America’s Got Talent 2015 Predictions Finale

America's Got Talent 2015 Predictions Finale - Pictured: Drew Lynch -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2015 Predictions Finale

And here we are. After weeks of auditions and judges cuts, we finally have our remaining 10 acts that are vying for the title. While some great acts have been unjustly shut out of this finale, like Siro-A and Freckled Sky to name some, I can’t deny that this is quite the… okayish batch of contestants. There is clearly a divide with some acts, so let’s take a look. Last year, I correctly predicted the exact order of results, so lots of pressure on me here, but I’ll try and deliver.

Not Cracking The Top 5:

1- Derek Hughes– This performance was awful and boring. He never should have made it this far.

2- Uzeyer– Uzeyer was injured during his last performance, so he didn’t use the bigger ladder. As a result, he had to go smaller, and while it was cool and fun to watch, there really was no wow factor. Uzeyer barely made it through last time, and I expect him to be one of the first ones eliminated tonight.

3- Gary Vider– I actually liked his set tonight, but I think in the long run he was forgotten for much more lovable Drew. Drew is going to get all of the pity and sympathy votes, and with a pimp spot, I think Gary has a very unlikely chance of making the top 5.

4- Benton Blount– Of all this singers this year, Benton is one of the weaker voices, but lo and behold because he is a guitar guy, and has a backstory–here he is. Tonight, Benton’s song choice, ‘Story of My Life,” was just an odd fit, and since he already needed a save last time, I think he will be eliminated early tonight.

Might Crack The Top 5:

1- The CraigLewis Band– If I didn’t hear or see the judges’s reactions to their performance of “Beggin'” by Madcon, I would have been sure they were cannon fodder. However with some beyond crazy pimping I think they have a shot of cracking the top 5. They still just seem like they are screaming though, to me at least.

Likely Going To Be The Top 5:

1- Drew Lynch- He still laughs during his jokes. Eh, people like him a lot though, and with a pimp spot I expect him to place in the higher portion of the top 10.

2- The Professional Regurgitator- All season I have ripped on this guy, but I can at least say that his act is creative. He grosses me out, but the fact that people like him for what he does is a reason I can’t dock them for voting for him.

3- Piff The Magic Dragon- Another flat performance from Piff tonight. I really have been a fan of his all season, but on a night where favorites were faltering Piff had an opportunity to really come back from behind and have a real winner. Unfortunately he didn’t, and that is the reason why he will not end up winning this season.

4- Paul Zerdin- I really did not like that older puppet, and the baby one still creeps me out. Still, Paul has by far been one of the strongest contestants all season, so it will be a travesty if he doesn’t crack the top 3.  

5- Oz Pearlman– Despite performing first, Oz still won the night for me. No one who followed out-performed him, and I think he pulled off an incredible trick. I hope he makes the top 3, and after tonight he damn well deserves it.

Adam’s Official Finale Predictions:

10- Derek Hughes
9- Uzeyer
8- Benton Blount
7- Gary Vider
6- The CraigLewis Band
5- The Professional Regurgitator
4- Drew Lynch
3- Piff The Magic Dragon
2- Oz Pearlman
 1- Paul Zerdin

That’s all for me guys! Thanks everyone if you ever read these pre-post show rankings/predictions thingys. I hope you enjoyed them. I’ll be here at 8 tonight for the live recap of the results, so I hope you guys will all be back then to join me! See you then!

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