American Idols Live 2010 – Los Angeles CA

Tonight, the Top 10 Idols go back to the city where it all began…Los Angeles CA.  Wonder if there will be any celebs in the house?

The show starts at 7:30 PDT

Check out the live twitter blog after the jump. And later, check back for VIDEOS.  If you’d like to write a recap of YOUR show, send it to mjsbigblog at gmail dot com.  Also, if you’ve got photos or videos you’d like to share, bring them on.

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Interviews: Didi, Andrew, Katie, Tim, Siobhan, Aaron, Mike, Casey, Lee

Reviews: Reality Rocks, MTV,

Video Sources: violetskyye, musicayarte8, hannip1, gabimagalhaes, coolgirl21, Katqt16, thefilmqueen

Videos after the JUMP…

Live Blog after the JUMP…

Didi Benami – Terrified

Andrew Garcia – Straight Up

Andrew Garcia – Sunday Morning

Katie Stevens – Fighter

Tim Urban – Better Days

Tim Urban – Viva La Vida

Siobhan Magnus – Paint It Black

Siobhan Magnus – Spiderwebs

Aaron Kelly – Walking in Memphis

Aaron Kelly – Fast Cars and Freedom

The Climb

Mike Lynche – Woman’s Work

Mike Lynche – My Love

Casey James – Don’t

Casey James and Mike Lynche – Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

Casey James – It’s All Over Now

Crystal Bowersox – What’s Up

Crystal Bowersox – Come To My Window

Crystal Bowersox – Up To The Mountain

Crystal Bowersox – Piece of My Heart

Lee DeWyze – Rocket Man

Lee DeWyze – Hallelujah

Lee DeWyze – Use Somebody


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  1. Whoa. I was just now checking my handy list of tour dates and saw that they were supposed to be in LA tonight, but since there wasn’t a post at MJ’s I assumed my list was wrong.

    I hope we have celeb sightings. That just adds to the fun.

    Is this Didi’s hometown show, or did everyone consider that to be Knoxville?

  2. I was supposed to go tonight but my family had schedule conflicts–was looking forward to celebrity sightings. But at least I’ll get to see them Tuesday in Anaheim instead.

  3. I tried to buy tickets last night and I was surprised at how few there were to purchase. I could pay close to $100 upwards for tickets on the floor and for $59 I could get tickets in the nosebleed sections. It makes me wonder what’s going on. I really wanted to take my daughter and her friend but $300 was just a little pricey. And the cheapest tickets were not worth it to sit up at the top. BTW, I looked at the top three sellers’ sites.

    As an aside, I have been looking at the prices since the end of May. They haven’t changed. There were no deals to be had. I tried again this morning and most of the tickets that were available last night were gone.

    So, where are the people??? Maybe they really are stuck in traffic.

    BTW, I encountered the same situation for the Anaheim show. However, there were even fewer tickets available.

  4. DLynne did you check stub hub? There were some great deals for instant download–i know because I was one of the poor bastards selling!

  5. I did. I needed three tickets but would have paid for four if they were decently priced but could not find any under $89 each. It was frustrating. I had a choice of floor or nosebleed. I couldn’t get three tickets close enough to the floor. I was afraid that if we were in Row 28 I wouldn’t be able to see a thing. I’m short.

    But, seriously, there were not many seats to choose from. I’m talking 400-500 seats available and most of them were not worth the $60 to $89.

    I’m not going to venture a guess as to why there weren’t many available tickets and yet the place is half empty. But something is not right with this picture.

  6. Music definitely is subjective! Reading these tweets with such differing impressions, one would think it was for different concerts. Kinda like seven blind men describing an elephant, from different points. These kids are talented and there is a place for them to fill. American Idol brought them to our attention ( thank you AI) and this is their moment. Thank you for live blog mj.

  7. I like these active tweeters. It’s good they are giving honest appraisals.

  8. Lindsay Parker interviewed them before the tour started, and she said she interviewed 8 of them before the show. So far her tweets seem positive. She likes Siobhan.:)

  9. I don’t know how ticket sales are done. Maybe they don’t open certain sections until certain areas are sold out. ??

    And mz Parker stopped tweeting, sigh

  10. I wonder why Lyndsey Parker stopped tweeting after the intermission??

    Lotsa Crystal and Casey love!!
    LA Times review tomorrow should be interesting. . .

    Makes me excited to go to the Mountain View, CA concert tomorrow night!
    I have those ‘epic’ $10 discount lawn seats. LOL!! :)

  11. Wowsers, I think j Hoyt and film queen are writers too! Lots of writers in California!

  12. I haven’t gone through all the tweets but a couple of people I know who went to tonight’s show (but weren’t tweeting at all) were definitely not impressed. They thought Lee in particular was bad. It sounds from the comments in this thread that the tweets were very much mixed opinions?

  13. DLynne – I went to ticketmaster the morning of the concert and was able to get great seats – floor, center section aisle seats only a few rows back at standard ticket prices. Apparently tix not used by promoters are sold same day. MJ commented about this and I tried it, and it worked!

    I’d say these tweets are pretty typical – hard to say if they were real fans and biased toward one or two IDOLS. That venue is huge and in a high traffic area I think, so it’s not unusual that the place didn’t look full when Didi started. I think most places didn’t sell the nosebleed seats this year, so that doesn’t sound abnormal.

    It does seem like Crystal, Casey and Aaron were standouts by pretty much everyone’s tweets, though!

  14. LA concert is very important, it has heavy press!
    Look like they’re fallen in love with Casey & Crystal , and Aaron really talented kid . This shows that’s everything went wrong this season!
    Loved that JEHoyt tweets! everything he said is right!

  15. Wow. That was not Season 8. I was in the 6th row at Staples Center. There were at least 4 empty seats in my row, several empty seats in the row in front of me, and empty seats in the 3rd row. The whole arena seemed about half full. The only thing I really enjoyed about the whole first half was Andrew Garcia singing “Straight Up.” The crowd finally stood up when Lee took the stage, but I didn’t like his set as much as I had liked him on the show. In fact, watching Adam Lambert’s video during the intermission made me wish that I had gone to see his Glam Nation tour and Kris Allen when he opened for Barenaked Ladies instead.

  16. J9BT, thank you. That’s good to know. I live an hour and a half away but I might try that for the Anaheim show.

    I’m glad that at least Casey, Crystal and Aaron got good reviews tonight. Those who thought that Crystal should have won and didn’t like Lee before the concert probably aren’t going to change their minds about him afterwards.

  17. While there was obviously a lot of love for Casey in the crowd, it seemed like the crowd connected with him more than he did the crowd. Yes, he played great guitar, but there wasn’t a lot of showmanship there as far as playing to the audience. I also have trouble seeing how he could have a successful country career. Based on this performance, it seems like he wants to be more of a Stevie Ray Vaughan blues player or a rocker in the style of Eddie Van Halen. Yes, Keith Urban is a great guitar player, but he knows how to put the pop and the rock in the country. We’ll see if Casey can as well…

    Otherwise, for me, just about everyone brought it tonight. Didi’s opening song was more upbeat than I expected from the recaps, although it would have helped if more people had known it. I thought Andrew did a great job doing some jazzy singing at the end of “Sunday Morning,” which got the crowd excited. Katie was as excellent as people have been saying. While I thought Tim did a good job of showcasing his voice, he sure picked some epic songs. Maybe something a little faster would have allowed him to run around a bit more. I agree with those that think “Paint It Black” by Siobahn was terrific. She was very dramatic and theatrical, although she lost the crowd a bit with the Muse song. Aaron was a standout, and could play on a country bill right now. I liked Big Mike’s first two songs, although maybe he should lay off the falsetto he tried on the third. Both Crystal and Lee moved around on stage a lot and sounded great. All their song choices worked well. Having seen Lee at the press event looking tired, I’m surprised he was awake, let alone energized! I have to say I did enjoy “The Climb” more than “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

  18. briguyx: thanks for your recap . you oviously enjoyed the show!
    but I disagree with what you said about Casey . I think you didn’t understand what he said . He will not be a pure country artist but he signed with a country label cuz that where he belong . Also you can see from his set it’s rocky / bluesy / edgy with some country! I don’t think he will do somthing he don’t feel comfortable with! he knows what kind of artist he is & I think Sony Nash. see that too! . For example , you can see the Eagles they are rock band but have country hits! so it’s simple just like that!
    You can see Country is a HUGE genre like Casey said you can do so much with from bluegrass to country pop to country rock and country blues!! :)

    Edited : OMG!!! I am soo tired of this! because we discus this zillion times in hundrads of forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is HAPPY so WE!
    THE END!!! :)

  19. Thanks briguyx for the great recap. So glad you enjoyed the concert and was able to share this with us.

  20. I loved Lyndsey’ review it was honest! and tell me a lot of things! She loved Casey , Crystal & Sioban ( thank God my top2 C&C )!!! can’t wait for the others LA Times ….

  21. Wow, good ol’ cynical LA. They sure brought the warm fuzzies, didn’t they?

    Thanks for the quicky review, briguy.

  22. The “Reality Rocks” review, to me, hit a nice middle ground, covering different aspects, in what seemed, a honest and genuine manner. Of all media reviews I´ve read, when comparing this AI tour, to the last one, this review made most sense. IMO, over all, a credible and well balanced review.

  23. Edited : OMG!!! I am soo tired of this! because we discus this zillion times in hundrads of forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is HAPPY so WE!
    THE END!!! :)

    BOL! I hear ya and totally agree. Casey connects IMO to the audience and if one is predisposed not to like him, will miss the connection. MJ posted his discussion with Yahoo Music and this tells me what his ultimate goal is. CASEY will be just fine!

    “I would love to, and the reason is, is that these days…Country music is a big wide open space for you to do what you want to do if you’re within a certain realm…I think that will allow me to do what I want to do, if I go to Nashville. They are going to let me play the guitar, they’re going to let me be edgy and rocky and a little bit bluesy, a little bit old school, a little bit new school, and my country roots–which I was born and raised listening to Merle Haggard and George Jones–all of that wrapped up into one big ball is who I am musically, and I’m not going to be able to do that anywhere else. So that’s what I’m hoping for.”

    08/14/2010 at 9:01 am

    The “Reality Rocks” review, to me, hit a nice middle ground, covering different aspects, in what seemed, a honest and genuine manner. Of all media reviews I´ve read, when comparing this AI tour, to the last one, this review made most sense. IMO, over all, a credible and well balanced review.

    I agree totally with you.

  24. I posted the interview in the headlines thread! sounds like the press release will be Tuesday!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! :)
    Congrats Casey again!!!

  25. I loved Lyndsey’ review it was honest! and tell me a lot of things! She loved Casey , Crystal & Sioban ( thank God my top2 C&C )!!! can’t wait for the others LA Times ….

    I’m not a big fan of her as a blogger but I loved her review too.

  26. Thanks for not piling on about my doubts about Casey’s country career. Success in country is all about getting on country radio and that means songs that fit the format. I just can’t help think that Casey would be better off pursuing the John Mayer model: having hits with ballads and midtempos and then rocking out whenever he felt like it.

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