American Idol Season 8 – Top 4 – Results – VIDEO

Allison Iraheta is Eliminated Tonight

Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen–American Idol’s first ever Top 3.

So Kris Allen has more peeps than I thought. He was safe tonight, and it was Allison Iraheta who went home. I just knew Danny Gokey would be safe. Just knew it. Danny’s going to make the finals peeps, I’m telling you. And Kris will be singing about penguins next week. You mark my words.

  • Ford Commercial – “Move Along” – VIDEO  
  • Group Song – “Schools Out” w Slash on Guitar – VIDEO
  • Paula Abdul performs “I’m Just Here for the Music” – VIDEO
  • Danny thinks he’s hilarious, Kris is humble, Allison swears and Adam loves rock – VIDEO
  • No Doubt perform “I’m Just a Girl” – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen is shocked when he finds out he’s safe – VIDEO
  • Daughtry perform “No Surprise” – VIDEO
  • Allison Iraheta is eliminated – VIDEO

Who will graduate from the Idol school of Rock? And who will just get schooled?

Live blog after the JUMP…

Here comes Ryan down the Death Steps…

“Over 64 million votes were registered…the highest outside of a finale” Wow.

No Doubt (taped last night), Daughtry and Paula Abdul (also taped last night) perform tonight.

Ford Video – OMG it’s a bunch of Flat Idols! I’m skeered! – “Move Along”

Group number: “Schools Out” by Alice Cooper with Slash on lead guitar. He must of insisted that the kids perform live. No lip syncing tonight. Actually, this pretty awesome for group number.   It’s all RAWK and stuff. No corny pointy poses this week.

Slash thinks his “mentoring” really worked out this week. Then some blah blah about Slash’s upcoming solo record.

The big summer tour tickets go on sale this Saturday, says Ryan.

Ryan checks in with the Top 4. He wants to know, “What’s the whole vibe, are you getting used to this whole process on Wednesday nights?” Oh sure they are, Ryan. Danny says it’s “tiring” He’s ready for a nap. Ryan asks Kris what it’s like being in the Top 4.”   Kris says it feels “surreal” and that he didn’t expect to make it this far and that he feels really blessed. Ryan whips around and asks Simon, “Don’t you want him to change that attitude? Don’t you want him to feel he should be here?”   “Good point, ” says Simon, “Feel like you should be here, Kris.”   When Kris tries to explain himself, Simon says, “We don’t want humble any more.” Everyone laughs, but it was kinda mean.

Adam says Rock Week was his favorite theme, and he was psyched to sing Led Zepplin, for the first time on the Idol stage. “Whole Lotta Love” is one of his all-time favorite songs. “And I liked my outfit!” says Adam.   Ryan asks Danny about last night’s horrible final note.   Danny, taking the “yeah I have a sense of humor about myself” route, going all humble-cakes, says when he finally heard it back, he laughed the whole time. “It was my funniest moment on American Idol, ” he says. His family is giving him a lot of crap about it. Oops.   Allison just swore and it got bleeped. “I’m not the type to talk back, ” insists Allison, “but he was asking for it, so fine, I’ll give it to you, Jesus!”   And she was bleeped. Oops.

Here’s Paula Abdul performing her new single “I’m Just Here for the Music” (taped last night)   She’s got one of those headset mics, but why is she bothering? She’s TOTALLY lip syncing. She’s dressed in a sparkly body suit with ruffles and black stockings. The dance moves…erm…pretty rudimentary.   And the song–yoo hoo, Paula! The 80’s are over, mkay?

After the break, Paula’s on stage with Ryan. She calls the American Idol stage “A happy place!”   Next,   the No Doubt performance rolls.   Gwen Stefani bops around the stage singing “I’m just a girl.”   Back together at last, her bandmates must be so grateful for the gig.   Gwen jumps out onto the catwalk. She’s doing pushups. Just cause she can.   “Where my girls at!” she shouts. She jumps into the crowd, knocking around the girls in the mosh pit. Knock a few over, Gwen! The dude in the tutu is cracking me up.   No Doubt will be writing their new album while on tour.

Ryan has the results in his hand.   The Top 4 are backstage.   Aw, it’s a retrospective of all the Idols hometown visits. Sniff.

Ryan points out the silver stools for the Top 3.   Ryan reminds us that the finalists will be announced in random order tonight, before he asks the Top 4 to take the stage. Ryan recites the deets for each of the contestants. First for Allison, Danny, Adam then Kris. No one is declared safe or eliminated…yet. “I’m going to send one of you to safety, right now, ” says Ryan, “After the vote, that person who is safe tonight, and the first person in the Top 3, and headed home for the hometown parade is…

Holy sh*t! Kris Allen is SAFE! He looks completely SHOCKED.   His family, out in the audience is going crazy!   He hugs the contestants.   Stunned, his hands covering his face, he heads over to the stools.   He was expecting to go home, I’ll bet. I lost all my mother fu**ing points! YAY!!!   Danny must be crapping his pants about now.

Before Daughtry takes the stage, its time for a video clip featuring Chris Daughtry’s SHOCKING BOOT. OMG.   But look at him now.   Mr. Quadruple Quintuple Platinum and his band debuts their new single “No Surprise”.   Chris has been resting his voice. He sounds good.

Recalling his 4th place ouster, Chris says it felt like his world was coming to an end when he was eliminated “It lasted about 30 seconds, ” he says. Hm.   I think it lasted at least a few days.   Those exit interviews were total bittercakes.   Chris is awarded a plaque for shipping 5 million units of his debut album Daughtry.

Back from break: Kris is safe. Danny, Allison and Adam remain on the stage. One more is sent to the stools…Adam Lambert is in the Top 3 and heading home to San Diego for a hometown visit. Quick hugs all around. Allison and Danny are left…Ryan says, “After the record setting vote of 64 million…Danny…you are SAFE. Allison Iraheta is eliminated. Sniff. Danny hugs her and heads over to the stools to join Adam and Kris. Allison is smiling. Kara and Randy are cheering her on. She cries through her video package, but then after it’s over, she takes the mic from Ryan and blows the roof off the joint. She walks out to the judges table to give them hugs. When she’s finished, Ryan takes her hand and leads her back on stage, he calls her a “role model for many young girls, ” and says, “I know I’m going to be playing you on the radio. Adam is holding back tears as he hugs her. Kris just looks really sad. Simon Cowell looks really pissed. And we’re out…

Top 3:

Kris Allen
Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey

Allison Iraheta is eliminated tonight

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