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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1025 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mel B, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Oz Pearlman -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2015 Finals Recap VIDEOS.

Ten acts perform for judges Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel. B. and Howie Mandel on tonight’s AGT finale performance show. You vote and a winner will be crowned on Wednesday. Flo Rida is on hand for a special performance of “My House” and “I Don’t Like It, I Love It,” featuring the Rockettes.

Hey guys! It’s Adam, here to recap the first half of the season 10 finale of America’s Got Talent! Are you excited? I’m super pumped for acts like Piff, Paul, Oz and few others, and I just hope we get some strong performance tonight! The show starts soon, so get ready!

And we are live! Here we go guys!!!

Kicking off the night first is a montage about the contestants. After, we get a cool performance by Flo Rida and the Rockettes to “My House, I Don’t Like it, I Love It.” Some cool songs, but this was basically filler. With only 10 acts performing there has to be something to fill up all that extra time. Our first act performs right after the commercial!

Oz Pearlman used to work on Wall Street, but he left for his mentalist career. I’m surprised he is performing first. Wow, tonight Oz did a trick where the judges pick an envelope and sit in a chair matching the color on a paper in their envelope. Also, he has the judges swear on a name that he also correctly predicts, on an envelope that he picked. HOW DID HE DO THAT! Wow, what a trick! Well done, Oz! That was phenomenal. The judges say he deserves some votes for that. I agree. A great start, Oz.

Uzeyer is up next! Last time, he fell during a live show and was crushed. Somehow he still managed to make it through. Tonight he goes smaller and leaves the big ladder. He does a trick with a spinning hat and climbing steps while on a smaller ladder. He ends his trick performing tricks on a hanging ladder. Pretty cool, but the judges give him lukewarm critiques. As much as I like Uzeyer, I don’t see him cracking the top 5.

One of our 2 singers left is up next! Benton Blount‘s father story is very played up during his package. Tonight, he is taking on Story Of My Life, by One Direction. Seriously? This song? The song choice has producer manipulation written all over it. It’s a god cover, solid, but nothing really that special. Oz and Uzeyer are much more compelling performers then Benton is. Howard calls him out on some nerves. Howie says he is likable. Eh, this was not a winning performance.

Gary Vider is up next! Tonight he makes some joke about money, Caitlyn Jenner (ok, this was kinda funny) and Ryan Gosling. I actually kinda liked his set tonight, but he is destined to come up short compared to Drew. Howie calls him the new Woody Allen. Mel calls him consistently funny. I still don’t see him cracking the top 5, but this was a good performance.

Piff The Magic Dragon is up next! His intro package shows him laying on gold with his princess. Tonight, he does a trick involving turning money into a free trick voucher and “shooting” Mr. Piffles out of a cannon. This was not his strongest performance at all. I love Piff, but as Howard says, this was not a closing performance. Piff kinda shot himself in the foot tonight.

Paul Zerdin is our only ventriloquist. In his package his puppets talk about how great he is. He starts his performance with a deaf older puppet, which I was not enjoying. Then they brought out the baby puppet, which is really creepy. Thankfully, he didn’t do much with the baby and brought back out Sam, which is when the act starts getting good! He does tricks where he trades his voices with the puppets and it is just great. Strong performance, but I think the baby and older puppet were weak spots. Still, I think Paul is definitely a favorite to win this season.

Next is The CraigLewis Band singing Beggin’, by Madcon. They and the band are decked out in red, and while this is a good performance, this won’t get them the win. Once again I feel like they are just screaming at me! I don’t know why, but the judges give them a standing ovation and describe them as great as sliced bread. Eh, they still won’t win, but all that pimping might push them to the top 5.

Derek Hughes is our last magician performing tonight. Here, he is doing tricks with ropes comparing the size. This is going on way too long. I’m bored! Nothing is happening and he is just bantering with the judges. Where is the magic? In the end he finishes by making two ropes into one. This was actually kinda awful and boring. Howard says he blew it and was underwhelming. Mel says it fell flat. Well, at least we know one act isn’t winning.

Whelp, it is time for The Professional Regurgitator. Tonight, he swallows thumb-tacs and a magnet. Then he swallows lighter gas and brings it up in a bubble that is  lit on fire. I give up with this guy. At least his act is creative. The judges give him a standing ovation and call him a million dollar act. Ugh.

Time to close out the night! Drew Lynch is our last act and wants to inspire people. The laugh is back tonight… He is still laughing through his jokes and it is still grating on my nerves. He makes some dirty jokes and the whole thing I still just can’t support. I really find it hard to watch his performance. Howard applauds that he writes his own jokes. Howie wants to build a wall around him like Donald Trump in order to give him the million dollars.

That’s all for tonight! Thanks so much for joining me! I’ll be back tomorrow with my predictions and then the final recap! I hope you guys will be back for those. Hope you all have a great night!

This is AdamSLM signing off…

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