after the JUMP…

Billy Dodson – Billy looks like a bodyguard, but he sing opera in a REALLY HIGH VOICE! Ha ha ha.. *cough*. Sharon tells him to sing like a man. It’s a NO! – VIDEO

Alex Pyles – Ok, I’m guessing she’s a weight lifter… Nope it’s some kind of martial arts deal that involves Dad throwing his 10 year old daughter around. It’s pretty stupid. Sharon said she needs to be in a martial arts movie. OMG, the judges are sending this shiz to Vegas. At least Piers had the sense to say no. – VIDEO

Sarah Lenore – She’s a 19 year old waitress who just moved to Nashville to try and make it as a singer. She performs “Before He Cheats”. She’s a good singer, but really she’s just another blond countryish singer. She does hit a pretty decent glory note there at the end. Piers says she got a good voice. Sharon says she’s got to work on her individuality. DING! But she’s got a really good voice. Hoff says, “Girl, you got it, you have an amazing voice.” She’s on her way to Las Vegas. – VIDEO

SQ Entertainment – Dancing Cousins! A hip-hop/tumbling act. The judges likey. – VIDEO

The James Gang – These guys are from Harlem, and they hint at having hard-luck backstories, but we’re flying through the auditions tonight, so no time for that! They’re dressed up in some sort of ragtime deal, and I’m expecting something lame. Except, no, this is pretty interesting. It’s old-time jazz with a hip-hop twist. Very interesting. The Hoff says, “Very cool”. The judges all say YES. – VIDEO

Victoria Jacobi – Eleven year old who was adopted from China by her parents. And now she’s performing for her supper! Her talent is that she’s able to twist her body around in a bunch of weird and creepy ways. In the old days, they’d call her a contortionist. It just looks totally gross to me. Hoff thinks she’s awesome. Sharon says she deserves to be hear, after giving a speech about “knowing your craft”. The judges all say YES. – VIDEO

Polka Today – Gee, they are the #1 Polka dancers in America. How exciting! They describe themselves of a blend of High energy country dancing and Ballroom. It’s called, Polka Today! The crowd boos them, and the judges all say no. Sharon calls it “Silly dancing.” Woah, Polka Today! are bummed out. – VIDEO

Kyle Rifkin – This show really is kind of shameless, which is why it sorta bugs me. Kyle is 36, and this surely is his last chance to make his poor mama proud. He grew up in Harlem, with an alcoholic father, yada yada. He cries a lot. His momma cries a lot. Kyle sings “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” and he’s pretty decent, but the backstory just elevates him into the stratosphere as far as the judges are concerned. Hoff says, “This is what this show is about!” Piers says, “I feel like I’m watching the heart of America performing.” Sharon says, “I love you!” Jerry Springer is crying. Eh. I guess I’m just a cynical bitch. – VIDEO

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