American Idols Live! 2008 – Glendale AZ

Here I am, in Glendale AZ ready to Live! Blog! the very first American Idols Live concert. The show begins at 10 pm ET. I’ll be live blogging from the Arena, with help from PJ. I’ll be texting updates to her, and she will post them here as soon as they arrive, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

I haven’t been out and about at all. I missed my early flight this morning (by 5 minutes…Argh!) caught another flight an hour later, switched planes in Salt Lake City, landed at the Phoenix airport in sweltering heat, got to my hotel around 1 pm AZ time (Not on DST here!), checked the blog and then….

…Took a nap. Ah well.

I’ll have my phone, and my camera tonight. So, fingers crossed, I’ll have some good stuff for you later on tonight..

ETA: I got my first text update from MJ. Check it out after the jump.

The portraits (poptarts???) are dancing as we wait for the show to start. I am center row six. Not bad.

I knew MJ wouldn’t settle for subpar seats!

Everybody cheered during the guitar hero commercial. There was a Blake video on the screen.


Chikezie is first.

Chikezie is announced by number. Singing a slowed up “Believe it to My Soul.”

“Caught Up” is next. Don’t recognize this. Very Elliott.

He got dancers.

Third song is a ballad. Sounds like Luther …Walking on Could Nine. John Legend’s “So High” Very nice.

Damn. I wanted …She a Woman.

is next. Wow, I guess they are going in exact order.

Ramie is next. …I Want You Back. She got background vocalists out on stage dancing.

Ramie is singing …Love Will Lead You Back.

Next up. …If I Never See Your Face Again by Maroon 5.

Wow. Ramie sings a Maroon 5 song. Hmmm.

is next, of course.

Michael! Starts at the top of the stairs with …We Will Rock You. Crowd on their feet. …We are the Champs. Big Cheers.

For the ladies, “It’s All Wrong.”

“Dream On” next.

Crowd loved “Dream On.” Showstopper.

I was gonna make a snarky comment about him singing the song that got him eliminated, but I’ll shut up since it was a showstopper.

Kristy Lee
, 19’s new blonde country darling, is next.

KLC is singing “I”m Through Squeezing the Love Out of You.”

She threw t-shirts into the audience.

“God Bless The USA” is next.

Next. “Cowgirls”

She is working the stage better performer than on the show.

Sorry. Some technical difficulties. Here’s the rest of the first half:

Carly next.

Evanessanse song. “Bring Me to Life” Fan blowing her hair.

Second song “Crazy on You, ” starting slowly and sitting on stage.

Third song is “Drove All Night”

Standing O For Carly.

Brooke next.

First song “Let it Be” on the piano.

2nd song is 1234 by Feist.

Brooke looks beautiful. She’s great.

3rd song “Yellow” at the piano.

IGB segment narrated by Brooke. All the Idols who performed so far are singing “In the Name of Love”

Major pointy pose at end. Great job.


Still intermission. Video of the 10 dressed in 70’s clothes lipsynching to “We’re an American Band.”

Jason starts the second half.

Starting. Jason with uke on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Roadie came out and plugged in Uke. LOL.

Jason’s second song is “Crazy.”

Third song “Daydream.”


Syesha is next.

Syesha’s first song is “Umbrella”

Second song is “I Aint Got You”

Third song is “Listen”

Archie is next.

David A’s first song is “Angels” and he’s playing piano.

The smoke machine is going nuts. Archie brings them to their feet.

Second song is “Apologize.”

Third song is “Stand By Me.” Larger, faster snip of “Beautiful Girls” in song.

Fourth song is “When You Say You Love Me.”

David Cook, AI7 champ, closes the show.

David C’s first song is “Hello.”

Second song is “Time of My Life”

Talking to the audience. Filming the audience.

Next: “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”

Says Adam’s tumor is no longer growing!

“My Hero”

“Billie Jean” is his last song.

Final group with all the Idols is “Please Don’t Stop the Music”

That’s it. Streamers from the ceiling at the end.

Peeps in comments are reporting a thrid Syesha song and a final group song. I may not have gotten MJ’s texts, so check comments and look out for MJ’s recap, folks!