America’s Got Talent 2017 Judge Cuts #1 Recap, Live Blog and Videos

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Judge's Cuts" -- Pictured: Angelica Hale -- (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

It’s the first night of America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts auditions in front of judges Howie Mandel, Mel B. Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell. With host Tyra Banks.

Comedian Chris Hardwick serves as this week’s guest judge. Join us tonight as we live blog every performance.

OK. It’s official. Tyra Banks introduction of  Chris Hardwick (also host of game show The Wall) is straight up annoying. I’m missing Nick Cannon more with each passing week. Judge Cuts guest panelists can send their favorite act straight through to the Live Shows via a Golden Buzzer.

Only 7 acts out of 20 will advance to the next round.

Sara Carson and Hero – Dog Act – Oh. This is the mediocre dog act that Simon insisted advance against the rest of the panel’s wishes. Her family was so against her becoming a dog trainer, that they no longer speak with her. WHAT? The two live and travel together in an SUV. She promises all new tricks this time. The dog is a burglar or something? Without the corny lstorylines, there isn’t much going on really. She does a trick where the dog sits on her feet and holds a bone. That was sort of cool. Inexplicably, the panel is won over. “I really think you’ve stepped it up,” says Heidi. Simon promises Hero that he’ll be fighting for him. Hero jumps off stage to give Simon a kiss. Chris wants a kiss too. Simon is such a sucker for the doggos.

After the break, country act The Baker Family perform a down home rendition of “Stuck Like Glue.” Dad stands atop his giant stand up bass as he performs. Cannon fodder for sure.

The Masqueraders – Singing Group – Seventy something singers almost made the big time back in the day. But in the end, they returned to day jobs. The trio see this as their last big opportunity. They perform a country tinged “Bring it on Home to Me” by Sam Cooke. Chris is really impressed. They are pretty good. Still in fine voice, despite advanced ages. These fellas have taken care of themselves. Howie compares them to fine wine “I want another glass.” Heidi says, “This is your moment.” Simon says, “I think America is going to fall in love with you.”

Eric Jennifer – Comedian – His catch phrase is “MAKE SOME NOISE.” He’s super super annoying. Unsurprisingly, Howie thinks he’s hilarious. Heidi and Simon buzz him. Chris also liked it, inexplicably. They breeze by this guy. I suspect he doesn’t make the cut.

Harrison Greenbaum – Comedian – He’s the Harvard educated dude who made self-deprecating gay jokes during his audition. Not tonight though. It’s superpower jokes. Heidi wasn’t bowled over. But the comedians, Chris and Howie, really like him.

Dancing Pumpkin Man – Comedian – Mel persuaded Simon to advance this dude. He literally dances with a pumpkin on his head. That’s it. That’s the act. He’s chatty this time though. He added a cape, which he quickly loses. He rips off one body suit to expose sparkles! This is pretty funny as far as memes go? And as a 30 second youtube video pretty hilarious. But it’s not an act. Heidi not impressed. Chris, who is familiar with his original viral video, gives him a standing ovation. “I did not expect sparkles.” Howie also loves him.

Tom London – Magician – He combines technology and magic. Like last time, he takes control of smartphones in the audience for a few slick tricks. Simon loves his act, but thinks he needs to work on his performance skills.

Eric Jones – Magician – Simon said no to his audition. His late dad was always supportive of his magic career. But he regrets not saying goodbye to him before he passed. We previewed this act HERE. Needless to say, his close up magic impresses the entire panel this time.

Angelica Hale – Child Singer – She had double pneumonia at 4 years old and needed a kidney transplant. Her mom was a match. The nine year old sings “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys in the same big preternaturally deep voice. It’s a little creepy, actually! She does a little curtsy and a thank you as she finishes. The crowd is chanting. Howie still thinks she can win the show. Mel B calls her a “beautiful ray of light.” Simon was skeptical, but she nailed it, he says. Chris is so blown away. “You are unbelievable!” he says. And YUP. I knew it. “ANGELICA YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE” says Chris before he slams his golden buzzer. She’s straight through to the live shows.

Tyra gives Angelica the good news that all the Golden Buzzer winners are going to Universal Park in Orlando. Yay.

A couple of acrobats are next, the father and son tumblers, Danylo & Oskar, and sisters Lera and Nika who work on silks. Obviously not advancing.

Yosein-Chee – Balancing Act – He came up in Iran during the war. Eventually, he joined family in America. The judges weren’t completely won over last time. So, he’s bringing back a trick that he retired because it was too dangerous. Yikes. He balances his head on a glass bottle. He’s very shaky. Next he brings out the knives. He balances…just when it appears he’s made a fatal mistake, he regains his balance as part of the act.  The judges are impressed.

Darcy Callus – Singer – He performs Queen. I remember this guy from the auditions where he performed a lovely rendition of “God Only Knows.” He’s really good, but getting so little screen time, I doubt he advances. Chris calls him “sensitive piano guy.” The judges are very complimentary…except Simon who thought he was better the first time. Oh well.

Carlos De Antonis – Opera Singer – He was hit by a car and broke both legs. He watched AGT in the hospital. It’s been his dream to be on the show ever since. The Argentinian sings “O Sole Mio.” Simon looks like he’s in heaven. Simon doesn’t think he’s brilliant, but his likability and passion make up for it. He makes a slightly insulting dog metaphor. “You’re my little labrador” Simon says. OK then.

Canion Shijirbat – Dancer – He’s a multimedia performer. Heidi and Simon both buzzed him. “Beyond boring,” says Heidi. “Horrendous,” adds Simon. The dude allowed nerves to get to him.

Just Jerk – Dance Crew – They’re from South Korea. A group of young performers, they’re close to draft age and may not be able to perform together again. Their moves feature militaristic precision. Really impressive. Mel says they have taken the competition to a whole new level. “So precise…like a machine,” says Simon.

Maw Kitty – She’s the 69 year old “performer” with a crush on Simon. She sings “My Heart Belongs to Daddy.” She gets a buzz from Mel and a kiss from Simon. Mel B calls it too much. Simon meows at her. She throws a cup of water on him. Yawn. 

Donald Trump Impersonator – Do we really need to go here? He sings “I Want it That Way” and “Everybody.” dedicating it to the love of his life. “MYSELF.” That sounds about right. “I love this show,” says Simon. Chris calls him “a gift to the American people.” Mel B is won over this time.

Demian Aditya – Escape Act – His “hysterical” wife is surely part of the act. This time, he’s doing a bit he found on the internet that killed the guy who tried it. Hysterical wife is crying backstage. The audience has been moved outside. He’ll be buried alive. He’s got 1:30 minutes to escape. Assistants shovel sand on top of him as he uses his wife’s bobby pin to to unlock the chains. The camera shuts off and the wife becomes even more hysterical. Simon is so concerned, he dashes onstage to stop the act. Oh wow. One of the shovel guys pulls off his hat and it’s Damian. What an act. The act was impressive enough without the addition of fake dramatics. 

Results are next!

Advancing to the next round:

Angelica Hale – Golden Buzzer
The Masqueraders
Sara and Hero
Singing Donald Trump
Just Jerk
Demian Aditya
Eric Jones

DJ Khaled guest judges next week.

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