America’s Got Talent 2022 Auditions 2 Recap Live Blog (Video)

Pictured: Jojo and Bri — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent season 17 auditions continue with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews hosts. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas.

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The Bock and Roll Band 

Eleven year old Zoey Tomas trains chickens. She’s been working with the birbs since 7 years old. And as it turns out, the chickens she brings are very well behaved and do what Zoey instructs, including tightrope walking. There are several chickens of different species. One has super curly feathers. The act ends with the chickens pecking away at toy instruments. It’s cute. Howie loves the chickens. Sofia calls it “unexpected.” Simon is glad her chickens weren’t useless like some of the other animal acts. 4 yeses


A hip hop and popping duo from Vancouver Island Canada. They met up through dance battles, competitions, and classes.  They also appeared on World of Dance season 3 and made it through to Duets round. The duo has over 707K followers on Tik Tok. The duo are your standard issue Tik Tok bros. They are solid and entertaining, also very well rehearsed. Their timing is impeccable. Heidi thinks their act works “I loved this audition,” says Simon. He calls them fun and original. Sofia describes it as young and modern. – 4 yeses

Anthony Kapfer – From New York City, he is a musician and comedian. He often performs live as a one man band. His music has been compared to They Might Be Giants mixed with The Pixies & Flight of the Conchords. I wonder if he got very far, because he just released a song titled “Eff You Simon.” OK then. After a few bars of tuneless singing, he got buzzed immediately. So yeah…eff you Simon. NO

Waylon Napadogan – Is AGT looking specifically for comedic songwriters? Because after last week’s parmesan guy? His latest song on Instagram is about how naming a baby Gary would be “objectively hilarious.” OK. Whatever you say bud. He pretty much stunk, but the audience tried to start up a “parmesan” chant. Simon put a kibosh on that. NO

Drake Milligan 

Country singer Drake Milligan passed his American Idol 2018 audition after performing a George Strait song. But apparently he quit before heading to Hollywood because, he explained in an Instagram post, “After my audition I decided that I wasn’t quite ready for that platform yet, and that it would be a better step for me to move to Nashville and focus on my music first!” Interestingly, he’s listed on the BBR/Stoney Creek Records roster. He explains that he started as an Elvis impersonator. He claims that as a kid, he dreamed of being on the AGT stage. That’s why he auditioned for Idol and then quit? Sounds sus. 

Then Drake compares AGT to the Ed Sullivan show. He’s telling Simon he thinks the show will be a great showcase. He’s got his band with him. He performs an original song “Sounds Like Something I’d Do.” Oh look. It’s on You Tube. This dude is totally planty. Planty McPlantface. Why is he here? The song is your basic country S kicker and a lot of fun. The crowd eats it up. Simon, who hates country music, is on his feet.

Howie thinks the song is a hit. “You’re the new Elvis of country.” Heidi likes having a band on the show. Sofia calls everything about the act “amazing.” Simon thinks the performance will make a difference for them. He calls them “authentic.” – 4 yeses


I guessed correctly in my spoiler post “George” is a George W. Bush impersonator. Why cast an act impersonating a president nobody cared for that much and has been out of office since 2009? People are laughing at this dude’s lame jokes. Oh well. Better he than the former guy. NO

Aiko Tanaka

Aiko is a 42 year old Los Angeles based comedian. According to her IMDB, she was born in Tokyo, and has appeared in the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift film, Howard Stern Show and Comedy Central’s Stand-up Asia Live! special. She launches right into her bit, even before she officially begins. The language thing kind of messes up her timing. But her jokes are kinda clever.

She gets a big standing ovation. Not THAT funny. Aiko cries and explains that she “struggles with insecurity.” Her mom died during the pandemic. “She wanted me to go for my dream.” Howie says, “I think your career is about to skyrocket.” Simon says, “So funny, so naughty.” – 4 yeses

Madison Taylor Baez – Howie’s Golden Buzzer

An 11 year old singer with 38.6K followers on IG, she has performed the National anthem at Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings, Galaxy, Globetrotters games. She has also appeared on Game of Talents. She has also starred in Netflix’s Selena: The Series as “Young Selena Quintanilla” Maddie has wanted to be on AGT since she was a kid. 

At least the  producers are somewhat transparent: Terry explains that they put Maddie in the audience so the warm up comic can ask her to sing. “Will the judges notice?” Terry asks.  She belts out “Amazing Grace” and yes, the judges notice. So the PLOT TWIST is that Simon has no idea that she’s a contestant? SURE JAN. After Simon asks her to take the stage, she explains that she has attended many tapings and tried to sing during the commercial breaks. Maddie begins to cry. “Why not have you audition?” Because Simon has no idea she’s an actual contestant. RIGHT. After a dramatic commercial break, she sings “Amazing Grace” again, with no track. She has a very strong alto voice. Lungs and cords of steel. She finishes, but Simon wants another verse. 

Maddie is presented as if she’s never performed in public before. But as you can see above, she’s been on TV before, even. If she won the money, she’d help her dad, who is battling cancer. The crowd begins shouting for the Golden Buzzer, and Howie obliges. TEARS ALL AROUND. – Howie’s Golden Buzzer

Fusion Japan

AGT leaked their audition early. Watch it HERE. The group is a fusion of two popular dance groups. The girls have appeared on World of Dance among other competitions. For the longest time, the groups were rivals, but they’ve joined forces to become one very strong group. The boys are tumblers and acrobats, while the girls perform a highly synchronized routine. They are very graceful. The group receives a standing ovation from the crowd.

Sofia calls it “Amazing.” Terry says it’s “the best thing he’s ever seen in his life.” Heidi calls it the best dance group on AGT ever. Howie call them unforgettable. They were good, but the comments are hyperbolic. – 4 yeses. 

Marvin Achi

According to Marvin’s Instagram, he’s SHREDDED TO THE CORE. He’s a USA Fitness Natural Champ in addition to being a chemical engineer! Oh. He’s doing a bit. He’s a chemical engineer running an “experiment,” not a fitness guru. But then he forgets the test tubes and strips down to flex his muscles. Howie says no but the rest say yes. To what, I’m really not sure, because he did nothing on stage except show off his muscles. Of course, Terry jumps on stage, stips down, and the two do a pec-off. 3 yeses Howie says no

Viviana Rossi

She’s an athlete, model and aerialist. She’s performed for the Cirque Du Soleil stunt division, and is a gymnastics champion. Based in Barcelona, she also appeared on Românii Au Talent and made the finale on Tú Si Que Vales. She explains that it’s the first time she’s performed since she had an accident. She soaks herself in a bathtub before starting with a single silk. She’s very strong. Also…she’s barely wearing any clothes. The republican pearl clutchers are going to go crazy. She finishes the routine hanging by her neck and twirling. She’s very skilled. 

Sofia calls it beautiful and dramatic. Howie says she checked every box. Heidi felt hypnotized and was so nervous for her. “Stunning.” Simon says he’s seen a guy perform the exact same act, but Vivian was “so much better.” – 4 yeses

Jojo and Bri 

Uncle and Niece went viral with a cover of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Some of you may remember 8 year old Bri covering the Jackson 5 on her front porch. Afterward, she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Joseph auditioned for AGT in 2020 with a group called Resound. Joseph says his first AGT experience taught him to never give up. And yup. They sing a rendition of their viral cover ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Bri is young, but she has the beginnings of something great. Joseph’s raspy tone is powerful and compelling.

Sofia loves their energy. Heidi thinks they are perfect together Simon calls it “the definition of joy and magic” and one of his favorite auditions of the year. Howie says the two will be remembered – 4 yeses.

Zombie Ballet

They won The Gong Show in 2017. The Zombie Ballet is a show created by The Leigh Purtill Ballet Company. Sweet Sorrow a Zombie Ballet plays in Los Angeles around Halloween. The Zombies come out from the audience to menace the judges before taking the stage to dance. The entire panel buzzes them, inexplicably. The dancers looked shocked, They actually were pretty good. THEY WON THE GONG SHOW. And not for being a terrible act, but the good act that wins in the end. I mean, they barely started to dance before the buzzers started going off. – 4 nos

Zeno Sputafuoco

Zeno is a danger gross-out act who appeared on Spain’s Got Talent. He’s wearing a weird contact lens in one eye. He takes a huge metal spiral thing and sticks it up his nose. I HATE THESE ACTS CAN’T WATCH SORRY. He points at Sofia to take the stage and help, and then Heidi. He sticks a huge hook up his nose, and uses it to pull a cart while Heidi and Sofia sits on it. They should buzz this guy, not the Zombies. Simon wants him to do even more disgusting things, so he says yes. – 4 yeses

MetaPhysic Synthetic Media

AGT dropped this audition early. Metaphysic is a company that is developing “deep fake” virtual reality. The two reps formed the company during pandemic and only met each other two days before the audition. They bring 2018 contestant, Daniel Emmett, a pop opera singer, on stage to help demonstrate their act, which is… a “deep fake” of Simon Cowell singing with Daniels voice, mannerisms and everything else. It’s just off enough to be creepy in that “uncanny valley” way. Laugh now, but this technology in the wrong hands could be very very dangerous. Think social media and partisan news is insane now? It’s just about to get a ton crazier and more destructive.

“Is it inappropriate to fall in love with a contestant?” Simon quips. Heidi calls it the best thing she’s seen all day. “Talent can be anything,” says Howie. I GUESS! – 4 yeses


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