American Idol Semi-Final Week 3 Wrap and Wildcard Predictions Plus, Will There Be a Twist Tonight?

Update:   Kristen from Eonline has an AI source that says, “I really don’t think there’s any way Tatiana will make it through tonight. I know the judges and producers wanted her to come back for one more round of drama, but that’s it.”

I was sooo tired last night, I fell into bed without writing a wrap-up of last night’s show. Here it is, plus my predictions for tonight’s wildcard picks.   I look forward to hearing what y’all think in comments.

Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre and Jorge Nunez were exactly who I expected to advance to the Top 12 last night.   Yay me?

She hasn’t done anything water-cooler-worthy yet, but I’m willing to give Lil Rounds a chance.   She has excellent vocals, but what I think she’s got in spades is a personality that comes through loud and clear when she performs.

Scott MacIntyre seems perfectly comfortable in his own skin, and is such a good sport, even when he’s treated in the most annoyingly condescending manner.   I really admire his attitude, but the singing not so much–pleasant vocals with no star quality.   Ditto Jorge Nunez.   He’s got a sweet, humble, heart-on-his sleeve appeal, but once he opens his mouth to sing, my brain shuts off.

I would have preferred Felicia Barton instead of either Scott or Jorge. I thought her performance Tuesday was one of the best, despite a few pitch problems. She should at least be part of tonight’s wildcard.

Speaking of which…

First my prediction: If they manage to put on decent performances, Anoop Desai, Megan Corkrey and Jasmine Murray will advance to the Top 12 tonight.

Next–Where was Mishavonna Henson?   They didn’t even consider her for the Wildcard round?   That’s total crap.   Also not asked back from the first two groups: Kai Kalama, Stevie Wright, Casey Carlson, Anne Marie Boskovich, Stephen Fowler and Jeanine Vailes.

More recap and a photo gallery after the JUMP…

And, the choices.   I would have traded Nate Marshall for Von Smith.   Both are fodder, but I find Nate vastly more entertaining than Von.   And I think Nate could really bring it with the right song.

I would have also brought back Felicia Barton to the wildcard instead of Tatiana Del Toro or Jasmine Murray.

Tatiana had the second-best female vocal Week 1, but that’s not saying much.   Girlfriend doesn’t have the chops to tackle the big singers she prefers–like Whitney and Aretha. But I predicted they’d bring her back for the dramz. I won’t be entirely surprised if she makes the Top 12, where hilarity will ensue as she attempts to tackle theme nights.

Jasmine, young and unformed at 16, will be tedious as she struggles with song choice, if she advances to the Top 12. Felicia seems to know who she is as an artist–the kind of contestant who would grow throughout the competition.

Which leads me to Jesse Langseth.   Can I just say…YAY!   Jesse is smart, confident, musical–I hope she advances tonight, but I think the quirky girl seat is going to Megan Corkrey instead.

Anoop Desai, who despite his charm, has yet to prove his worth on the Idol stage.   But his potential to add personality and ethnic diversity to the cast make him a no brainer for the Top 12.

The judges are looking to round out the cast–their choices will consider gender, race and style.   That’s why life looks awesome for Anoop and Jasmine, maybe not so much for Matt Giraud and Ricky Braddy.   With 5 already, the white-guy quota is filled up, thanks a bunch.

Matt Giraud’s semi-final performance was such a trainwreck, he doesn’t deserve a second chance.   His wildcard spot would have been better filled by Ju’Not Joyner, for instance–who wasn’t spectacular, but at least he didn’t f**k up.

Ricky Braddy–who actually WAS spectacular 2 weeks ago–is simply SOL. Blame it on lack of screen time and judges pimping–we got Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey instead.

Plus there’s already a piano playing white guy in the 12–and he’s blind–bonus! Matt was brought back because he’s popular, but I’ll be real surprised if he advances.

After Anoop, the next picks will probably go to the “package girls” Megan Corkrey and Jasmine Murray, who the judges can’t stop gushing over, despite their flawed (Megan–glory notes don’t suit you) or terrible (Jasmine, WTF?) performances.

Idol fans don’t seem to care for either, but oh well! Megan and Jasmine’s commercial look and sound are what counts. Plus, the producers are looking to cast more boys than girls, but they won’t let the balance get too out of wack.   A 7-5 split sounds about right.

Hey Simon, I’ve got news: Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson could have made it to the Top 12 in the Top 24 system.   Talented singers, they would have survived the first week and been given a second chance to prove themselves.   The wildcard round is a handy tool the producers are using to control the outcome. I wouldn’t call it “fair.”

Last thing: In one of the producer interviews, it was mentioned that there would be a huge “twist” for the Top 12. Some in comments have speculated that four wildcarders will advance, making a Top 13 instead of a Top 12. Sounds intriguing. At this point, nothing would surprise me.

Normand Gentle as the 13th Idol? In my dreams! Heh.

Wireimage photos from last night’s show:

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