American Idol Season 8 – Top 5 – Results – VIDEO

Matt Giraud is eliminated from American Idol, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen in the Bottom 3

Front-runner Adam Lambert in the Bottom 2? OMG!!! Is it a conspiracy? A set up? Or just an old-fashioned case of fan complacency plus vote splitting? Hm…

“Who will get the SHOCK tonight?” asks Ryan Seacrest…over 47 million votes came in last night.

Simon said when he watched it back EVERYBODY was good. Hmph. Taking back his words?   He says it was the best show so far.

Taylor Hicks, Natalie Cole and Jamie Foxx will perform tonight.

  • Ford Video – “Energy” – VIDEO
  • The Top 5 perform “It Don’t Mean a Thing/I’ve Got Rhythm” – VIDEO
  • The Idols celebrate Allison and Danny’s birthdays with a flour fight – VIDEO
  • Adam Lambert chooses the wrong group, he’s in the Bottom 3 with Kris Allen and Matt Giraud. Kris Allen is sent to safety – VIDEO
  • Natalie Cole performs “Somethings Gotta Give” – VIDEO
  • Jamie Foxx performs “Blame it” – VIDEO
  • Taylor Hicks performs “7 Mile Breakdown” – VIDEO
  • Matt Giraud is Eliminated – VIDEO

Live Blog After the JUMP…

Ford video is up first. “Energy” – Pimpin the Ford Fusion! Is it me, or was there more location shooting for the Ford videos once-upon-a-time. Budget cuts!

The Top 5 sing a medley of “It Don’t Mean a Thing” and “I Got Rhythm” – No pointy poses tonight, and the kids are still lip syncing, but very very nice vocal performances from everyone.   Lots of swagger and sass too…

The Top 5 celebrate Allison and Danny’s birthdays by baking a cake! Hijinks ensue at the mansion…

The results begin:

The Idols are lined up center stage…Matt Giraud is first.   Matt says he felt good after his performance. Ryan asks Matt to stand on the right side of the stage.   Danny Gokey is next….Danny studied performers to get ready for this week’s song. He won’t say who.   Ryan sends him to the left side of the stage.   Allison Iraheta is up…Ryan sends her left to stand next to Danny.   Kris Allen is next…Kris says he wouldn’t be in it if he didn’t want to win.   He goes right to stand with Matt.

Adam Lambert is left.   Ryan asks him which group he thinks he belongs in.   Adam says he loves everybody.   “Based on last night?” he asks, then heads over to join Allison and Danny.

But not so fast!

Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey are SAFE.   Adam Lambert is in the bottom 3 with Kris Allen and Matt Giraud.

Natalie Cole arrives on stage to sing “Something’s Gotta Give”.   She’s been ill–she’s so thin. Yikes. And pitchy! OW. Not good.

Taylor Hicks rocks the stage with his new single, “Seven Mile Breakdown.” Hee hee. The look on Simon’s face!   He and Taylor are BFFs! heh.

Before the break, Ryan sends somebody over to the Stools of Safety to join Danny and Allison.   And it’s Kris Allen, who couldn’t look more surprised.

Matt Giraud and Adam Lambert are left in the Bottom 2. Matt must think he’s going home now.

Jamie Foxx performs “Blame it.” This song sounds like ass. The teenage swaybots seem to be enjoying this lovely song about getting drunk and getting laid. Lovely. Jamie raves on and on about the kids. “I’ve seen 5 of the most talented people I’ve seen in the past 1o years, ” he says,   “Support these cats, man.” Then he quicky adds “Go to see my movie the soloist!” Gotta get that plug in!

After the break, Ryan says “Looking at the results from America, it’s seems that Kara and Randy were a little bit more on their game.” Burn!   “I think one week out of 12 isn’t bad, ” answers Simon. Nevertheless, Kara and Randy are ready to gloat.

Finally, the moment of truth comes.   Who is going home.   And of course, Adam Lambert is SAFE.   Matt Giraud is going home.

Matt sings out. No save to worry about. He’s going home. Relaxed and easy, it’s tons better than last night… Paula calls him a remarkable talent.   Kara says, “One of the best things we did this season was save you.” “Continue the heat, ” says Randy.

When Ryan asks Simon to gives the kid’s advice, he says, “I’m the last person who should be giving advice…don’t listen to me!”


Allison Iraheta
Danny Gokey
Kris Allen

Bottom 3:

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Matt Giraud

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