America’s Got Talent 2018 Recap Judge Cuts 3 Performance Videos

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Judge Cuts 3" Episode 1309 -- Pictured: The Savitsky Cats -- (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts continue tonight. The contestants judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell choose during this round will join the Golden Buzzer acts in the LIVE shows.

LA's Next Great Stage Star II ...
LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

Host Tyra Banks hosts.  Join us as we live blog all the performances.

Country singer Martina McBride is tonight’s guest judge. Which act will be her golden buzzer? Eighteen acts perform, but only SEVEN advance to the live shows.

The Savitsky Cats – Cat Act – Mother daughter duo–Mom has been training cats for 20 years. She used to find them on the streets. This time new tricks and new cats! Juuust waiting for one of these cats, at one point, to seemingly say F U and wander away. It almost happens at one point! Or was that part of the act? Endless treats are key to the success of this act, apparently. A mildly entertaining act, that banks on folks awe over cats taking direction. Because the tricks in particular aren’t actually that spectacular. Howie loved it. He feels the act stepped it up. Could not resist a bad pun–noting the duo almost had a “catastrophy” when the one kitty almost didn’t play. Martina loved it “It was thrilling to watch.” Heidi felt they put on a “real show.” It made Mel smile. Simon thinks the act would make a great TV show. Hm. The duo want to open a cat theater. 

Blue Tokyo – Dance troupe – The group promised the judges new flips and tricks. But it must not have impressed them that much–the act is edited down. Simon says “It left me a little cold.” Howie says he’ll fight for them. 

OC Music and Dance School – High school group perform Kesha’s “Praying.” Mel thought it was a step up from the first time. Howie disagrees. Simon thinks they’re too serious. With the little bit of screen time plus criticism they got here, it’s another obvious NOPE.

The PAC Dance Team – High School Dance Team – The kids consider the director their “mom.” She helps kids headed in the wrong direction get on the right path. A few of their Youtube videos went viral. Howie said no to their audition. This time, they perform a hip hop routine with an Alice Through the Looking Glass theme. The costumes are clever? Simon is smiling, but Howie buzzed them. What a bitch. “This show is so much more than just a high school dance team,” says Howie. I wouldn’t have buzzed them…but I kinda agree with Howie. The rest of the panel disagrees. Simon wasn’t crazy about the music, but he loves their energy and enthusiasm. 

Two kid singers are next. About the same age–they claim to be friends. 

Angel Garcia – Kid singer – Angel is a Spanish language performer and a La Voz Kids alum.  Howie criticized his audition for being too “old.”  He performs Bruno Mars’  “Just the Way You Are” in Spanish. It’s sweet, if not spectacular rendition. Howie felt he stepped it up but “your eyes were closed.” Martina loved his passion. 

Jeffrey Li – Kid singer – Jeffery sang “You Raise Me Up” for his audition, and was VERY nervous. He’s still really nervous. Tonight he performs Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” Huh.  It’s very dramatic! Jeffrey understands he needs a big moment to advance, which probably means he’ll get a spot, and Angel will not. Martina notes his nerves, but loves his voice. “I can’t sing like that and I’ve had a 25 year career,” she says. Simon believes it should not have worked, but it did. 

Ms. Trysh – Singer – We catch a glimpse of her singing “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.” OH NO. She forgets her words. She’s the singer, during her audition, who had a crush on Simon and her husband didn’t mind? She gets such short shrift here–another obvious elimination. But I bet she would have had a tough time even if she sang the song perfectly. 

Kazi – Singer Songwriter – Her audition was montaged. And we barely got a glimpse here. Simon wan’t impressed, so BYE GIRL. 

Bone Hampton – Comic – Howie was bullish on Bone’s audition. But his routine fell flat “I didn’t do enough,” he says, “Overwhelming is an understatement.”

Quin and Misha – Ballroom Dance – The female dancer is 71 years old. Her very supportive husband is in the audience. Quin’s father was a rice farmer in Laos. She’s only been dancing for 10 years and had to find a young partner because her husband could not keep up. The male dancer does most of the heavy lifting here. Figuratively and literally. She’s amazingly limber and graceful, though. “You have definitely inspired me,” says Heidi. Simon loves the duo’s personality, “This was great.” Martina says, “You inspired everybody.” What the heck? Martina hits her Golden Buzzer. REALLY? REALLY? Uh. They’ll be cut in the first live round, But it’s a feel good moment? I guess.

Noah Guthrie – Singer/Songwriter – Noah is so dang planty, that production didn’t even try to hide his extensive experience, which includes being a regular on Glee for a season. He says things got a little weird after Glee. His dad was very supportive as he tried to transition from TV fame. After moving back to South Carolina, Noah and his dad hit the road together, helping the singer get his confidence back. Simon stops Noah mid song, saying, “You’ve got to stand out from the pack” and dissing his song choice. Noah launches into his second song choice, “Whipping Post” by Allman Brothers, with gusto. The song is more identifiable, and has bigger moments. One of Simon’s big tricks is stopping an act mid performance. It’s mostly theater. I mean–of course Noah is destined to go through. Simon is just trying to spice things up. The judges give him a standing ovation. Mel thought the second song was “so much more you.” Howie thinks he “has it.” Heidi loves the heartfelt tone of his voice. Martina believes he is well on his way back to stardom. Simon believes Noah has not tapped his full potential. 

Jules & Jerome – Acrobatics – In their audition the two tumbled off of a see saw contraption. Other than how high they can jump, the act is not very impressive.  Simon rightly believe that they need to be more ambitious. 

Fratelli Rossi – Acrobats – This act are also acrobats. Brothers, they come from a family of performers. One of them tore an ACL months before their audition. Maybe because of the injury, they slipped up during their act. The two promise to really bring it this time. They claim that their new routine is SO dangerous, they didn’t practice it. WHAT? That seems counter-intuitive. One brother lays on his back while flipping his sibling around with his feet. They ask Martina to test a mask to demonstrate there are no tricks. So this is the super dangerous part they did not rehearse? The brother being tossed dons the mask for a flip or two. YAWN. “My heart was in my throat,” says Martina. Heidi LOVES to watch them. Simon thinks they are “interesting.” Howie believes they stepped it up.

Bensax International –  Saxophone Player – Musician from Haiti plays feel good tunes. He claims that the president of Haiti has promised to attend the live shows if the judges advance him. But considering how short this clip is–Prez would be wise to cancel those travel plans. 

Oliver Graves – Comic – Deadpan goth comic impressed the judges the first time around. He works retail and is desperate to quit his day job! He’s been gigging in preparation for this moment. His jokes don’t always land. But he does get off a couple of pretty good self deprecating zingers. “This guy is so unique and so original,” says Howie, “I love you.” Martina loves his timing. “You are definitely someone we’re going to remember,” says Simon.

UDI Dance – Projection Team – They’re from Siberia! They met at a “school for poor children” Dance gave them something to dream about. They also run a dance school for poor kids like themselves. These black light acts don’t always translate on television. But the clever, clear storytelling and impressive effects make this act a winner. “You just blow my mind every time I see you,” says Mel. Martina calls them creative and powerful. “I thought it was terrific,” says Simon. 

We Three – Sibling Singing Trio – Their dad was in a band with their aunts and uncles. He quit to take care of his family and has been working as a garbage man ever since. Their mom recently lost a battle with cancer. The trio’s audition song was an original about mom. This time, they sing another original about “dealing with your demons” called “Lifeline.” The band’s original songs are “inspirational” which is the thing that will propel them on this backstory driven show. Having said that, they do have talent. They all play instruments and deliver decent vocals. Mel loves “everything about you guys.” Martina loved the song’s first line. “So vulnerable and real.” Heidi loves them too, she calls them “humble and down to earth.” Howie calls them “beautiful.” Simon says, “You need nothing from us except a platform.” 

The Sacred Riana – Horror Magic Act – We previewed this act HERE. This very weird act won Asia’s Got Talent.  I preferred her audition, actually, where she produced a polaroid out of thin air. The life size doll trick seemed cliched by comparison. Also, Mel playing scared is laying it on a bit thick here. Ditto Simon acting all creeped out. “I want this to end,” he says dramatically. Sure, Simon.

Oh DANG. Chris Hardwick is next week’s guest judge. OBVIOUSLY taped before all the #MeToo controversy. Good thing he was cleared by AMC to return to his Walking Dead duties, eh?  At the very least, Hardwick’s ex has outed him as a manipulative douchebag. Just. Ew.


Quin and Misha – Martina’s Golden Buzzer
The Savitsky Cats
The PAC Dance Team 
The Sacred Riana 
UDI Dance
We Three
Noah Guthrie

A couple of surprises: I thought one of the young singers would go through–Jeffrey Li specifically. Also, I’m a little surprised the goth comic, Oliver Graves didn’t make the cut. I would have nixed the Savitsky Cats, the weird The Sacred Riana, and Quin and Misha. Yep. The latter is one of the most undeserved Golden Buzzer acts in all of AGT history. 

Still, there are usually three or so wildcards that are chosen to move on after the Judge Cuts wrap up. Maybe Jeffery or Oliver will get lucky (I’m betting on Oliver). 

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