American Idol Season 8 – Top 7 Redux – Results – VIDEO

Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai are eliminated tonight. Joining them in the bottom 3 was Allison Iraheta. Matt Giraud avoided elimination last week after the Judges’ Save.   This week, he secured his spot in the Top 5 by avoiding the bottom 3 altogether.

Anoop Desai is the first contestant to be eliminated after performing in the pimp spot in a single-song episode of Idol.   Melinda Doolittle was eliminated Season 6 in 3rd place after performing last and Anthony Federov in 4th place Season 4.   Both the Top 3 and 4 feature the Idols performing multiple songs.

Season 8 is the first season the Top 5 is without an African American female R&B singer.

I just saw a LIVE promo for tonight’s Idol, with Ryan Seacrest backstage flashing the elimination card…

Tonight: Get ready for a double elimination!

Videos and Live Blog after the JUMP…

David Archuleta sings “Touch My Hand” and a Disco Extravaganza featuring Freda Payne, KC and The Sunshine Band and Thelma Houston.

  • Cold Open – VIDEO
  • Group Performance choreographed by Paula Abdul – “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” by Michael Jackson –   Performance VideoPerformanceBoth
  • Ford Commercial – “I’m Good, I’m Gone” – VIDEO
  • Lil Rounds is Eliminated – VIDEO
  • Freda Payne, Thelma Houston and KC Disco! Medley! – VIDEO
  • Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai are in the Bottom 3 – VIDEO
  • David Archuleta performs “Touch My Hand” – VIDEO
  • Anoop Desai is eliminated – VIDEO

Over 45 million peeps voted last night…best week EVAH!

Paula Abdul mentors tonight, as she puts the kids through the paces in this week’s video package.   She choreographed tonight’s giant Disco group number!

Oh, this is just awesome!   The kids are doing full-on dance moves to Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground”   Pointy poses galore, peeps. Best. Group. Number. Ever!   And just like Britney and Madonna, the kids are lip syncing. Afterward, Paula gets flowers from the kids. Ha ha, she’s doing the pageant wave.   She says she’s never seen anyone work harder.   She’s so proud of them!

Ford Video: I’m Good I’m Gone – That’s 2 of tonight’s contestants! Ha.

The elimination begins: Lil Rounds stands up…after reciting her deets…Ryan tortures her a bit. “You really want this a lot…we need someone like you.” he says. Ryan asks her to walk to the far side of the stage. Playing games! Ryan mentions her 3 kids and calls her courageous because she’s never afraid to mouth off speak her mind.

“Unfortunately…” says Ryan, “The journey ends for Lil Rounds tonight.”

OMG Ryan just eliminated her! Just like that! No Bottom 3 for Lil! Bet she didn’t see that coming.

Lil sings out, she gives it her all, though she’s still as unremarkable as ever. Paula is up dancing!   She calls Lil “classy.” “Lil baby, you’re just on your way…just the beginning baby, ” says Randy.   Simon says, “I’m a fan but you made some bad decisions, I’m going to miss your family screaming.”   Kara says, “I think you learned something from this competition.”

It’s time for the big Disco Medley! Nobody under 40 has a clue who these people are. Freda Payne takes the stage first, singing “Band of Gold.”   Whoa. She looks good, but her voice is shot. Yikes.   She introduces Thelma Houston who sings “Don’t Leave me This Way” LOL. I bet Simon was hanging out at the discos back in the day. Thelma is slightly better than Freda. But still, NO.   You gotta give these peeps credit for singing live, even if the singing is sh*teous. KC from KC and the Sunshine Band is next. This is hilarious. What the eff is up with these danceer?   KC barely moves. I remember him back in the day behind the keyboards, singing and dancing. Check out the photo. How times have changed.

There are two more seats left in the bottom three.

Kris Allen stands up…Ryan runs his deets.   Kris and Paula is like THIS. And Kris is SAFE. Adam Lambert stands up…he says he hoped people would recognize the song after he arranged it, but after he read the lyrics, he realized as long as they were song honestly, it wouldn’t matter.   And of course, he is SAFE. Danny Gokey stands up. He’s not wearing glasses tonight. Ryan says some of the bloggers thought Simon’s “clumsy” remark was “harsh.” Uh, not this blogger.   Danny says he thinks he knows what Simon means by “clumsy” and will be able to fix it if he sticks around.   Ryan tries to badger Simon into explaining “clumsy.” Simon tells him to STFU. Naturally, Danny is sticking around. He is SAFE.

Anoop Desai stands up…He says he thought he could have done better last night, but overall he was happy with his performance. This week, Ryan gets right to it. Anoop is in the Bottom 3. Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud stand up… Allison says she changed her song because she was afraid of being karaoke. Matt says he arranged “Stayin’ Alive” himself, trying to make it original. He watched it back, was pleased with it and had a good time. One is in danger of leaving American Idol. And it’s not   Matt Giraud. This week America decided to save him. Matt does a double take when he hears he is SAFE.

That means, OH NOES Allison Iraheta is in the Bottom 3!!! “Here it come, here it comes, here it comes again, ” Allison sings on her way to the stools.

David Archuleta performs “Touch My Hand” – Not Archie’s best vocal. Plus the song is lame. But he is adorable.   Archie walks down to greet Anoop and Allison in the Bottom 3.   He gives them words of encouragement. Very sweet.

Back from break, and it’s down to Anoop and Allison in the bottom 3…The second person going home tonight is Anoop Desai. Allison Iraheta is safe. Anoop’s singout is better than last night–he’s got some lovely moments in there. I’m going to miss Anoop. If it wasn’t for the stupid save, he’d be Top 5, but no use whining about now.

They don’t even get separate video packages!

Anoop says, “I’m so disappointed, but I look at the bright side, I’m going back to Chapel Hill.”

“My babies and my husband…I’m coming home!” shouts Lil. Anoop thanks the band, the vocal coaches and the crew, as Lil shouts “Yes, yes!” They even thank the judges…

And what the hell was that “thing that’s never been done on the Idol stage before” deal John Jay and Rich were yammering about earlier today?   Eh, they were just shilling for friend-of-the show, Paula Abul’s, turn as choreographer tonight. FAIL.


Kris Allen
Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Matt Giraud
Allison Iraheta

Bottom 3

Anoop Desai
Allison Iraheta

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