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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT  — Pictured: (l-r) Jay Leno, Emanne Beasha — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Tonight the America’s Got Talent 2019 Judge Cuts conclude. Eighteen acts will perform for judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell, but only SEVEN acts will advance to the live shows.

This week’s special guest judge is former Tonight Show host Jay Leno. He’s got the Golden Buzzer and the ability to advance ONE act straight through to the lives. Terry Crews hosts.

We’re live blogging all the performances and RESULTS here. Join us!

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Jay says he spent 20 years introducing people, but never judged them. Har har har. 

Dominguez Poodles – Fun family doggo act – The puppers are all extra fancy tonight!  The scene on stage is very chaotic, but lots of fun. Who can hate on doggos? Simon of course, is charmed. The little girl leads a conga line of dogs, and it ends with a stupendous flying leap. Afterward, the dogs run all over the stage.  Howie loves the chaos! But he’s not sure it’s a step up. It’s not, actually, but the act is still cute as heck. Julianne calls it a “beautiful hurricane.” Jay says, “a lot of fun.” Simon calls them the most “fun family.” He wants a Lion King theme next time. 

DM Nation – Dance group that competed on AGT in 2015. Simon said their audition, which was not aired during auditions, lacked personality. Their goal is to be the first all female dance group to make it to the finals. Hm. The group has talent, but lack pizazz. Simon calls it “cold.” He cannot relate to them as people. Jay disagrees. He was “totally blown away.” Julianne thinks they stepped up, but warn the competition is tough. In other words: Simon hates it, so don’t get your hopes up. 

Ben Trigger – Fake golden buzzer. Stripped for Simon – He claims to be a classically trained dancer. But he’s big, so it’s hard! He’s going to show a serious side tonight. Hm. Well, he starts off serious, and surprisingly, he moves with grace, despite his chubby physique. But then, of course, the facade drops as he rips his clothes off to reveal a golden leotard. He launches into a crazy interpretation of “Proud Mary,” eventually stripping down to star shaped tasseled pasties. Simon is left slack jawed. Jay makes a Crocodile Dundee joke. What? Howie compares him jokingly to Janet Jackson, while seriously acknowledging his dance skills. Gabrielle was happy to see the tassles. “Where does this go?” asks Simon. “So many places,” promises Ben. 

Nicholas Connors – Young singer – There is just a glimpse of him singing “Ain’t Nobody,” which is a good thing–his rendition is pitchy throughout. Jay calls it fantastic. Uhm. No it’s not. 

Jordan Ravi – Singer – We see bits of his audition that was not shown previously. Simon liked him a lot. He said the “ladies would love him.” This time, Jordan sings “High Hopes” by Panic At the Disco. We only see a glimpse, though. Again Simon liked it–even better than the first time. But a montage along with no presence during the auditions, is a bad sign. 

Benicio Bryant – 14 year old singer came in second on The Voice Kids Germany – Benicio’s shtick is that he’s only sung to himself in his room. But not so. He’s already been on Late Night singing with Brandi Carlile. Tonight, he is performing an original song, “Here Goes Nothing.”  He sings in a clear, sweet tenor. His emotional delivery is direct and engaging. The song is solid, too. Jay calls him an “old soul.” Howie thinks he’s worthy of going through, but COMPETITION. Simon liked him even more this time. “Trust yourself,” Simon advises. Benicio is very emotional when he’s done. 

Victor Moiseev – Horizontal juggler not highlighted during auditions. AND montage. Julianne compliments his creativity. 

Marina Mazepa – Contortionist – Her mom put her in dance as a kid in the Ukraine. Now, she’s edgy! She performs what amounts to a crazy pole dance. Her head is wrapped in wire.  She jumps off and menacingly approaches the judges table. It’s a little intimidating.  Meanwhile, she twists her body into all the insane shapes. “I know art when I see it,” says Jay. Julianne calls her “original.” Simon calls her “terrifying in a brilliant way.” He loves her unpredictability. 

Charlotte Summers – 13 year old Spanish belter. She has already appeared on numerous talent shows including La Voz Kids Spain in 2015.  She had no idea only seven out of 18 singers would go through to the next round. Poor kid. She sings the Leslie Gore classic “You Don’t Own Me.” She growls and belts her way through it in a most precocious way. Jay has a stock comment. Once again he’s “blown away.” Simon appreciates her rawness.

Callie Day – Gospel singer – Her audition wasn’t highlighted. A youtube video of her singing has garnered 29 million views. She sings Patty Griffins “Up To the Mountain.” Callie has that old fashioned gospel sound. I bet she’s a hit at church. I was expecting more big notes, but she did hit some impressive high notes. Jay begins yelling. WHAT? Julianne calls her “captivating” and the song “stunning.” Simon says she is what gospel is all about.

Zack & Stan – Comic magic act – They do an act that we barely see. Howie promises to fight for them. Pretty certain that did not go well. 

SOS  – Magician – His parents competed on AGT on season 11 as quick change artists. He’s montaged, despite what appears to be an impressive act.  

Kara with a K – Comic actress and comedian – He audition featured pulling cheeseburgers out of her bra. She starts off with mic problems. She screams “Jesus take the wheel!” apropos of nothing. Hoo boy. She’s bombing tonight. SO MUCH SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. Jay actually criticizes her. “Maybe it’s not your style,” Kara snaps back. Well, she’s finished. “That was crazy disappointing,” Howie says after she leaves the stage. Jay compares it to a comic who kills on the Tonight Show with a finely honed routine, only to bomb later with a hastily written follow-up. 

Emanne Beasha – 10 year old opera singer won Arabs Got Talent – She brings her stuffed unicorn along for good luck. She sings another familiar song. And it’s fine. No, actually, it’s kind of boring. She does not possess the maturity to bring her performance alive. However, she receives a standing ovation, and I am mystified. Her mother is out in the audience shedding tears. Howie is impressed–he says she’s showing the older acts “how it’s done.” Simon calls her talent a gift. Jay calls her “extremely special…” AND THEN HE HITS THE GOLDEN BUZZER. WHYYYYYYY. Jay Leno CONTINUES to suck. (I am NOT a Jay Leno fan. But that’s a subject for another blog. #TeamDave #TeamCoco)

Eric Chien – Close up card magic – Just six months ago, he was only performing for friends. But now here he is on the big stage. He does a nifty quarter trick with Jay before riffing more on stage. He pulls quarters out of a flat card, makes them appear and disappear. The quarter transforms into a silver dollar! His sleight of hand is very good. Smart not to use playing cards this week. The comparisons to last year’s winner, Shin Lim are inevitable. He’s marking his own territory here. Julianne says he makes her feel that “anything is possible.” Howie thinks he upped his game. “I want to fight for you.” Simon believes in magic! Now, if there is a next time, he wants to see something big. 

Voices of Service – Veteran quartet sing for fellow service members – All four of them suffered traumatic experiences overseas. They use music to help veterans and service members heal. They sing “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth. They’re good singers, particularly the female lead. The combine beautiful harmonies with a touching but ultimately feel good back story. Gabrielle calls their voices inspiring and healing. Jay Leno declares them healers. “We really like you guys,” says Simon.

Jonathan Burns – Comedian/Contortionist – Terry volunteers…for something. The act involves whipped cream, and really has no point. Howie and Simon both buzz him. “It was just awful,” says Simon. Gabrielle says, “It wasn’t your night.” Actually, his audition was also not funny. So, no surprises here. 

Jackie Fabulous – Sassy comedian – She’s a former lawyer, but decided to follow her dreams into the comedy world. Her Carribean mother is in the audience. She’s never watched her perform before! Well…mom is laughing. That’s a good sign. Jackie cracks a couple of really funny jokes. She’s having a good night. Jay is so impressed, he’s on his feet first. “You made contact with the jury!” he says. Simon calls her hilarious and naughty. Germ phobic Howie gives her a huge hug. 

It’s time for RESULTS. Oh brother. In a DRAMATIC move, Benicio Bryant and Jordan Ravi are sent backstage so the panel can “deliberate more.” But considering Jordan has been montaged through both rounds, it’s pretty obvious who is going through. Simon seems pretty bummed about sending Jordan home, though. 

As far as which acts advanced this week, for once I actually agree with the choices. I would have chosen a different Golden Buzzer–the Voices of Service would have been a better pick. Also, SOS was a tough loss. 

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Emanne Beasha – Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer
Voices of Service
Eric Chien
Marina Mazepa
Charlotte Summers
Jackie Fabulous
Benicio Bryant


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