America’s Got Talent 9 – Top 48 Week 3 Results Liveblog and Discussion

America’s Got Talent 9 Top 48 Week 3 Results

America’s Got Talent 9 Top 48 Week 3 Results

I’ll be liveblogging the third quarterfinal result show on America’s Got Talent. Last night was by far the best performance show of this season. Excluding #freeAdrianRomoff, Kieran and Finian, and Dragon House, every single act was entertaining. And so, tonight we are all bound to be disappointed. Let’s get through what will surely be the most painful result show of the season together, shall we? The show starts at 9 ET, join me in the comments.

We open with a recap of last night. Nick is still wearing purple-I smell a theme. We see Mel B’s torture session several times. It seems like they are setting it up for Paul to go through. I hope not. They show Adrien being arrogant again.

First result! Sons of Serendip make it through-they are speechless. Cornell Bhangra is eliminated.

Filler/product placement for Reddi Whip. Next result coming up now. Blue Journey, Kieran and Finian Makepeace, and Dragon House the Agents are up next. Obviously Blue Journey is through. Well deserved. So far, I’m two for two on my wish list.

Filler with questions for the judges. Mel B says “off the chain” as a synonym for amazing. Howie is called “it.” And Al Roker shows up to ask Howard what he has done for the people, being the “king of all media.” Howie makes fun of Al for having a wired phone. This segment is now over thankfully.

Next result: Paul Ieti and Anna Clendening are the next two acts. I’m praying Anna makes it now. And she doesn’t. Paul Ieti made it. What??? I get that he has a great backstory but this is a talent show. And he wasn’t good. Definitely considering the talent we saw last night.

We see Taylor Williamson in a skit with Heidi Klum about how they “fell in love”. Burn about Nick and Mariah Carey being in different leagues of each other. I didn’t watch last year but I’m really enjoying this skit, at least most of it. And it was all Heidi’s nightmare. Except for the lederhosen being left in the shower. Wow, we have more product placement courtesy of Snapple. All four judges are signing a cup and they are giving it away to a contest winner.

Last season’s winner, Kinichi Ebina is up now. He has been performing all over the world. This is a really cool performance! He interacts with the judge’s heads photoshopped onto two people on the screen behind him. This honestly looks like a video game and a really interesting one at that. All four judges stand up for him again. Kinichi is creating an app and performing in LA in September.

Time for the next result. I’m actually nervous. It’s between Christian Stoinev and Wendy Liebman. The act which made it through is Christian Stoinev-good. My three favorites went through.

One more act needs to go home before the judges make their decision. Mike Super, Adrian Romoff, or AcroArmy is going home. The act leaving the competition is…Adrian! YES YES YES YES YES!!! We #freedAdrianRomoff! Now go, Adrian, go have a childhood!

After our final commercial break of the night, the judges have to decide whether AcroArmy or Mike Super makes it through. Heidi wants AcroArmy to make it through. Howie votes for Mike Super to make it through. Mel B votes for AcroArmy. And so does Howard. AcroArmy make it through to the next round.

Overall, tonight’s results were spot on with one exception. I would have swapped Anna Clendening for Paul Ieti. But other than that, we #freedAdrianRomoff and rewarded some incredibly talented acts. So I can’t complain too much.

Through to next week

Sons of Serendip

Blue Journey

Paul Ieti

Christian Stoinev



Cornell Bhangra

Dragon House “The Agents”

Kieran and Finian Makepeace

Anna Clendening

Wendy Liebman

Adrian Romoff

Mike Super

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