America’s Got Talent – EP 10 – The First 10 Acts Compete – VIDEO

OK, I’m live blogging this tonight, more or less, I’ll have video up later…

Remember America’s Got Talent? It took a 3 week hiatus while NBC broadcast the Summer Olympics. The last episode had judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourn and David Hasselhoff whittling down the contestants to 40 in Las Vegas.

Tonight, the first 10 acts compete, LIVE in Los Angeles. OMG this is on tonight AND tomorrow night. Four hours of America’s Got Talent this week. SOB. No secret, so far, I’m not a big fan of this show.

Hoff reveals that an act had to withdraw. Damn! It’s the Russian Bar Trio! Remember the chick who jumped up and down on a skinny little bendy bar? Well, that looked dangerous. Not surprised she hurt herself. So, there was some kind of vote online (I completely missed this) to vote in an act who just missed out on the Top 40. I’ll bet it’s Donald Braswell, the singer with the cut vocal chords…And I’m right! This show is so easy to predict…

Donald Braswell is back in the competition – VIDEO

You can vote for each of these contestants after the show is over, but there’s a limit–only 10 times by phone and 10 times by computer. Hm, interesting…

Recap and VIDEO after the JUMP…

Extreme Dance FX – Clog dancing is up first. Electrifying! says host, Jerry Springer. I’ll be the judge of that. The dancing is a weird mixture of Clog dancing and Hip Hop, and it’s…different. The melding of those two styles doesn’t exactly work. The dancers are all young and attractive, so I’ll give them that. Piers admits that he wasn’t a fan initially, but thinks they are terrific tonight. Sharon says they were “on fire.” Hoff calls them an inspiration. Zz. – VIDEO

The James Gang – These guys were one of the few acts to really impress me during the Audition rounds. They’ve got a sob-backstory about coming out of the mean streets of Harlem. Doesn’t matter, their act is an interesting blend of Hip hop, Dixieland, Old-Time Jazz–a real clever mishmash of styles that comes together beautifully. I hope these guys survive tonight. Piers thinks they are terrific, but were trying a little to hard to impress. Sharon thought it was too much too soon. Cut me a break, they were way better than the Cloggers. Hoff repeats, not for the first time, and not for the last time, unfortunately, “You are what this contest is about.” The judges–not impressed with the group’s everything but the kitchen sink approach. – VIDEO

Derrick Barry – Cross dressing female impersonator lip syncs to Britney Spears. He wants America to see that Female Impersonating is a true art form. Eh, I’ve seen loads better on street corners in Provincetown, MA. The REALLY good ones don’t lip sync. Derrick yammers on about how much he loves Britney. He takes the stage dressed in Britney’s school girl outfit and performs “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. I guess he’s got the dance moves down, but so what? Piers says that he doesn’t think grown men should be wearing schoolgirl outfits pretending to be Britney Spears. Sharon says “Derrick, darling, I just love you.” Hoff says he’s questioning his sexuality. Well then. – VIDEO

Elite – I can’t believe this act made it out of the auditions. It’s basically a 10 year old sparring with her father. She can beat people up. It’s really not much of an act. OMG, it’s more than her Dad. Now she’s fighting off actors pretending to be pirates. Her martial arts skills aren’t even that great. This is pretty lame, even for a kiddie act. Piers loved the creativity. “Way to go, ” he says. Sharon says she’s going to be the new Laura Croft. Hoff says, “When I look at you, all I do is smile. You did a great job tonight.” Tough to dis a kid, I guess. She says she wants to be a stunt woman. That sounds reasonable. A Las Vegas act does not. – VIDEO

Ronnie B – WTF? This is pretty worthless. If I were an act with even a little bit of talent cut from the Top 40, I’d be sitting in my chair fuming as I watch this. Advancing this guy to the Top 40 is like advancing William Hung to the Top 24 on American Idol. He’s even singing “She Bangs”. Piers says he brings a lot of enthusiasm, and that he’s fun and entertaining. Sharon wants to put him on the top of her TV as an ornament, then compares him to Jiminy Cricket. Hoff says he looks like a Human Ant. Gah. I hate this show. – VIDEO

The Cadence – This band of young, attractive male drummers got a no from Sharon initially. They were asked to add music to their act. They do (“Beat it” by Michael Jackson), but frankly, I think it makes the act less interesting. It’s like Karaoke drumming. Did I mention that these guys are cute? Yeah, they are. That will probably save them. Piers thinks the music helped, but that the start needed to be more dynamic. Sharon says they need “animal conviction.” “You’re bashing drums, ” Sharon says, “No more nice.” I have to say I agree. These guys are dull. Hoff says they need to tighten it up. – VIDEO

Jessica Price – Finally a singer. One that doesn’t suck. She covers Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” with a bit of a country twang and an acoustic guitar. It’s lovely. Her backstory has to do with lack of confidence and an estranged dad. But who cares? The audience gives her a standing O. Piers says it was fantastic, but she should lighten up and smile more. Sharon says she sang beautifully. Hoff congratulated her on combating her nerves and says she has a chance to win the whole competition. – VIDEO

Shimshi – He’s wanted to be a magician since he was a little kid, despite people not believing in him, he has pursued his dream. Hm. His act involves kicking a playing card with his sticky foot! It’s magic! Or not. I say not. Even for a card trick, it was really, really boring. I would not pay to see that. Piers isn’t impressed either. Sharon thought his execution and timing were perfect. Hoff thought he needed to step it up. – VIDEO

DC Cowboys – It’s Brokeback meets Broadway! It’s the Gay Cowboys! They dance jauntily to “Footloose”. Not exactly a Vegas caliber act, maybe the local gay club, but not the big time. Lot’s of eye candy for the boys though. They take their shirts off at the end. They prolly did that just for Piers! Piers says they are way way below the dancing ability needed for the contest. Sharon congratulates them on their “enthusiasm.” Hoff says they were just a little off tonight. – VIDEO

Neal E. Boyd – OMG, this Opera singer/insurance salesman from way back in the first Audition episode had a big sob story that included his mother. He cried a lot then. But in the meantime, his grandmother has died! Sob story bonanza! She got to see him perform on TV right before she passed on. He performs a heartfelt “Somewhere” from West Side Story. Of course he bursts into tears at the end as he gets a standing O. Piers says that his grandmother was watching that, calls him the Michael Phelps of the competition, and says he’s the one to beat. Sharon says he has likability. Hoff says the place for him is right at the top. The judges are pimping him for sure. Maybe they are looking for an American Paul Potts, the winner from last year’s Britain’s Got Talent? – VIDEO

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