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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Judge's Cuts 1" Episode 1307 -- Pictured: (l-r) Heidi Klum, Aaron Crow, Ken Jeong -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

After six weeks of auditions, America’s Got Talent begin judges cuts tonight. The acts judges Howie Mandel, Mel B.Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell choose during this round will join the Golden Buzzer acts in the LIVE shows..

Host Tyra Banks hosts it all.  Join us tonight as we live blog all the performances.

Carrie Underwood’s Champion plays over the opening video package. Eighteen acts tonight. Only SEVEN can go through to the LIVE shows! Comedian Ken Jeong is this week’s guest judge. He takes his seat showing off his “dance moves.” Simon is kind of alarmed! Each guest judge will pick a “golden buzzer” act.

Junior New System – Dancers – This group of male dancers perform hip hop wearing tracksuits…and heels. No really. They’re from the Philippines, some living in squalid situations. It’s very emotional for some! There’s a bunch of tumbling involved. When “Lets Get Loud” plays, the gold heels come out. The act is…different. I’ll give them that. Tumbling in heels cannot be easy. “You’re amazing!” Mel gushes. Heidi calls their dancing “explosive.” Howie thinks they stepped it up. “I’m going to fight for you guys. Simon notes that the audience LOVES it. Ken is rooting for them. “It’s an honor to watch you.”

Harold and Regan – Dancers – These two used to be in a relationship. Their goal is to dance full time. SAD–They only get a montage. Mel feels they stepped up their game. Simon notes a lack of chemistry.

Us The Duo – Singers – These two are married and pregnant. And they also had a pretty sturdy fan following prior to auditioning. Last time, Howie criticized their original song. This time they could have played it safe with a cover, but perform another original song called “Stop This Love” instead. Hm. I liked their audition song better. But they are talented pros. Very ringerish, though. Simon doesn’t like the song, but he loves the duo. Ken: “You guys love each other too much in my opinion!” Howie is still not a fan of the songwriting. He wants to hear a cover. The rest of the panel disagree. Simon believes that they need to present themselves as original artists.

Kevin Blake – Magician – He’s a copy writer by day, magician by night. He rapped through his act last time. The judges did not like that so this time he’s “trashed the rap.” He asks Mel to help. She takes off her diamond rings and attaches them to helium balloons. He lets them go and they rise through the air (this is all happening outside).  He gives Simon a locked box. Two locked boxes! Inside are her rings. Sorta clever? But predictable. Howie loves his originality. Simon has come around and likes him this time.

Mochi – Diablo Artist – He practices Diablo day in and day out. Diablo is his girlfriend! Mochi incorporates an impressive light show into his act. Although I don’t think he stepped it up here. Ken salutes his passion. Simon calls the act “unbelievably fantastic.” As always, Mochi is SUPER DUPER EXCITED.

Lily Wilker –  Animal impressionist – This 11 year old does animal impressions. This week she imitates jungle animals. Cute kid with a flimsy act.

Oscar and Pam – Singing Dog – Pam compares her dog to Bocelli. Hm. The entire act? The dog howls while Pam plays. Simon went crazy for their audition. Mel is not impressed–she buzzes the act. Simon is offended. He’s going to fight for the act. Really? There are a ton of better “singing” dogs on YouTube.

Daniel Emmett – Opera Singer – He’s the dude who sang an original song for his audition. But then Simon stopped him and had him rehearse an Il Dive tune instead. He promises Simon he’s been careful about song choice. He picks a “classic” this time. I find classical pop a real snooze, but he seems to be a solid pop opera singer. The judges minus Simon give him a standing ovation. Mel calls his singing “out of this world.” Heidi thinks he’s good looking, as well as a talented. Simon says, “I think you’ve worked this out.”

Voices of Hope – Children’s Choir – The director once pursued a solo singing career. After so many nos, she decided to begin a children’s choir. She found her calling in life. This time, they sing “How Far I’ll Go” from the Disney animated film Moana. The director promises this song is well-rehearsed. Aw. So perfectly innocent. The audience loves it. Mel says the performance made her emotional. “Good job guys.” Heidi liked the lead vocalists. Simon calls them the most improved act. He compliments their “unbelievable energy.” Oh. KEN HITS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Tears all around.

Only six slots left!

Aaron Crow – Sword Act – Last time, he nearly decapitated Howie. This time, Ken and Heidi will be in the DANGER ZONE.  Dude remains silent through his whole act. He places Heidi’s ring inside a cored apple. Next, he impales the apple on a board that sits on Heidi’s lap–oh no it’s on top of her head with Ken standing behind her holding it. Aaron shoots at her from a platform in the audience while it rotates–a green laser adds drama and a way to aim (probably). Not only does he nail the apple against the target, but the ring is perfectly placed on the arrow. Dramatic, scary act is perfectly theatrical, and well paced. Aaron also has incredible stage presence. Ken was scared. “I salute you.” Heidi thanks him for not killing her. If he advances, Simon does not want to be part of the act.

Carmen Lynch – Comedian – She quit her job in finance to pursue comedy, which former MD Ken Jeong appreciates. Howie, Mel and Ken are laughing heartily at her jokes. Ken likes her “dry wit.” Heidi compliments her, but cautions that advancing to the next round will be tough for her tonight.

Christina Wells – Singer – Twenty years ago she auditioned for a theme park, and was rejected because of her weight. She quit showbiz after that, turning to the nursing profession.  She performs “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. The big voiced gal starts off a little shaky, but adding a big note and an extra layer of emotion will probably help her. Mel thinks it was pitchy, but calls her voice “incredible.” Ken says, “You are no longer a nurse, you are an artist.” Simon thinks she was off key too, but can overlook pitch problems as he believes she can grow.

Patches – Kid Rapper – His goal is a blue verification check on his Instagram page. Dream big, kid! Also, he wants to perform on Broadway. Hamilton’s Lin Manuel Miranda is a hero. So, this is a fun novelty…I guess. He’s PATCHES. The whitest rap dude on the planet. “You burned that song to ashes,” says Ken. Howie calls it “unexpected.” He mentioned Heidi in his song and she’s honored. Mel compares him to Eminem. “Oh c’mon Mel,” says Simon. What. He. Said.

Andrew Johnston sings “Imagine.” Simon says, “I’m not going to lie to you…something for me isn’t connecting. Too predictable.”

Celina and Filiberto – Dirty Dancing Senior Citizens – The daughter appears on stage with them as translator (the two are Cuban). At the top of the routine the duo switch quickly into “street” outfits complete with sunglasses. Instead of ballroom, this time they attempt a “hip hop” routine–but with extra groping. OK I think we’ve seen enough. “I think we’ve just seen 100 shades of gray,” Simon says, calling them “memorable.” Ken calls them “lovable….you completely entertained me.” Mel X’d them the first time. This time she let them finish–appreciating that they incorporated “choreography” into their routine.

Next up a quick glimpse of aerialist Trinh Tra My and Jack Tenney–I can’t even figure out what this act is about. At their audition Simon requested that the trio perform without pants next time. So tonight they do there thing in speedos.

Duo Transcend – Mary and Tyce – Trapeze Artists – Tyce has a progressive eye disease. He can’t see very well–he’s blind in his right eye. He performs according to sound and “feel.” She’s already broken her foot during the course of performing the act. Mel wasn’t impressed last time. Can the duo change her mind? Tyce hangs upside down from a bar above a fire pit while he twirls Mary around They really do step it up from last time. Mary’s mom sits in the audience with their kid looking really nervous.  OH NOES They attempt a blindfolded “death drop” and she falls. TIME FOR A COMMERCIAL. Oh well. Maybe the act isn’t so dangerous? She falls on what looks like a safety platform, and jumps right up onto her feet. They want to try it again. Simon says that’s not necessary. Mel is now gushing over them.

Actress Olivia Munn is next week’s Guest Judge.


Advancing to the Lives

Voices of Hope – Ken Jeong’s “Golden Buzzer.”
Us The Duo
Junior New System
Aaron Crow
Duo Transcend
Christina Wells

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