American Idol Cattle Call Auditions Finish Today in E. Rutherford: Numbers are Down – Spoilers Begin to Leak

With the E. Rutherford, New Jersey auditions concluding yesterday, the first and second-round cattle call auditions are finished. Now, it’s on to auditions in front of Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Those auditions begin at the end of this week in New York City.

As auditioners are advanced to the Hollywood Round, spoilers will inevitably leak to the internet. In fact, they already have. Yes, kids, the spoiler season, my favorite season, has begun. Hooray! Here’s what we got so far:

Vote for the Worst recently published their first article on this year’s plants–a couple of would-be contestants were signed to big label deals, and another, Lara Johnston, is the daughter of Doobie Brothers’ singer, Tom Johnston. A Worster also happened to make it to the producer rounds. You can read his account HERE.

A list of contestants who’ve made it to the next round, complete with links to music and My Space pages, has already been started by that awesome spoiler, Joesplace. Check that out HERE. In light of the fact that Season 7 Top 50 contestants cut from the Top 24 are eligible to try out again this year, rumor has it that many are, including Brandon Green, Neyshia Go and Lisa Aukerman . So far, they’ve all been closed-mouthed about their progress, but I’m sure more will be revealed. ETA: Alisha Dixon, Colton Swon and Brandon Green definitely made it through to the next round…

One more note about the cattle-call auditions: An estimated 15, 000 auditioned in New Jersey yesterday. Compare that to the 20, 000 who auditioned in Philadelphia last year. I think it’s safe to conclude that the audition numbers are down for this year compared to last. Check out the full charts after the jump.

Bonus: Check out my fellow Idol nerd, Jim Cantiello of MTV as he auditioned in E. Rutherford New Jersey yesterday. His account is very detailed and very hilarious. Those of you familiar with his Idol in 60 Seconds videos know what I’m talking about. You can read his account right HERE.

Audition Charts after the JUMP…

*Season 8 Auditions

  • San Francisco – July 17 – 7, 000
  • Louisville – July 21 – 10, 000
  • Phoenix – July 25 – 5, 500
  • Salt Lake City – July 29 – 6000
  • San Juan – Aug 2 – 300
  • Kansas City – Aug 8 – 10, 000
  • Jacksonville – Aug 13 – 11, 000
  • E. Rutherford – Aug 19 – 15, 000

*Season 7 Auditions

  • San Diego – July 30 – 12, 000
  • Dallas – Aug 6 – 13, 000
  • Omaha – Aug 10 – 15, 000
  • Atlanta – Aug 14 – 12, 000
  • Charleston – Aug 18 – 10, 000
  • Miami – Aug 22 – 9, 000
  • Philadelphia – Aug 27 – 20, 000

* Numbers are gathered from newspaper reports and from numbers reported by Ryan Seacrest during the Season 7 audition episodes – The newspaper accounts are estimates. The episode numbers could be inflated a little…

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