Americas Got Talent 9 Week 4 Predictions

America's Got Talent - Season 9

I can now say personally, that there really is a huge difference watching a show live and watching it on TV. With acts like Emil and Dariel and Quintavious Johnson, you could literally feel the energy in the room and for both these acts, most of the audience was on their feet cheering before their performances even ended. On the other side, with some acts disappointing, the boos seemed to come from the audience as a whole. Tonight was a great show nonetheless and with some act’s placements tonight easily separable, lets dive right in to my predictions.

I’d eat my computer if they don’t advance:

1 – Emil and Dariel – My favorite act of the night. Even though it wasn’t Smooth Criminal like I wanted, when these guys got to the rock part of their performance, the entire audience was up cheering for them. They definitely got the loudest cheers and reaction from the audience, and with an incredible performance, they will definitely be sailing through to the next round.

2 – Quintavious Johnson– This kid brought the house down! You can’t see on TV, but halfway through his song all of the audience and the judges were on their feet. It is weird though, because watching it again on youtube, it didn’t have the punch it had watching it live. Either way, he is sailing through.

Likely Going to Advance:

1- Kelli Glover– Kelli, Dariel and Emil and Quintavious are my projected trinity that are absolutely going to advance. Compared to Quintavious and the cellists, Kelli got mixed reception from the judges, but by giving a solid performance and the pimp spot, I’m pretty sure she will be advancing. Going forward though, if she ends up on the same night as Emily West, I’m pretty sure Emily will trump her but we will have to wait and see. Not a fan of her song choice, but she sang it well and I’m pretty confident we will see her again. I expected more from her, but I know she is capable of real showstoppers and she will hopefully deliver better next time.

Heading Home On The Bus Of Shame Tomorrow:

1 – Bad Boys of Ballet– Death slot + very forgettable performance + a bussing from the judges= us saying goodbye to Bad Boys of Ballet

2 – Extreme Dance Company – Wow the judges really crushed their chances. I actually thought they did well, but with the bussing the judges gave them, their fate is sealed. It is a shame because they were a big favorite of mine going into this show.

3 – Dom the Bomb’s Triple Threat – I met these kids in the lobby and they seemed so adorable and excited. Unfortunately, their performance was riddled with flaws. First, the main kid was missing a lot of his targets, and secondly, he set himself up for that by having way to many things he needed to hit perfectly. The judges gave them quite a bussing and if they weren’t such adorable kids, I’d bet the audience would have torn them up with boos.

4 – One Voice Children’s Choir – Can we ban Let It Go from singing shows? The lead singer was really good, but the judges really sunk their ship so I don’t think they have much of a shot. A for effort though!

Could Go Either Way:

1 – Jonah Smith – This was the most underrated performance of the night. I actually thought he was really good and the audience really was reacting positively. After the show and you listen to the mumbles of who people liked, a lot of people were saying Jonah. I think he is in a great position to advance.

2 – Smoothini– Three words: what a letdown. All season I was looking forward to seeing this guy and he did lame tricks that I’ve seen every other magician perform. He needed to go bigger like Mat did and because he didn’t, he really hurt his chances. However, since he is such a favorite and did perform towards the end, he still has a shot, however slim one that may be. Even though he disappointed, I think if he comes back he will take this as a learning experience and do something bigger. I don’t know where this guy will fall tonight, but I hope he manages to still eek through.

3 – Nina Burri – This was unpleasant to watch, but dannng she is talented. She reminded me of a human spider with how she can move her body. The fact that she is talented and got good reviews from the judges is a positive in her favor, but with her act being difficult to watch for many, she could really go either way.

4 – Jonatan Riquelme – Props to this guy for not falling because at the height he was at with his trick, a tumble could have really killed him. He was entertaining to watch (even though I watched through hands covering my eyes), but here is my problem with the act: would I want to see it again? Yes the guy is talented and the judges went crazy for him, but I don’t think this is a million dollar act. Now that I’ve seen it live, I don’t really feel the need to see it again, but either way, just for pulling it off I think he is in a ok position to possibly advance.

5 – Mothmen Dance– I didn’t love these guys nearly as much as Howie and the audience seemed to agree with me with a “meh that was okay I guess” reaction. They were forgotten quickly for other acts and that is not a good thing for them at all. However, they did perform later in the show and were better then Extreme Dance Company, so I’m not ready to put them in definitely going home. I think it might come down to them and one other act that will face the judges for their decision and they will be the acts likely heading home, but I’m not sure.

Who Should Go Through:

1- Kelli Glover
2- Emil and Dariel
3- Quintavious Johnson
4- Jonah Smith
5- Judges pick between Smoothini and Mothmen Dance (Smoothini advancing)

Who Will Go Through:

1- Kelli Glover
2- Emil and Dariel
3- Quintavious Johnson
4- Jonatan Riquelme
5- Judges pick between Mothmen Dance and Jonah Smith (Jonah Smith advancing)

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you think I’m cool, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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