American Idol Season 8 – The Final Performance – VIDEO

Peeps.   This one is too close to call. Adam and Kris are in a dead heat on Dial Idol right now.   Both performed at the top of their games tonight, despite being forced to perform the sh*teous dreck that is “No Boundaries” this season’s winner’s song. Kara should be ashamed…

Well, at least the producers pick didn’t suck as usual. Congrats to Simon Fuller for picking good songs for both the contestants tonight.

  • Adam Lambert – “Mad World” by Tears for Fears – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers – VIDEO
  • Adam Lambert – “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen – “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye – VIDEO
  • Adam Lambert – “No Boundaries” – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen – “No Boundaries” – VIDEO
  • Carrie Underwood – “Home Sweet Home” – VIDEO

Video clips of Adam and Kris’s journey begin the show…

The Nokia theater is packed!     Says Ryan, “The acoustic rocker vs the glam rocker,   Conway vs California, The guy next door vs the guy liner…it comes down to Kris and Adam… ”

Ryan says to set our DVRs appropriately for tomorrows big BIG finale!

Video package features interviews with the parents.

Adam Lambert – Personal Choice – “Mad World” by Tears for Fears –   Adam’s in shadow as he slowly walks down from the top of the stairs.   He’s very dramatic in his long black trench coat, with a silvery shirt underneath.   Just as beautiful as the first time he sang it, but it’s not the same “moment.”   Randy says, “This is it…I love that you’re showing your sensitive side…I’m going to give you an A plus.”   Kara says, “I am so happy you chose that…but you are an incredible artist, you rocked it again tonight.” “I’m unbelievably proud…long journey…bask in it…more subdued this time…haunting.”   Simon says, “For some reason…it was a little bit over-theatrical, it reminded me a little of Phantom of the Opera, maybe it’s the coat.” 1-866-436-57011-866-436-57031-866-436-5705

Kris Allen – Personal Choice – “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers – Kris’s parents are so cute! Sitting at the piano tonight, Kris is kicking it. He’s in the zone, literally–in hyperspace–totally connected to the emotion of the song. The arrangement, phrasing, interpretation…just AWESOME.   Randy says, “What I love, I can tell what kind of artist you are…dude you saved some of the best last…one of your best ever.” Kara says, “If you can’t feel a Kris Allen performance, there’s something wrong with you…create an intimate bond with everyone in the audience.” Paula says,   “You awaken the spirit in all of us.” She uses the term   “Allenize”   Simon says, “I wasn’t sure if America had made the right choice last week, I absolutely take that all back after that performance.” 1-866-436-57021-866-436-57041-866-436-5706

Simon calls the round for Kris Allen.   I have to agree with him.

Adam Lambert – Simon Fuller’s Choice – “A Change is Gonna Come” by Patti LaBelle, Sam Cooke – Dressed in a sharp gray suit, forget the You Tube version, Adam’s interpretation is soulful and bluesy rather than over the top.   Good stuff. He’s building, hitting the money note now!   I’m feeling this, peeps.   Understated without sacrificing the big notes.  Pitch perfect. Randy says, “You can sing your face off that was unbelievable.”   Kara says,   “That may have been best performance and interpretation since the beginning of the competition…a great combination of high notes and emotion…using both sided of yourself.”   Paula says, “That was the best I ever heard you sing….ever ever ever…you look like a superstar….you are going to be iconic.” Simon says, “You are 100% back in the game. Congratulations.”

Kris Allen – Simon Fuller’s Choice – “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye – Kris plays guitar this round, with percussion guys accompanying him on stage. Wow. The guitars and instruments drop out for part of the song, allowing Kris to show off his beautiful phrasing–another great arrangement from Kris.   Simple, soulful and heartfelt.   He’s in this to win. Randy says, “We got a real live competition going here, but it’s a little bit light for this big ole room.”   Kara says, “You’ve been true to yourself…you haven’t wavered….you can deliver that message…make them think, feel,   change.” Paula says, ,   “You tore that song up and made Marvin Gaye proud.” Simon says, “I love the song, but it was like 3 friends in a bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye…you didn’t grab the song and make it your own. Too laid back for this competition.”

Simon calls the second round a “1 million percent for Adam. I’d give Adam the edge, but not by that much.

Back from break…the Top 13 surround Ryan…

Adam Lambert – Winner’s Song – “No Boundaries” –   Sample Lyric: “Every moment lasts forever.” No rainbows or pots of gold yet… “Here I am still holding on.”   But there are mountains to climb! DING!   This song is a piece o crap. “You can go higher, you can go deeper.”   “Make it through the pain.”   “There are no boundaries.”   Kara should be mortified.   This was the best she could do? Adam hit a few bum notes there, but otherwise, he did a decent job, with little to work with. Randy says, “You can sing anything, you can sing the phone book…but that wasn’t my favorite Adam performance….a little pitchy in spots.”   Kara says, “It is amazing…I’m moved and proud…thank you.”   Adam thanks her for the song. Paula says, “Adjectives can’t express what you’ve brought to Season 8…I will be a fan forever.”   Simon makes fun of the lyrics before he says, “Over the entire season you’ve been the best most original contestant….you hope you can find a worldwide star….I genuinely believe we’ve found this with you.”   Hm. Simon avoids critiquing the song.

Kris Allen – Winner’s Song – “No Boundaries” – Poor Kris is totally out of his element here.   Kris’s strength is the way he connects to a song, and he ain’t connecting here.   He’s struggling on the high notes–the song is out of his range both lyrically and musically. He’s really trying though. Really he is.   Randy says, “You should be very proud…that key was a little high…you are an amazing competitor…” Randy thought it fit Kris better than Adam. Kara says,   “I don’t want you to be judged on that song…you’ve been incredible to watch week after week…I hope people vote on the season.” Paula says, “You should take it in…amazing job…I wish you the best of luck.” Simon says, “I think the first song was your highlight…watching you tonight has been incredible…you’ve come a long way…you have thoroughly deserved to be standing on the stage tonight.   Kris gets the “goodbye” critiques from the judges.

I’d give that round to Adam, but neither looked happy or comfortable with the song.   Those last critiques had nothing to do with the performance. Adam’s critique had the judges basically crowning him winner, where Kris got a virtual pat on the back and a “thanks for playing…”

Carrie Underwood closes the show with “Home Sweet Home”

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