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Wait, auditions are still going on?!

Hey everyone, it’s Adam, and I will be your guide for tonight’s America’s Got Talent. Grab some last minute snacks quickly, because AGT starts…. NOW!!!!

After a quick introductory montage, 2 female dancers take the stage. Enra is their name and they are an act similar to Blue Journey and Freckled Sky, as they dance in front of a video montage. They are pretty impressive. Their act is all about timing, and I think they pulled their performance off. The girl dancers are super adorable and very talented. The judges call them fantastic, and give them 4 yeses, advancing them to the next round. I really liked these guys.

Samantha Johnson is our first singer of the night. She is the oldest of many siblings, and right now she waits tables to support her love of music. She takes the stage and performs You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Women, and she is pretty good. She has a big old belting voice and pulls off a strong performance. I don’t know, I found her a little generic, but still definitely talented. The judges loved her and think she will go far, and with 4 yeses Samantha is through to the next round.

Paul Ponce throws hats around and is who brings us out of commercial. He does an act doing just what you’d think, as he takes hats and basically juggles them. I actually found this all super boring and meh. The whole thing is just rather silly. Paul says his parents are performing right after him. With a no from Mel, Paul still advances with 3 yeses from the other judges. Why…?

Paul’s parents take the stage next. Silvia Silvia is his mother’s name and she actually is a crossbow performer. When Howard asks who she would rather see win the show, her or her son, she smiles and says of course her son. She does some cool shots with the bow, but honestly I was a little bored. I guess you just had to be there, because Howard loved them and Mel called them “shocking.” In the end they get 4 yeses and are through to the next round. I personally would have said no to both the acts.

Tonight has been pretty disappointing so far, I hope we get to see a winning act perform tonight.

Heavenly Joy Jerkins is an adorable 5 year old singer who is up next. She also loves to tap dance. I really like her name, but she is grating on my nerves a little. Either she is trying to hard, or she is just nervous. This whole performance is just waaaaaaay to much for me. She is not ready, and if she is put on to the live shows I worry that she will crumble under the pressure. For her sake, I would say no. Buuuuuuut since the judges love the cuteness Heavenly is through to the next round with 4 yeses. This is not going to end well for her.

Next is a karate expert… wait, wasn’t this guy on last season? Yep, he is a returnee, who was a joke audition. Ugh. Excuse me as I cringe in a corner. Nope…. not watching…. looking away… looking away. This act is just disturbing. He bends spoons with his eye and breaks chopsticks on his throat. I have no idea what this guy’s name is, oh wait it is Master Qi. Howie loves him for some reason and does a whole shtick. Great job Howie, you never cease to disappoint me. Howie and Mel say yes…. Howard please say no…. please. Nope, he goes with the majority and sends the Master on to the next round. I am at a loss for words.

Time for a montage set to “Macho Man.”… next.

We are almost half way in, but where is our ringer?!

A family bluegrass band is up next! I love me some bluegrass, so I hope they are good. Mountain Faith Band is their name, and they all work at the family’s tire shop! They look super excited as they take the stage. The band performs Counting Stars, by OneRepublic… wait what? They totally rearranged this classic song…. but I’m kind of digging it. They are really fantastic! Personally, they are my favorite act of the night. I just really dug that arraignment. The judges praised the singer, who they thought had a great voice. Mel loves how everything just came together. Of course the band gets 4 yeses and are through to the next round. I am excited about them.

Time for a comedian! Leo Lytel is our first comedian of the night. He is 15 years old and has been doing comedy for two years. He does some jokes, and he has a good delivery, but I am not really laughing except an occasional chuckle. Eh, he is okay I guess. His last joke though was pretty great though, I must say! I think he needs some work, but he definitely has some raw talent. The judges call him witty and awkward, and end up advancing Leo to the next round.

Up next is a montage about breaking records. Our next lunatic, I mean contestant, Trizzie D, is going to set a record right now by breaking 45 watermelons in one minute with his head. He does it… I think. It doesn’t look like he really broke all of them, but I guess he did. The judges call watermelon dude fantastic. Do I really want to see this guy again? Not really, but the judges send him through to the next round. Meh.

Time for some more EXTREME acts! Oh wait, it is just a horse act. The Wild West Express is our first outside act of the night. They do gymnastics on horseback! Because why not. The act is actually pretty impressive. The group do some cool stunts ridding the horses and honestly I’m pretty blown away by their talent. Well done guys! The group wins the approval of the judges and so are through to the next round! I’m excited to see these guys again.

The Godfrey Clan is up next. They love to do dangerous and dumb things! They love to have fun and hurt themselves! If you aren’t hurting yourself, you aren’t doing it right… um, WTF?! They do some tricks on a slide that propels them into a ring of fire. I just can’t you guys, this night is just so disappointing. Why are we really wasting time on acts like this?! They are not doing anything impressive. The judges agree with me and do not advance them to the next round.

Greg Roe is next and he likes to jump off of high things. Tonight he is going to jump out of a crane into a big pillow. The show builds up the drama saying how dangerous the whole thing is. ZOMG THIS IS 8 STORIES HIGH OH NO IS HE GOING TO MAKE IT OUT ALIVE? Of course he does, obviously. So much build up and not really any pay off. YAWN! I don’t know why but the judges still advance him on to the next round. *shrug

Time for the last act of the night. A grandma daredevil, Nikki McBurnett is going to be closing us out tonight. Tonight she is going to blow herself up in a limo, because why not. Eh, I’m kinda over these danger acts. We spend about 5 minutes building up this act, then finally she does her thing and it is over in a few seconds. Of course she makes it out ok. I mean, it was kind of cool, but it wasn’t anything that I’ll really remember after tonight. Nevertheless, 3 of the judges are all into her, and even though Heidi says no she is through to the next round with 4 yeses.

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