America’s Got Talent 2018 Recap Week 6 Auditions, Performance Videos

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Auditions 6" Episode 1306 -- Pictured: Makayla Phillips -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent auditions end tonight, after six weeks, in front of judges Howie Mandel, Mel B.Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell. Host Tyra Banks presides over all the madness. Join us tonight as we live blog all the performances.

The Golden Buzzer is back. Each judge and the host gets one opportunity to send a contestant straight through to the live shows. Who will win the 1 million dollar prize?

Hamster Wheel – Chain Reaction Machines – A trio of engineers build elaborate Rube Goldberg-type machines. The contraption is set off by Simon calling Tyra on her phone. The phone falls and trips off an elaborate deal involving ping pong and pool balls. At one point it appears to fail…but fear not! It’s part of the act. Photos of the cast pop up as well as a mini golden buzzer celebration. So that was fun, but I’m not sure it’s an act people would pay to see. Simon admits he was on the edge of his seat. He likes the friendship between the men. He says yes. Howie agrees. Heidi calls it “boring.” It’s a no for her. Mel B is on the fence. But she acquiesces to the crowd and says yes. 3 yeses 1 no.

Matt Johnson – Rapper – Seventh grader from Portsmouth New Hampshire is in a ton of clubs in school. But his nickname is “patches” because his mom sews his achievements on his jacket. Tonight, he will sing an original song about “the essence of performing.” His precociousness is slightly annoying to be honest. He mentions that he’s a “Hamilton” fan. No wonder–his original song is a rap. This whiter than white dude in a suit jacket rapping? Well then, OK. Simon calls him “hilarious.” Not sure young Patches was going for funny. Probably not. Mel B and Heidi weren’t expecting what they saw. “You know what it’s like to be a white kid in New Hampshire,” jokes Howie. 4 yeses.

Jules and Jerome – Back from break, we see a snip of a badass female knife thrower. Why didn’t she get an entire segment? Then we see two dudes tumbling on a see saw-like contraption. Very dangerous. Simon is thrilled.

Sergey and Sasha Korolov – Fifty two year old Sergey and his 15 year old daughter Sasha are an acrobatic act. They began working together when she was six. A father putting her child in danger! Awesome. They begin with hand and head balancing. She spins atop his head. Then a one handed deal off of his forehead. The bit ends with the duo atop a a metal contraption with Sasha balancing a rod on her feet. Not sure that would have been a big deal if both were adults. Howie calls it “scary.” Mel B loved it. Heidi calls them amazing entertainers. “Both of you have so much personality,” says Simon. He wants fire. Sheesh. But Sasha does promise the act will get more dangerous, joking that no fire–she doesn’t want hair like Howie. – 4 yeses.

The Angel City Chorale – Choir – Over 100 members in this choir. Eh. I’m not crazy about choirs on this show. The act is usually more about some over the top backstory than actual talent. In this case, the director, Sue Fink, explains that the goal is to bring all kinds of people together in a singing group…or something.  After imitating thunder and lightning by snapping and slapping their thighs, they launch into a community choir worthy version of the 80’s song “Africa” by Toto. Zzzz.  Simon claps happily along. For some unfathomable reason, he loves the choirs. Howie calls it amazing. Mel B. calls singing together “impactful.” Erm. Heidi loved it. Simon called it “magical…you’ve got a great combined energy.” – 4 yeses.

Back from break, we start with a comic who says he is a “clean” comic because his dead mama would come down from heaven and kill him. Howie calls him the life of the party. A female comic charms the panel–Mel calling her witty and charming. A trio–brothers maybe? Do an act that passes. That little montage leads us to…

Oliver Graves – Comic  – He sounds and acts normal, but looks totally goth. He works a day job, but wants to prove that he can do his act his way and succeed. He delivers a bunch of deadpan jokes. The audience is a little confused. Hm. These jokes aren’t quite landing. Howie is laughing though. Actually, his jokes are clever, if not in a HA HA HA type of way. Mel calls him humble and real and dark. Howie gushes so much, Oliver begins tearing up. He confesses that he doesn’t book many shows. Simon calls him memorable. 4 yeses

Angel Garcia – Singer – This performance was previewed a few days ago. Twelve year old Angel performs the Spanish hit “El Triste.” He tells Howie that his dad inspires him to sing. The bespectacled young man performs like an old pro. So, it should come as no surprise that Angel was a contestant on La Voz Kids, the Spanish language version of The Voice, in 2014. Mel B calls him “brilliant.” Heidi didn’t understand the words, but she could feel it. Simon worries that he doesn’t know who he is yet. Howie was expecting a more youthful performance. Yeah, he’s a bit of a pageant type performer. Howie says no! “Define who you are,” warns Simon. And because he’s “one of the best singers so far,” he says yes. 3 yeses 1 no.

Oh. Simon’s little son Eric helps daddy shill for Dunkin Donuts. He cute, though.

Next, it’s a montage of tech acts that include projection, virtual reality and robots. It all comes crashing down with a dude in a fake robot suit. I guess he’s a comic. Simon does not look amused. Howie laughs as Simon hits his X. “This is the dumbest thing ever,” says someone in the audience as he fails to peel an orange with his robot flippers – 4 nos.

Box of Clowns gets X’d almost right away with their ass clown act. There’s a band of hairy dudes in drag that sing a Spice Girls song, Mel loved it! The rest not so much. There’s another act that involves balloons. Simon X’s that one pretty fast. Wow. An entire segment devoted to bad acts!

After the break, a dude plays an unremarkable version of “You Raise Me Up” on a clarinet. He gets 4 yeses. Hm.

Oscar the Singing Dog – This will be Simon’s favorite act. He’s been wanting a singing dog forever. The dog’s “human,” Pam accompanies him on piano. Ha. Anybody who watches dogs on Youtube (YES I DO SHUT UP) has seen this type of act a million times–and done better. But who doesn’t love an adorable dog? “I think he sings,” says Simon. “We may have found our first singing dog. This is exciting.” Heidi and Mel aren’t convinced. Howie loves him. Oh look at that sweet doggo face! Say yes Mel and Heidi. Dang. Heidi says no. Mel is persuaded to say yes, however. – 3 yeses 1 no

Hunter Price – Singer – Oh look. It’s a white guy with a guitar from Georgia. And he’s even gonna sing Bryan Adams! He is his mama’s favorite. Simon stops him singing almost right away, calling the performance “karaoke.” What artist does he admire? Taylor Swift. Simon suggests an original song. He sings a self-penned song titled “Left Behind.” He’s actually a country singer. Why would he sing Bryan Adams? I smell a set up! Regardless, he’s a good songwriter and delivers a solid performance. Hm. I wonder where else he’s auditioned? “This is like two different auditions,” says Simon. He wants to know Hunter’s real story. He confesses living hand to mouth sometimes. “You’ve got some depth in you,” says Simon. Howie says no. “You need to open up and come back.” Mel and Heidi disagree. Simon says he’ll take “a leap of faith” and say yes. He tells Hunter to “stay real.” – 3 yeses 1 no.

It’s time for dance groups! A troop of young female dancers called “Pancakes” advance. Then a mixed group of adults from Colombia perform. There’s lots of tumbling. Simon calls them “explosive.” Next, it’s a high school dance team dressed in Wizard of Oz costumes. They’ve put out a few videos that went viral. “You guys light up the stage,” says Simon.

Blue Tokyo – One of the dance members is injured. But he’s here anyway for moral support. They dance with jump ropes and metal batons, incorporating lots of tumbling and gymnastics. No wonder there are injuries! The last move has a member tossed high in the air. Heidi calls them superheroes flying through the air. Mel B calls it “brilliant.” Howie is impressed with how they blended dance and gymnastics. Simon is very impressed, calling them “cool, classy and brilliant.” – 4 yeses.

Makayla Phillips – Singer – She’s fifteen years old and has brought her entire family to her audition. She saw AGT for the first time at 3. It’s been her dream to audition ever since. She sings “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. She’s got a good voice, but she’s not emotionally connected to the lyrics. Not fully baked this one. Too imitative. Heidi calls her fun and cute and incredible. She loves her entire package blah blah blah. You know what’s coming. Last act of the night. Heidi finally chooses her GOLDEN BUZZER! The Confetti flies. Mikayla will go straight to the lives.

Next week…the Judge Cuts BEGIN!

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