America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Winner Results, Live Blog and Videos

America's Got Talent 2018 Finale Results

America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Results

America’s Got Talent 2018 finale results: Tonight is the night. Which act will win the America’s Got Talent 1 million dollar prize and headlining Vegas show? Will it be violinist Brian King Joseph, singer Daniel Emmet, trapeze act Duo Transcend, singer Courtney Hadwin, comedian Samuel J. Comroe, singer Glennis Grace, magician Shin Lim, singer Michael Ketterer, dance group Zurcaroh or comedian Vicki Barbolak?

America’s Got Talent 2018 Recap – Finale Live Blog and Videos
America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale – Vote in the Polls

We are live blogging all the America’s Got Talent results right here, beginning at 8 pm ET. Guest stars include: KISS, opera legend Placido Domingo;  violinist Lindsey Stirling; pop star Bebe Rexha; actor, David Spade; stand-up comedian and American Ninja Warrior co-host Matt Iseman; and Akbar Gbajabiamila, co-host of American Ninja Warrior and NFL Network’s  Fantasy Live. The show will also feature a special song contribution written by country legend Garth Brooks.

As promised, classic rock band KISS opens the show with a song and an introduction to Tyra Banks. Then  judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell take their seats.  The band is heading out on a “farewell” tour. It’s goodbye forever. Ahem. TIME FOR THE EPIC RECAP of last night’s show. Snack time. I’m not kidding. I put away the rest of my groceries during that. 

After the break it’s time for…the Dunkin Lounge. FILLERIFFIC. Almost 20 minutes in and other than KISS, literally nothing has happened. 

Finally Bebe Rexha performs a bit of her single  “I’m a Mess” before Glennis Grace joins her on stage to perform “Meant to Be.”

Next, it’s a video clip featuring Heidi and her punny jokes. And after another commercial break, it’s a Mel B clip. Samuel Comroe and Howie teaches her comedy. After that, Sam is out on stage. He invites Mel to help him do some comedy. He takes her seat on the judges table to watch. Mel makes a quick change into a onesie before reading corny jokes out of a joke book. WORST FINALE EVER. 

Next, Courtney Hadwin joins the rock band The Struts. Oh. Interesting pair up. They have a retro sound, but the Struts are actually a young, contemporary band. Cool for her. They sing a bit of their own song. But then back her on Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.”  Is this teen at ALL familiar with current music?

Now, Daniel Emmet joins 0pera star Placido Domingo for a performance…of some opera stuff. Placido compliments Daniel as a “great performer.” 

Another video clip. This one featuring Howie doing a Deal or No Deal bit. The show is coming back to CNBC in December says Tara. 

Vicki Barbolak joins David Spade on stage to trade some Hollywood-centric jokes. Vicki asks David to explain “Hollywood speak” to her. 

Then, ANOTHER clip mocks all those clips of the judges in slow motion. Ha. It’s true. All those opening montages are ridiculously over-reliant on slow motion. 

So Garth Brooks “followed up” on Simon Cowell’s shout out asking for a song for Michael Ketterer. Garth called Michael and a CAMERA JUST HAPPENED TO BE AROUND to record the exchange. Garth wrote a brand new song right on the spot. Prolly more like a song demo he had hanging around i’m just sayin. The name of the song is “Courage to Love.” And it’s what you would expect. LOVE NOT WAR WHAT ABOUT THE CHILLRUN RAINBOWS AND PUPPIES! After, Simon calls Garth “a gentleman and a star” and Michael “amazing.”

Next, it’s a video featuring the AGT “joke” acts. HANS!!!! I love you Hans. Yumbo Dump, not so much. In the clip, we find out how the acts’ lives have been completely changed by AGT except not really! 

Now, Shin Lim is sitting at a table with Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila in addition to Tyra Banks to do a few card tricks. Shin says he’s never been good at math (!!!). The tricks are inspired by  Vegas card games–poker in particular.  

The 50 billionth video clip features The Best of Tyra. I still miss Nick Cannon tbh. 

Brian King Joseph joins fellow violinist Lindsey Stirling on stage. Her first big break was as an AGT contestant. But it was not a good experience for her. Nice that she came back. Duo Transcend do their thing while they play in tandem. 

Immediately after, it’s Zurcaroh. Ooh. They do a wave thing with bodies that’s pretty cool. 

OK all 10 acts have had their moment on the stage. TIME FOR RESULTS PLEASE. 

ANOTHER clip featuring the Top 10 as kiddos.  They share stories describing how they became the talents they are. 


The Top 10 take the stage. Tyra says it’s one of the CLOSEST votes AGT has ever had in the finale.

Zurcaroh and Duo Transcend take the stage. The act taking the first spot in the Top 5 is…Zurcaroh! Brian King Joseph and Glennis Grace are next. Glennis has a look on her face like RUH RHO. Brian King Joseph is in the Top 5! Daniel Emmett and Shin Lim are on stage. This is easy. America has voted. The act taking the 3rd spot in the Top 5 is…Shin Lim! Samuel J. Comroe and Vicki Barbolak are on stage. Only one comic going through! The act taking the 4th spot in the Top 5 is….Samuel J. Comroe. Ooohhh. That’s a bit of a shocker. Lastly, it’s Michael Ketterer and Courtney Hadwin. OH REALLY? Either result will be surprising. Michael more than Courtney. But still. The act taking the last spot in the Top 5 is…Michael Ketterer

Courtney not making the Top 5 was the biggest surprise here. Also, Samuel Comroe beating out Vicki is a bit of a shock.  

Next….another elimination. Michael Ketterer leaves in 5th place!!!! There goes my prediction. I thought he would win it all. The crowd maybe thought so too. They are actually booing.

The act leaving in 4th place and leaving the competition is Samuel J. Comroe. Seriously shocked he placed higher than Michael. And leaving in 3rd place is…Brian King Joseph. He gets a goodbye package. 

Final two are Zurcaroh and Shin Lim.

Before the winner is announced, each of the Top 2 get a recap clip that recalls their AGT journeys. 


Zurcaroh as a group rush over and hoist Shin high into the air! What a moment! The act that deserved to win WON THE SHOW. 

Looking back at my power list. HOW EMBARRASSING. I was so wrong. So very very wrong. My (non) powers of prognostication have hit a brand new low. But I’m glad to be wrong about Shin. I had him in the Top 5 but finishing 4th…

Courtney not making the Top 5. She seemed to be polarizing. You either loved her or not. And Michael finishing in 5th place. As great a guy as he is, he’s not a great vocalist. In this case maybe Simon’s overbearing pimping of his Golden Buzzer act backfired. Still, Simon pledges to work with him after the show. So that’s good. 

ETA: One more thing. The field all season was DOMINATED by singers, yet the highest a singer placed was fifth!

Top 5

5. Michael Ketterer – Eliminated
4. Samuel J. Comroe – Eliminated
3. Brian King Joseph – Eliminated
2. Zurcaroh – Eliminated

Eliminated – Bottom 10

  • Duo Transcend
  • Glennis Grace
  • Daniel Emmett
  • Vicki Barbolak
  • Courtney Hadwin

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