American Idols Live 2010 – Minneapolis MN

The American Idols Live tour heads to the home of Mary Richards…Minneapolis MN!

The countdown is on: The Idols only have 5 more shows before they wrap things up and head home.

The show starts at 7:30 CDT

Check out the live twitter blog after the jump. And later, check back for VIDEOS.  If you’d like to write a recap of YOUR show, send it to mjsbigblog at gmail dot com. Also, if you’ve got photos or videos you’d like to share, bring them on.

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Reviews: Star Tribune, Twin

Video Sources: ShaileneWoodleyFan17, ChiappettaKidz23, triishaaa01, paulafeely

Videos After the JUMP…

Live blog after the JUMP…

Didi Benami – Terrified

Andrew Garcia – Sunday Morning

Katie Stevens – Here We Go Again

Tim Urban – Better Days

Tim Urban – Viva La Vida

Aaron Kelly – Somebody Like You

Aaron Kelly – Fast Cars and Freedom (partial)

The Climb (partial)

Michael Lynche – My Love (partial)

Casey James – I Got Mine (Part 1)

Casey James – I Got Mine (Part 2)

Casey James – Don’t

Casey James – It’s All Over Now (partial)

Michael Lynche and Casey James – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

Casey James – All Over Now (partial)

Crystal Bowersox – What’s Up

Crystal Bowersox – Up To The Mountain

Lee DeWyze – Beautiful Day

Lee DeWyze – Hallelujah (partial)

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  1. Not very chatty tweeters – well, at least we know when the acts are on!

    ETA Now they’re starting – just when I’m going to be away for the next hour or so!

  2. I hope the tweeters kick it up a notch! I am really going to miss these live show updates. I’m sad it’s nearly over for this tour. Never saw a show, but almost feel like I’ve been there thanks to everyone’s tweets, comments and reviews. I bet tomorrow night should be crazy. I took a look at stubhub, and I don’t see many seats available.

  3. This tweeting is “so funny”. I to will miss these live updates, I watch them for every show as you can almost feel like you are there, especially when they post shots of the idols. I can’t wait for tomorrows show as it should be “big”. Thank you tweeters!!!!

  4. Didi tweeted that there were a lot of people there for her set. She said almost full house!

  5. Some pretty good snark from the tweeters tonight. I agree the Chicago and Toledo shows over the weekend should be good to follow. Hopefully some set list changes. Crystal has said she would sing Holy Toledo for sure in Toledo. It would be great if Lee and Crystal did Falling Slowly for the Chicago crowd since they both have a Chicago connection, or if Lee did something else special for them.

  6. I will also miss these live updates. I have never followed an idol tour before and this has been a lot of fun. It would be great if Lee and Crystal both did something special for their hometown concerts. I had not thought of Falling Slowly- but that would be a great way to celebrate together.

  7. But damn, these prepubescent tweeters are annoying. Do they like anything?

  8. Ovenmitt – they’re Lee fans of course. They did like Casey though!

    ETA But definitely on the OTT end of Lee fans!

  9. I had not thought of Falling Slowly- but that would be a great way to celebrate together.

    Eh. That was honestly my least favorite performance involving Crystal from the entire season. I know I was in the minority but I felt like Lee and Crystal just totally didn’t gel – it was more like they stood there and shouted at each other. I didn’t see the emotional connection to the song that a lot of people did – and I thought the arrangement was just way too overdone. The studio version was better – not amazing, but pretty good (Crystal has one phrase near the end of it that brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it – you can hear the lifetime of heartbreak in that one phrase).

    It will be interesting to see what they pull out though during those shows. I thought somewhere it had been said that Crystal might do Holy Toledo or perhaps another one of her originals. Most everyone around Toledo has heard it already – not that we wouldn’t like to hear it but I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls out something else. I said the other day perhaps something she’s written since the end of the show even…

  10. Just skimmed through the tweets – the tweens really don’t do much to help perceptions of the traditional AI voting blocks do they? There’s really no words…

  11. Ovenmitt – they’re Lee fans of course! They did like Casey though!

    How silly of me. I guess the EEEEEEEEEs when they type Lee are a good indicator, huh?

  12. I applaud your keen eye and intuition!

    (Actually my post ended up a bit out of sync with the tweeting – I’m a bit slow in posting sometimes! And as I added they are rather OTT.)

  13. Why does all tweeting almost completely stop once Lee takes the stage?

    I’ve noticed this over and over again.

  14. A side post, not quite off topic as it does have to do with the tour – and I’m mentioning it now as I’m out of sync in time here as well, living in NZ. (When I go to bed here its 6am EDT, and I don’t surface until the late afternoon your time. I usually miss the day’s discussion.)

    Just wanted to say that Lee seems to have rather a full day tomorrow – as well as performing, he’s supposed to be on TV at some stage, plus the Cheesecake Factory Feeding America has an event late morning where Lee’s junior school choir will sing to him. All this after at least 8 hours on the bus!

    There’s probably other events, as well as the usual meetings with fans. I gather there’s a lot coming from other places for the occasion and there would be great disappointment if he wasn’t able to see them. Hopefully the adrenalin will carry him through!

  15. He mentioned in an interview lately that if you’re tired enough, sleeping on a bus is really easy. But he’ll definitely be cruising on adrenaline tomorrow. (As will I.) ;)

  16. Hi Wjmtv, hope tomorrow goes well.

    And I hope you caught my reply to your post about the photos – its back in the St Louis thread. Contact me if you’re interested.

  17. Lee is amazing and he is going to have an awesome career and give us tons of great new songs to enjoy. He was totally the right person to win S9 and I wish him all the success in the world.
    Hope tomorrow rocks and he will make it through even if he is going on fumes! His home town people are wonderful supporters and will be there for him once again…there is no way he would let them down.
    Can’t wait to see what surprises he has for the crowd tomorrow nite…wonder if he will do a new song or maybe have a guest star sing with him???
    Go Lee!

  18. Went to the Minneapolis show with my family tonight. There was a good crowd tonight (lower level about 80% full), mostly supporting the guys. Here is our perspective on the show, focusing more on our reactions than on the performances themselves.

    Some background on us: Myself – 51 year old/Wife – 52 years old. We watched AI regularly. Siobhan was my favorite this season because I see a lot of potential in her, but I expected Crystal to win. My wife’s favorite was Lee but also liked Crystal. I voted and she didn’t. We went to concert with our two daughters. Daughter #1 is a 20-year old college student. She rarely watched the show. Favorite genre is Country but has a wide variety of music on her I-pod. Daughter #2 is 12 years old and watched the show occasionally. Her favorite this season was Tim (imagine that!) She prefers top 40 music. I like to tease her about being a “Crusty Beaver” fan.

    Me: I thought they all did a great job. I could see each of them having a certain level of success in the music industry, being able to make a living doing something they love. How many of us can say that! Biggest surpise for me was Didi, just because her set had more energy than I thought it would. My favorites: Siobhan, Aaron and Crystal.

    My wife: Would like to have seen more group numbers and suggested that the concert should have started with one before moving on to Didi. Enjoyed them all but thought that Big Mike’s set was a bit sleepy. Her top 3: Lee, Crystal and Aaron

    Daughter #1: Enjoyed the concert even though a couple of her friends teased her about going. Her top 3: Aaron, Siobhan and Crystal. Could see herself going to a concert from any of these 3 if they had original music and it was playing on the radio.

    Daughter #2: Liked the first half the best. She thought that Crystal and Lee were “boring” which I think is partially due to the length of the concert. Her top 3: Tim, Aaron and Siobhan (with Katie a close 4th). She was surprised that she liked Aaron and Siobhan as well as she did.

    There you have it. We all had a great time. Even though some were not our personal favorites tonight, they each had their own legion of fans screaming their lungs out. The top 10 should be proud of what they have accomplished and I wish them nothing but success in the future.

  19. gosh cant wait for the video and live tweets from the Chicago show! gonna be amaaazing. yeh hopefully Lee and Crystal do something different and special at their hometown shows. they all better be getting some sleep right now!
    meanwhile…i posted these in the Des Moines thread but for those who havent checked them out yet:
    there are some insanely awesome videos of Lee and Andrew meeting fans and singing some tunes before the show. THNX to @WasWorthWaiting on twitter- she had an amazing encounter with Lee!

    Lee and Andrew singing Aint No Sunshine and You Give Me Something:

    Andrew and Lee singing This Love-

  20. I always get a kick out of it when one of the tweeters slams one of the Idols during the concert, then after the concert they’re all so happy and thanking them for coming out to meet everyone. Yeah it’s nice that they’re being polite and thanking them, but really, I can’t believe how “twofaced” some of them are (in quotes because it’s in terms of tweets and not in person, actually spoken words). I guess I never made it to Chapter 37, “Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth” in the book How to Make Friends, Be Popular, and Influence People.

    It’s actually so sickening it’s almost funny how much most of these girls worship guys like Lee, Aaron, and Tim. Like they lose any sense of decency they have (which isn’t much in a lot of cases) at the mere sight of any of them. Here again this is why no girl will ever win AI again – so few guys vote, and those who do, don’t vote like the girls who fantasize about the guys. In fact, a guy is probably just as likely to vote for a male contestant as a female, I’d say. So it doesn’t matter whether they’re 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 or even older, the women pick the winners of AI.

    And I threw up in my mouth a little earlier when I saw that one of the tweeters had said they could have gone to go see Taylor Swift instead of the Idols concert. Even Lee sings better live than Taylor Swift does. I just can’t take someone with opinions like that seriously. (And I’m not 100% opposed to Taylor Swift, her recorded songs are ok – not great, but ok. Inoffensive. Preferable to crappy hip-hop and rap at least, lol.)

  21. nabs, thanks for the videos. I do a search on youtube everyday and didn’t find them. They are great! I just love to hear Lee sing.

  22. nabs, that first video is gold! Thanks for sharing it! Andrew sounds awesome in the second one, too.

    wjmtv, have a great time tomorrow night! I hope you’ll give us a quick recap before you go to bed if it’s not too late!

  23. oh is wjmtv going?! awesome!! have a killer time :) sooo wish i could be there

  24. Those 2 videos are wonderful – thanks so much for posting them – That voice of Lee’s sounds great no matter the venue! :)

  25. Hmmm, I have an odd feeling that those 2 reviewers weren´t too crazy about the concert………yikes

  26. Nabs. Thanks for sharing the videos. What a great way to start my day!
    So looking forward to Lee and Crystals’ hometown concert!

  27. Chili1000, glad you and your family had a good time:) After seeing the S9 idols live, I also thought they all may have something to offer to the music/entertainment world.

  28. That reviewer from Minneapolis is notorious for being rough, it is almost comical at this point.

  29. Jon Bream isn’t a critic. He’s a bile-spewing fountain of self-importance.

  30. The Star-Tribune review is, well, a review. I’ve said before that reviewers aren’t paid to sugar coat a concert just because it’s going to hurt people’s feelings if they’re negative. He honestly was pretty specific and gave reasons why he felt the way he did – i.e. he blasted Lee but basically for not being distinctive as an artist. (I get the feeling at times that any review that’s negative about Lee will automatically be considered to be invalid and the reviewer made out to be unreasonable, and just in general an ass, like in this case.) He praised Crystal’s one song and said the others sounded like karaoke – well, truthfully, “Come to My Window” was my least favorite solo performance of hers of the season, and the closest I would have said to sounding like karaoke.

    Yes, he’s harsh, but he is also reality. If the Idols are going to go on to solo careers, they have to learn to overcome the critics and naysayers, and everyone has them. You either need to silence them, or learn to ignore them.

  31. review is actually even more harsh. If you’re a Lee fan and haven’t read it, I suggest you don’t. You’ll probably have another person to e-mail with your opinions on their opinions.

  32. Mozart, I do agree that crystal could have had more variety in her set list. Ideally one song by a guy like I’m Alright replacing come to my window. On the teenage girl voting thing I would rather laugh than get indigestion. I love the you tube video of hitler reacting to crystal bowersox losing idol when he rants about that subject. Hilarious.

  33. The Strib reviewer echoed something you read all the time: An American Idol concert is NOT a typical concert; it’s more like a variety show with different acts and it can be very disjointed. They don’t sing original songs so it sounds Karaoke. In addition, most concert-goers are there because they are fans of the show or fans of one or at most a few of the artists, but certainly not all 10. The energy level is different and if you attend you have to be willing to enjoy it for what it is.

    Jon Bream is a tough critic, although his official review (linked above by girlygirl) was very positive towards Siobhan. The more detailed assessment in his blog (linked by mj) has kind of a “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears” feel to it – “Spiderwebs” too cold, “Stockholm Syndrome” too hot and “Paint it Black” just right. All things considered I thought he was fair with her, and I think he actually appreciated the effort that Siobhan put into trying to make her set entertaining.

    The Pioneer Press reviewer didn’t even bother to say anything about Siobhan’s set. Hers was the only one he didn’t mention.

    As I said above in an earlier post, we enjoyed the concert, but unlike a music critic, we went looking at it for what it is. After giving some more thought to what my wife had to say, I would be OK with a max of 3 solo songs for each performer in exchange for some more group/duet performances. Even though the critics seem to hate them, the fans love them and they would help to maintain the energy level.

  34. Mozart, there is a history with reviews from Jon Bream and I am familiar with his work. I actually thought he wasn’t that unreasonable toward Lee. My opinion is based on some of the reviews he’s written in the past. I understand reviewers are going to find something to criticize because it is their job and overall they all have been fair to Lee. I know this is hard to understand but not all Lee fans are unreasonable hormone fueled squeeing 15 year olds and I don’t appreciate being painted as one on a constant basis.

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