America’s Got Talent 2018 Recap Live QuarterFinals 1 Performance Videos

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Live Quarter Finals 1" Episode 1311 -- Pictured: Courtney Hadwin -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent LIVE Quarterfinals begin tonight.  Twelve contestants will perform in front of judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell for YOUR votes. Check out the full list of contestants HERETyra Banks hosts.  Join us as we live blog all the performances.

Tyra says video performances from the current season of AGT has had more than 1 BILLION views. She reminds us that the winning acts receives 1 million dollars and will headline their very own Vegas show. Only SEVEN acts will advance to the Semifinals. FIVE acts will be eliminated by the end of tomorrow’s Results show.

VOTE for your favorite act via NBC. com, XFinity X1 Voice command, or the AGT Phone app!

Mochi – Diabolo act – For Mochi, working the Diabolo is like conducting a symphony! It’s his dream! He came here all the way from Japan TO WIN! Oh boy. The projection effects tonight are pretty cool. Don’t think I’d pay money to see this act. But he makes the most of his offbeat talent. Heidi says she tried Mochi and it’s hard! “You are the best Diablo artist in the world. We’re happy to have you.” Simon calls it a “big yo yo.’ Yes! He says that he manages to make it interesting is fantastic. Howie thinks Mochi NEEDS to be in the final. Mel B admires his drive, but did not like the music.

Human Fountains – Frat Boys Spitting Water at Each Other – Human Fountains were chosen as a wild card. The act involves dudebros gulping bottled water, spitting it out like a fountain. And then they push the boundaries of grossness by spitting into each other’s mouths. Despite Simon calling the act stupid, he decided to bring them back anyway! This week they up the ante, by making putting together a hotdog–spitting all the ingredients out of their mouths. One of the guys EATS it. GROSS. I suppose using an Il Divo song as background is meant to impress Simon. He buzzes them anyway. “It’s the most stupid act we’ve had on the finals of AGT,” he declares, perhaps protesting too much. Howie says the lesson is, “Sharing is caring.” Mel B says “You are something to remember” as Howie spits water on her. “But you are original and you will be remembered.” Heidi says, “Just when I thought it wouldn’t get more ridiculous, the wiener comes out. But I kind of like it.” Blech. 

Angel City Chorale – Community choir – This group was Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer. In the pre-package, we see spotlights of a few singers from the large choir. Backstories galore.  And for their big live moment they go STRAIGHT for the cliche! If I never ever ever ever ever ever hear “This is Me” on a singing show again, it won’t be too soon. Enter the drummers who stream down the theater aisles. It’s all meant to be super duper inspiring. Howie is a little worried the folks at home won’t get it. Mel B. calls them “feel good…you’re very uplifting.” But she calls the choreography “cheesy.” But she still likes it. Heidi calls their sound POWERFUL.

PAC Dance Team – Teen dance troupe – Cannon Foddery acts are all bunched at the top of the show. Human Fountains, Angel City, and now PAC Dance Team are not meant to go farther than tonight. Pac Team’s mission is to impress Howie, who actually buzzed them last time. Sweet kids, but this is total high school variety hour. I will say, they are a very earnest bunch. But I’m not entirely sure what was going on with the story. Mel B calls it their best so far. She liked the music choice, but she feels it’s not clicking. “It’s like what my 10 year old would do at school.” Exactly. Oh. So it was a Willie Wonka theme. The choreography didn’t make that entirely clear. Simon likes their optimism. “I think the show needs an act like this in the competition.” Howie still doesn’t “get it.”

Amanda Mena – 15-year-old singer – Mel B’s Golden Buzzer, she says the young singer reminds her of herself. Amanda talks about being an immigrant and how she was bullied over it. She’s performing “What About Us,” but sings the lyrics partly in Espanol. No denying Amanda has a good voice. She hits that big money note! Here come the votes. Aw. Her family are tearful. Mel is “so proud of her.” Oh. Mel feels the need to clarify what she meant. Because Mel’s life is such a trainwreck–don’t want the young less to get the wrong idea. Heh. “I think you nailed it,” says Heidi. Simon is glad Mel gave Amanda a vote of confidence. But he thinks she needs to be in a group. Sheesh Simon. Build her up and then knock her down.

Junior New System – Filipino dance troupe – They grew up in the slums of the Philippines. They work in restaurants and fast food places to make their dreams come true. Oh look…More drummers! It’s a soccer themed routine. Their thing? They dance in platform heels. It’s an interesting blend of the masculine and the feminine. Very clever. Tara wants to break out the runway walk. Mel B. goes crazy. “Everything about you guys…you are showing us some moves.” Howie calls them amazing. He wishes they’d perform in heels the entire routine. Mel disagrees vehemently. Heidi goes for the obvious pun:  “Heel yes,” she says. Simon admires their determination. 

We Three – Family band – Dad talks about how difficult it was to lose his wife (she recently lost a battle with cancer). He says music is the kids’ outlet.  The trio sings another original song, and its refrain,  “I’m still a believer,” has Christian Contemporary written all over it.  Howie says, “I think you transcended your story.” Mel B likes that they are original and write from their heart, “I kind of see you as a young current Dire Straits.” WHAT? No Mel. They’re kind of like Imagine Dragons. Hot AC Rock with vague spiritual overtones.  Heidi loves their harmonies. Simon didn’t think they stepped it up for the live show. I agree that it wasn’t the best of their three performances. 

Lord Nil – Escape artist – First scorpions, followed by alligators. What’s next? Nil has been with his partner for 8 years, and for the first time (supposedly), she’ll be part of the act. Oh great. If he screws up, she’ll fall into a pit of rattlesnakes! She’s doing it…because she loves him. How romantic. Hm. He’s chained up, inside a tank of water and must free himself from the chains to save her. But then in order to leave the tank, she’s got to bring him a key.  Yay. He gets out before he drowns. Mel buzzes. She looks distraught. Last time, she felt the act was too dangerous. She still does. She doesn’t think a husband and wife should be risking each other’s lives.  Heidi more or less agrees with Mel, “You have to be alive to spend that million bucks.” But Simon thinks they step it up very week, and is looking for even MORE danger. Howie predicts the bit will go viral. 

Flau’jae – 14-year-old rapper – This young artist was Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer. In her pre-package, she raps a tribute to her dad while she visits his grave. Tears! As she performs, the crowd waves white glow sticks. “Put em up put em up I need your hand in the air,” she raps “Hands in the air don’t shoot me down.” OK Then. The image of the audience enthusiastically waving lights is totally at odds with the song’s anti-police violence Black Lives Matter talking point. Guessing that probably went over a bunch of people’s heads. That girl though, she’s got potential. Mel B says, “You know I love you…I love your courage passion maturity.” She loved the flow. She wants more “flow.” What? For Mel, the performance was too laid back. Simon has his head in his hand. Heidi likes that she sings dark things but always looks for the light.  “You have that steel in your eyes, I thought that was outstanding,” says Simon. Howie says, “I think people need to vote for you.”

Shin Lim – Sleight of hand magician – Shin worries that his close up magic act can’t compete with the big production values fellow contestants bring. The way he handles cards is mesmerizing. And the tricks seem so simple, yet I can’t look away. At one point, he uses his cards to create a message: “America’s Got Talent, Vote for Shin Lim. Ha. He finishes the routine by turning a pack of cards into a box of cards, into one card and then poof it’s gone. That was awesome. Howie says, “The best close up magic I’ve ever seen…it’s so clean and seamless. People have to vote!” Tara loves when he winks at us. So do I.  Mel B thinks he should insure his hands! “You’re like Harry Potter without the glasses,” says Simon. He thinks he should move away from the cards. Uh no, Simon. He’s perfect the way he is.

Vicki Barbolak – 60-year-old stand-up – She really does live in a trailer park. “I know a little about husbands because I’ve had a bunch!” She reminds me a little of the legendary comic, Phyllis Diller. Simon insists he’s been with a trailer park girl before. “Trailer nasty!” Howie thinks she just came up with her own sitcom. Howie jokes “There’s an opening,” alluding to Roseanne’s demise. “I’m going to have some really weird dreams tonight,” says Simon. Then adds, “I just love you. I think America is going to love you.” He mentions that she’s a “bag of nerves” beforehand, but it makes her relatable. Heidi wants some tips from Vicki. Mel calls her “funny as heck.” She wants it even “naughtier,” though.

Courtney Hadwin – 13-year-old singer – She was Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer. – The “quite shy” Courtney has had more than 200 million views of her audition online. She is inspired by Janis Joplin, who was always herself. UNPOPULAR OPINION AHEAD.  Her singing sounds like a lot of screeching and screaming to me. She lurches around the stage. And I just don’t get it. She’s singing “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” and her take is uhm interesting. I’ll say this again. It’s her age and demeanor off stage that sells her act. If she were an adult with that same performance, Simon probably would have buzzed her. “I have not been this excited about a new artist in a long time,” says Heidi. “We get you,” says Mel B. Well that’s good. Because I don’t. Simon has NO advice for Courtney. Just keep doing what you’re doing he says. 

Tomorrow at 8 pm RESULTS!

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