American Idol 9 Top 6 – Results Recap

SIOBHAN MAGNUS IS ELIMINATED  She sings out with “Think”

  • Rascal Flatts sing “Unstoppable” – VIDEO
  • Ford commercial – VIDEO
  • The Top 6 see “Shrek Forever After” plus a behind-the-scenes peak – VIDEO
  • The Top 6 are split up into 3 groups of 2, Siobhan, Casey and Mike are Bottom 3 – VIDEO
  • The Sons Of Sylvia perform their new single, Carrie Underwood introduces them – VIDEO
  • Lady Antebellum sings “Need You Now” – VIDEO
  • Rascal Flatts and Shakira sing “Gypsy” – VIDEO
  • Mike Lynche is sent back to the couches – VIDEO
  • Casey James and Siobhan Magnus are the Bottom 2. Siobhan is eliminated. She sings “Think”, her goodbye video package rolls… – VIDEO

It’s a GIRLS YEAR Y’ALL. The Top 5? We got ourselves a great big SAUSAGE FEST!!! Yee Haw. I was no fan of Siobhan, but I am really surprised she went home tonight. She had the pimp spot and the judges praising her, and she still got the lowest number of votes.

However, I did predict that Siobhan could be eliminated in a shock boot. In the end, she was too much of a weird bird for Idol viewers.  Her lack of direction, uneven performances and and rambling on the stage did not help her cause.

Meanwhile, the mediocre and boring Aaron Kelly gets to stay? I don’t get it.  And, I HATE THE SAVE. Hate it.  Big Mike should have headed out when he had the lowest number of votes 3 weeks ago.  Messing with America’s decision is a terrible idea. I think Big Mike’s save threw off the rest of the season.

What’s more, I’m seriously wondering if a girl can win American Idol at this point.  Crystal Bowersox DOES NOT have this in the bag. And at the rate things are going, I would not be surprised to see her eliminated in the next couple of weeks.

Live Blog after the JUMP…

33 million votes registered last night, according to Ryan Seacrest. Shakira and Rascall Flatts are here. Plus Sons of Sylvia and Lady Antebellum.

Ryan introduces the judges. We get right to the music.

Rascal Flatts sing “Unstoppable” – Not a fan of the Flatts. Oh, no I’m not. Nasal is NOT a form of singing. New tour starts in June (Kellie Pickler is opening for them).

Ford Music Video: “Believe” – Vampire theme. Vid includes some behind the scenes stuff. The kids are vampires, except for Mike–he’s their victim.

The next video package has the Idols getting a behind the scenes look at the making of “Shrek Forever After”. After, they meet fans outside of the theater before going inside to watch the movie. After the film roles, we see Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderes on stage. Ryan interviews them for a few. It comes out the 21 of May. Ryan has a cameo in the film.

Antonio does “Dim the lights, here we go” in his Puss N Boots voice.

Ryan dives the six into three groups of two on the stage.

Siobhan Magnus stands up first. She says it was intimidating, but an honor to sing in front of Shania. It was “wicked cool, ” she says.  She stands at the far side of the stage. Aaron Kelly stands up next. Randy thought it was Aaron’s week. He loves seeing him in his element. Aaron takes a spot in the middle of the stage. Michael Lynche is next. Simon tries one more time to explain that “wet” nonsense from last night. And fails. Mike stands at the other end of the stage.

Lee DeWyze is next. Lee reveals that he did not want to sing “You’re Still the One” initially, but he played around with it and changed his mind. Lee stands next to Siobhan. Casey James is next. Kara thinks his performance put Casey back in the game. Casey stands next to Michael. Last but not least, it’s Crystal Bowersox. Ellen doesn’t think Crystal is in danger tonight. Crystal stands next to Aaron.

The three groups: Mike and Casey, Aaron and Crystal, Lee and Siobhan.

Who is in the bottom 3? Ryan leads Siobhan like he’s bringing her back to the couch, but instead, he asks her to stand next to Casey. And there is your bottom 3:  Mike Lynche, Casey James and Siobhan Magnus.

Carrie Underwood makes a surprise appearance to introduce the Sons Of Sylvia. They are opening for her on tour.  Sons of Sylvia were the Clark Brothers when they won The Next Great American Band in Fall 2007.

Lady Antebellum sing their hit “Needs You Now”.  The performance was taped a few weeks ago.

And after the break, Shakira performs “Gypsy” with Rascal Flatts. Ryan says “She just arrived.” Were they afraid Shakira wasn’t going to show? Shakira has some dancers behind her. This is a little odd.

Shakira has advice for the contestants! She’s quoting Roosevelt? Huh? That made no sense.

Back to the results! Mike doesn’t feel shame being in the Bottom 3.  And….Mike Lynche is safe. THERE GO MY POINTS DAMMIT.  Casey James and Siobhan Magnus are left. After the break, we find out who is going home.

Back from break…dim the lights. “A construction worker and a glass blower, both have come so far in the competition, but only one can move on, ”  says Ryan, “The person who goes home tonight is…Siobhan Magnus! Casey James is safe!  Siobhan’s family looks devastated.  Siobhan is shocked, but manages a smile.

Ryan asks her what impact being a part of the show has had on her young sisters, whom Siobhan has said are her inspiration. “Hopefully a big one, ” says Siobhan, “I did my best, and I hope I was able to show them what we are all capable of.”  Crystal looks like she’s going to burst into tears.

Siobhan’s goodbye package rolls.  Her singout is “Think” and she still can’t hit that high note.  After she finishes, she makes a b-line for her family. “You’re still our star, ”  somebody says.

Then, inexplicably, because Ryan has been acting like such a douche this season, he forces Siobhan into an awkward hug with Simon Cowell. Ugh Ryan.  Siobhan hugs the rest of the panel. Oh. We’re wasting time, because the show ended with time to spare (for once!).

Randy tells Siobhan she’s got an amazing career ahead of her. Then the credits roll, and we’re out.


Crystal Bowersox
Aaron Kelly
Lee DeWyze

Bottom 3

Mike Lynche – Sent back to the couches.
Casey James – Bottom 2
Siobhan Magnus – Is eliminated

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