American Idol 9 Top 9 Redux Results – Recap


UPDATE: Lady Antebellum taped a song last night after the show for use later on in the season…

Alicia Keys mentors the Idols next week as they take on Inspirational songs for Idol Gives Back week.

Andrew was way past his expiration date, so I’m fine with his elimination. But Katie? I dogged her early in the conversation, but in the last few weeks, I was warming up to her. It felt like she was beginning to hit her stride on the Idol stage, and now she’s gone. She deserved to stay longer than Aaron, who really isn’t improving. But, the cute boys get the votes!  Speaking of which–6 boys and 2 girls left. So much for the year of the girl. And I won’t be surprised when yet another guy guitar strummer takes the Idol crown.

Now, what if Mike hadn’t been saved?  He would have been eliminated at 9. Maybe Andrew would have gone at 8.  Katie would have made it to at least 7. Hm. I really don’t like the save…

  • Cold Open – VIDEO
  • Elvis Presley Medley – VIDEO
  • Ford commercial – VIDEO
  • Andrew Garcia is eliminated – VIDEO
  • Elliott Yamin and Kara Dioguardi travel to Angola – VIDEO
  • Brooke White and Justin Gaston sing “If I Can Dream” – VIDEO
  • Mike Lynch, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban await their fate – VIDEO
  • Adam Lambert performs “Whataya Want From Me” – VIDEO
  • Katie Stevens is eliminated, goodbye videos roll – VIDEO

The judges used their one-time save to rescue Michael Lynche last week. That means two contestants go home tonight, leaving a Top 7 to compete for Idol Gives Back week.

Idol alum and mentor Adam Lambert performs his hit “Whataya Want From Me” plus Season 7 Idol, Brooke White and If I Can Dream housemate, Justin Gaston join forces to perform Elvis’s “If I Can Dream”. Expect to see a few of the dreamers, including Top 24 contestant, Alex Lambert, in the audience…

Gah, I hope Ryan Seacrest got a good night’s sleep last night…

Live Blog after the JUMP…

The show opens with shots of the save in grainy black and white…Mike is back. Adam appears in the video package, telling the contestants to WAKE UP! The judges aren’t going to bring Siobhan down! Tim can’t believe the judges like him! THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL!

Over 34 mil votes came in last night. Highest number so far this season, and the ONLY time Ryan has announced the vote totals since the first week of the semi-finals. Hm.

MEDLEY! Elvis classics. The lip syncing is so bad! These medleys would be so much better if they let the kids sing. Crystal actually looks like she’s having fun up there. Ha ha

Ford music video: “Light and Day/Reach for the Sun” Cars disintegrate into piles of dirt, that grow into trees after the Idols water them. Hm.

Eliminations: Casey James, Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia take center stage. Ryan runs Casey’s deets first…then Aaron…and Andrew. Andrew is a little stressed, he’s got to be ready for anything. Wow. ANDREW GARCIA IS ELIMINATED. Just like that. Very abrupt.

Andrew sings out with the James Morrison song, “You Give Me Something”, that the judges hated when he sang it a few weeks ago. Poor Andrew just could never find his mojo… The Idols take the stage to hug him. Ryan wishes him the best of luck. Andrew thanks the judges and his fans.

After the break, Ryan mentions the auction for Idol Gives Back. Then, we get a peek at a video of Elliott Yamin and Kara Dioguardi visiting a school in Angola. There’s a new dormitory under construction for the kids. Malaria kills! Bednets are distributed at the school. Elliott in the house!

Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox, Jeff Beck, Josh Stone and SIR ELTON JOHN!!! will appear on Idol Gives Back.

Oh man. Brooke White, who is divine, duets with the talent-free Justin Gaston.  They sing  “If I Can Dream”. This dude sucked on Nashville Star a couple of years ago, and he STILL sucks. God, that was awful. Brooke tries to save it. No go. Oh, we can download that from iTunes!  FOR FREE! No thank you.

Elliott is in the audience–he should have been performing with Brooke instead of Justin.

More eliminations:

Lee Dewyze says he’s feeling more comfy on stage. Siobhan Magnus is next…then Katie Stevens. Katie says she feels like she’s hitting her stride. Mike Lynch is next. Mike says he’s extremely grateful for every moment. Crystal Bowersox is next…then Tim Urban… ALL are safe. Ryan reminds Lee that he sang, “A Little Less Conversation”, the song  Chris Daughtry sang the week he was eliminated. Ryan walks him to the couch, then finally tells him he’s safe. A lame fakeout…

Mike Lynch, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban remain….

Adam Lambert takes the stage with a rearranged intro to “Whataya Want From Me”.  He’s got the primo light show and major staging. Ha ha. His ear monitors are glittery! Gold glittery jacket and tie.  Slowed up arrangement of WWFM sounds great–big finish! Adam says American Idol prepared him for what happens afterward in the real world.

RESULTS: Tim Urban is sent back to the couches. We find out the results after the break.

Mike Lynche and Katie Stevens are left. Ryan admits that the person not eliminated tonight really wasn’t in the bottom 3.  Interesting.  Wonder why TPTB are admitting that?

The votes are in and… Katie Stevens is eliminated. Crystal and Siobhan look devastated. Katie sings a very shaky “Let it Be”. Aw, this isn’t half as good as the first time she sang it. She must be so upset. So much for the year of the girl. She deserved to stay longer than Aaron. But what are you going to do?

Idol is a primarily female audience and they vote for BOYS. Aw, Katie is sobbing her eyes out.  The video packages for Andrew and Katie roll. Hugs from the other Idols. And we’re out.


Andrew Garcia


Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Crystal Bowersox
Siobhan Magnus
Lee Dewyze
Tim Urban
Mike Lynche

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