American Song Contest Finale Recap: And the Winner Is… (Video)

Pictured: AleXa (OK) — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Happy Monday and welcome back to my American Song Contest live blogs! I cannot believe we’ve come to the end of this show already! It’s been a wild ride over the last eight weeks, and it all comes down to tonight!

After “Seventeen” by Tyler Braden from Tennessee won the jury vote last week and scored a spot in the finale alongside Riker Lynch, Allen Stone, Jordan Smith AleXa, and Ni/Co, NBC announced the next four contestants joining them in the finale: Chloe Fredericks, Grant Noche, Michael Bolton and Tenelle. All 10 finalists will perform their songs one more time tonight.

FAN VOTING HAS ALREADY BEGUN and will end after the last contestant performs on tonight’s show. Fans can vote on the NBC website, the NBC App, or on TikTok.

The finale begins with Kelly Clarkson performing a song, then transitions to Snoop Dogg rapping!

Snoop announces that Jimmie Allen will be performing his new single later in the night, and due to personal reasons, Allen Stone will not be performing tonight and instead his taped rehearsal will air.

Michael Bolton – Connecticut – “Beautiful World”

Michael calls ASC a special and positive show, and that it reminds him of what he’s loved since he was 10 years old. He then says he wants to be worthy of this contest that’s about songs.

“Beautiful World” is such a good, uplifting song that you can dance to and feel the lyrics. While Michael’s performances of this song have been similar each time, you never get tired of him hearing perform it.

Chloe Fredericks – North Dakota – “Can’t Make You Love Me”

Chloe has an interview with Kelly in her “postcard” package, in which Kelly says she would love to cover “Can’t Make You Love Me” on the next season of her show.

This empowering soft rock song will get you grooving with it’s Adele vibes, though I personally can’t see this as the song that will represent America.

Grant Knoche – Texas – “Mr. Independent”

Grant says he wrote “Mr. Independent” in the shower, and all of his rejections have made him realize he can’t rely on anyone else but himself. He also says that his brother drummed for him during his last performance.

It’s definitely a good song that gets stuck in your head and Grant is a fantastic performer; the definition of “the whole package.”

Ni/Co – Alabama – “The Difference”

The couple have an interview with Snoop where they say the biggest gift of being on the show has been being able to share it with each other.

Time for the simplest yet most powerful performance of the show. Ni/Co are always so full of passion every time they perform this song, and their love and desire is evident within the song. The biggest “difference” in this week’s performance was that sweet kiss they shared at the end!

Jordan Smith –  Kentucky – “Sparrow”

Jordan says “Sparrow” is a good representation of uplifting music that connects people to each other and to Heaven. Jordan says an ASC trophy would be right there on the self beside his The Voice trophy if he won.

Jordan’s angelic voice complements this song so well, and it truly is heavenly the way Jordan’s surrounded by church windows and lit candles.

Allen Stone – Washington – “A Bit Of Both”

Allen informs us that his mother has been battling cancer for two years, and that his mother would be the happiest if he won and she told him to go on the show and share his music.

Allen’s performance is his taped rehearsal, but that doesn’t change the song’s groovy sound and lyrics that make you think. And his glowing neon name was a nice added touch for his final performance.

Tenelle – American Samoa – “Full Circle”

Tenelle says her parents are her biggest fans and that her father helps her with her music videos and is the reason she loves music. Tenelle then says she’s got some surprises in-store for her finale performance.

This is one of the most fun, uplifting songs of the whole competition; songs like this are what this country needs currently, in my opinion. The lyrics are so simple but so powerful, and you can’t help but want to have fun right along with Tenelle as she performs.

AleXa – Oklahoma – “Wonderland”

AleXa says her final performance will include elements of red to represent the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

AleXa is one of the only contestants on this whole show to really step of her performance each week. Representing K-Pop from Oklahoma was one of the most unique concepts, and I can see this song blowing up whether she wins or not.

Tyler Braden – Tennessee – “Seventeen”

Tyler says it feels amazing and getting to see how much talent there is across the country has been awesome, and he feels he’s grown from it.

I fall in love with this song all over again every time I hear it. It’s so raw, and arguably the best country song on this show. I love the simplicity of Tyler’s performance, allowing you to just let the song and lyrics sink in.

Riker Lynch – Colorado – “Feel The Love”

Riker says being in R5 prepared him for this show, but being on the show reconfirmed the energy he wants to spread with his music.

Don’t mind me as I fangirl over Riker because he’s my favorite… it truly is a really fun song, and Riker is really amping his performance for the finale! The shimmering stage, the fireworks! Riker doing some Salsa on stage with his wife! It was so good y’all!!

We come back from the break and get a performance of Jimmie Allen’s new song!

Kelly and Snoop announce who the jury vote goes to tonight (NOT the winner)…

12 points from the Midwest goes to Allen Stone

12 points from the Upper South goes to Tyler Braden

12 points from New England goes to Allen Stone

12 points from the Plains goes to Ni/Co 

12 points from the Mountain Region goes to Allen Stone

12 points from the Lower South goes to Jordan Smith 

12 points from the Mid Atlantic goes to Allen Stone

12 points from the territories goes to Tyler Braden

12 points from the Southwest goes to Allen Stone

12 points from the Pacific West goes to Allen Stone

*That was a long and confusing process, and I couldn’t help but think “It’s like Bobby Bones all over again” each time Allen Stone was awarded points…

After the Jury votes were awarded, America’s votes were added to the scores, beginning with the bottom of the Jury leaderboard.

And now it’s now time to announce the winner of American Song Contest! The winner is… AleXa!

AleXa will appear on the Billboard Music Awards and “Wonderland” will play on iHeart stations nationwide (also Riker came in second woo!).


Total – Public – Jury

710 654 56 – AleXa – OK – Wonderland
503 478 25 – Riker Lynch – CO – Feel the Love
407 328 79 – Jordan Smith – KY – Sparrow
366 324 42 – Grant Knoche – TX – Mr Independent
359 254 105 -Allen Stone – WA – A Bit of Both
342 305 37 – Tenelle – AS – Full Circle
338 298 40 – Michael Bolton – CT – Beautiful World –
285 225 60 – Ni/Co – AL – The Difference
267 219 48 – Chloe Fredericks – SD – Can’t Make You Love Me
251 163 88 – Tyler Braden – TN – Seventeen

I’ve had a blast live blogging this show this past eight weeks! Catch me back here next week when I’ll be live blogging the new season of So You Think You Can Dance!

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