American Idol 9 Top 6 – Power List!

Here is my American Idol 9 Top 6 power list for this week–in order of juice, rather than preference. What do you think? Whose got the power and who does not?

  1. Crystal Bowersox – Crystal is still at the top of the heap. This week. That could all change depending on her performances.  If Lee DeWyze has a major breakout moment in the next couple of weeks, he could ultimately take home the prize. Also, Crystal is a little too unfiltered for her own good right now. She needs to keep her tweets to bland statements like “having a great time at rehearsal! Can’t wait to sing my song!”  Rather than, oh, telling fans to quit being ha8ters.  Again, Idol viewers want that big ole slice of humble pie, or else.
  2. Lee Dewyze –  If Lee keeps improving, he could take it all.  He still has to get over some stage fright, and I don’t think he’s fully found his footing on the Idol stage.  He needs to smile, and look into the camera. Despite what the judges have said, I don’t think Lee has really had a “moment” yet.
  3. Siobhan Magnus – Put a big ole’ honking gap between #2 and #3, and you’ve got Siobhan Magnus.  Her song choices have been poor lately, and she  seems to have let the judges get inside of her head (shades of Carly Smithson) and it appears she has absolutely no idea of who she is as an artist (and is proud of it). But the girl has fans. Her quirky personality and bold fashion choices have captured the public’s imagination.   Still, she needs to step it up soon, or she could be a surprise boot.
  4. Aaron Kelly – His Idol performances haven’t been very good, but he’s so young and so adorable, some folks just can’t help but root for him.  Personally, I think it’s time for Aaron to go–he’s the poorest performer of everyone left in my opinion. But, what do I know?
  5. Michael Lynche –  Mike is arguably one of the best singers left in the competition, and he knows how to work the stage. But, his outsized personality and confidence that borders on arrogance is turning some viewers off to his talents.  I’m not sure how much time the dude has left.
  6. Casey James – Casey has it in him to wow the crowd. See: “Jealous Guy”.  But for some reason, he isn’t  pushing himself to excel. All too often, he falls back on his bar-band persona,   which results in some pleasant karaoke, but not an Idol worthy performance.  He’s got a nice raspy rock voice, and impressive guitar skills, but often, he fails to put it all together in a compelling fashion.  If he phones it in again this week, Casey could be toast.

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