American Idol: Megan Danielle Emotional Ode to Her Grandpa

Megan Danielle American Idol 2023

American Idol: Megan Danielle Climbs Up “That Mountain” Into The Top 8

Judges Song Choice returned for a 2nd year on American Idol for Season 21’s Top 10 show on Monday (May 1). This was one of the strongest nights of vocals as the contestants chose from songs picked by judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. Ultimately, Katy won the song contest, and contestants like Megan Danielle chose songs that allowed for them to have a big moment. (Read our Recap)

Megan shared her favorite memory of Luke, which involved she and her mom jamming out to “Country Girl Shake It For Me.” Megan picked “Go Rest High On That Mountain” by Vince Gill over “Rescue Story” by Zach Williams and “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan. She shares that she sang the song she picked for her grandpa’s funeral. While working with the vocal coaches, Megan confirms that the judges didn’t know about this story. She’s nervous about performing it again, and says that her paw paw is “special” and has “been there every part of my life.”

Megan’s vocals once again were on point with this performance. She is becoming one of the most consistent vocalists of the season, and her tone is super distinct, and sounds like a recording voice. Her opening was emotional with her looking like she was struggling a bit including a quick vocal crack. From there she recovered, and brought a twangy gospel vocal. Megan is the perfect mix of country and gospel. She is a smart competitive singer as she always builds dynamics with her achy vocals. Some of the runs she hit here she nailed and gave me chills, especially on the word “son” at the end.

“I don’t think Luke chose that song. Your grandpa chose that song”

The judges give Megan a standing ovation. Afterward, host Ryan Seacrest says to Megan, “you definitely honored him.” She guesses that Lionel picked the song as he reminds her of her paw paw. She is wrong. Luke picked it. He says, “come get your hug” as Megan said in her package that she would hug whoever picked the song for her. Luke says, “you’re never scared to tell everyone your faith” and he notes that’s what makes her special. Lionel says, “you have an amazing ability to touch” and he notes her vocal crack but says this was meaningful in telling her story. Katy says, “I don’t think Luke chose that song. Your grandpa chose that song” adding, “he’s trying to tell you are exactly where you are meant to be right now.”

This performance was both a big moment for Megan on the show, and a big moment for her faith which she continues to share through her performances. This week proved she may have what it takes to go the distance even if she started off as a dark horse.

Other contestants who impressed tonight were Wé Ani who accomplished the rare feat of doing Whitney justice for the most part with her rendition of “I Have Nothing,” and Iam Tongi who did a solid version of “What a Wonderful World” completed with a wowing tempo change towards the end of his performance.

Honorable mentions go to Colin Stough for his unexpected take on a Staind hit, and Tyson Venegas who took on “Someone You Loved” and was captivating on the gorgeous ballad even though he was eliminated.

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