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‘American Idol’ finale: Dane Cook not happy with ‘weirdo’ who hijacked song

During comedian Dane Cook‘s “Simon Said” song, a plethora of famous “Idol” Simon-taunters joined him onstage. But one, Ian Bernardo of Season 7 fame, grabbed the microphone from Cook and started shouting, “Who cares? It’s all about Ian Benardo tonight! I’m going to replace you, Simon Cowell! No one has a thing to say about you, just me.”

Not to be out-done, crazy laugh girl Tatiana del Toro tried to commandeer the mic next and the producers quickly cut away from the action and went to commercial, while Cook just stood there strumming his guitar, probably wish the stage would just open him up and swallow him whole.

Cook took to Twitter shortly thereafter:

* If you missed it I got Kanye’d on American Idol. Wild. Luckily at the end of the song. Simon loved it. D-load song on iTunes tomorrow.
* That was not staged. Weirdo hijacked the song. Just glad he didn’t hit me in the face w/the mic or Americal Idol would b American Beatdown.
* Weirdo = ****face
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‘American Idol’ recap: Nice Guys Finish First

Eleven weeks ago, Crystal Bowersox took to the American Idol stage and sang seven little words that are reverberating in my brain after her not-totally-unsurprising loss to Lee DeWyze during tonight’s season 9 finale: ”You can’t always get what you want.”

And it’s true. At the end of 43 episodes, with Simon Cowell’s body now joining his mind, heart, and soul on a rocketship called The X Factor, it’s hard to say that season 9 came down the chimney and left everything under the tree that we’d put on our list. The producers kept giving us pairs of drab socks and ill-fitting sweaters in the form of tired themes like Inspirational Ballads and Songs of the Cinema.

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Idol Winner Lee DeWyze’s Big Night Becomes Simon Cowell’s Farewell Party

As the ninth season winner of American Idol, it was Lee DeWyze’s big night—but Simon Cowell was all anyone wanted to talk about at the Skybar’s finale afterparty.

Including Simon, of course.

“I’m dealing with emotions, ” Cowell told photogs of his final appearance on the show. “I gulped when I was on stage.”

And even runner-up Crystal Bowersox had nothing but nice to things to say about the sometimes-caustic AI judge… (Video after the jump)

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American Idol on the Scene for the Finale

Well, at least he’s a nice guy. Say what you want about Lee DeWyze winning American Idol (to my ears, Crystal Bowersox outperformed him the entire season), but at least the guy sincerely appreciated the love America showered upon him. Fox ended the finale telecast while Lee was still belting out U2?s “Beautiful Day, ” which is too bad because the sweetest (as in, awww, that’s sweet) part of the show occurred right after his victory song. Lee, with mic still in hand, took a moment to personally thank the audience in the Nokia Theatre. “You have no idea how much this means to me, ” Lee said. “Everyone, all of you guys up top (on the balcony), I love you! And another round of applause for Simon, too!” Lee could have simply walked off the stage and started what will surely be hours upon hours of media interviews and photo ops, but instead he took an off-camera moment to thank those responsible for his ascent to stardom — a classy move.

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Bret Michaels on ‘American Idol’ finale: ‘I needed this for my soul’

Bret Michaels came backstage upbeat and full of life after his “American Idol” finale surprise performance. He tells the press about his “Idol” experience, what he’s planning going forward and about his new outlook on life.

“I just wanna say, I needed to be here and do this. It’s been two months since I played, it’s bene a month and a half in the hospital and it was just such an amazing feeling to come out there tonight and jam with Casey. Casey’s such a great guitar player, ” Bret gushes.

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Bret Michaels via MTV

Advice for Lee

‘American Idol’ Finale: 10 Things You Didn’t See on TV (Night 2)

Congratulations to “American Idol” Season Nine champ Lee DeWyze – not since Kelly Clarkson won in the first season has a winner seemed so totally blown away by taking home the title. Lee’s astonishment was there for all to see on TV – but quite a bit was going on off-camera at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

1) It was obvious Lee was going to win by his in-house support. The ratio of Lee signs to Crystal Bowersox signs were about 25 to 1. And during the in-between-commercial chatter, audience warm-up comedian Cory Almeida was running around asking attendees who they voted for Tuesday night. Not a single person over the course of the two-hour show said Crystal.


‘American Idol’ Ruben Studdard thinks Simon Cowell is irreplaceable

Ruben Studdard, “American Idol” winner from Season 2, thinks “nobody” can replace judge Simon Cowell, whom he calls “an original.”

And as far as picking a new male or a female judge, “it don’t matter.” The only thing he knows is that they need to pick “somebody good.”

Ruben says that although Simon is always brutally honest, he’s also the nicest person you will ever meet. And yeah, he’ll probably give him a hug after the show tonight and wish him well.


‘American Idol’ finale: Cat Deeley thinks Elton John could replace Simon Cowell

Cat Deeley, the host of “So You Think You Can Dance, ” came out to wish Simon Cowell farewell at the Season 9 finale of “American Idol.”

She thinks Sir Elton John might make a good replacement for Simon. “I think he would, possibly. You need someone who is going to say what they mean, not sugar coat everything and have some kind of experience in the industry and he would be witty, funny and clever. And more importantly, entertaining.”


Ian Benardo Crashes ‘American Idol’ Finale Stage

According to a conversation before the show between Del Toro and MTV News’ “Idol” expert Jim Cantiello, the “Simon Said” performance was supposed to feature all the formerly burned contestants getting their retribution against Cowell. Unfortunately for them, Benardo’s tirade forced “Idol” producers to end the segment early — although others certainly got their last licks in on Cowell before the night was through.


Season 9 finale burning questions, plus Alanis on Crystal! [Updated]

Yours truly will be burning the midnight oil later on, but first, your burning questions answered direct from the Nokia Theatre press room.

1) Why did David Cook not join Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen for the Idols’ very own Simon Cowell send-off? David was at a charity event in Kansas City, Mo., according to his rep. Shadow Buddies is a group close to David’s heart because his mother works closely with it, but the Season 7 winner did tweet his congratulations to the winner, and apologized for not making it.

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Lee DeWyze beats Crystal Bowersox on ‘American Idol’ in Simon Cowell’s farewell

Texting tweener chicks and perimenopausal women, having not yet slaked their thirst for Super-Safe Rocker Boys, added Lee DeWyze to the list of “American Idol” winners Wednesday night, beating early front-runner Crystal Bowersox of the dreadlocks and comb microphone-stand/bong.

In a surprise to absolutely no one — except Lee, who was apparently the only person who had not expected a DeWyze walkover — the part-time paint salesman from Mount Prospect, Ill., became the franchise’s third consecutive Super-Safe Kinda Beige Rocker Boy winner. DeWyze follows the super-safe Kris Allen who, similarly, in 2009 beat the spectacularly talented but ultra-polarizing guy-linered Adam Lambert, and 2008’s super-safe David Cook, who beat out the spectacularly talented but creepily dad-dominated David Archuleta.

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The Real Idol Leaves the Stage

Lee DeWyze came out ahead of Crystal Bowersox in the finale of “American Idol” on Wednesday night but it wasn’t a dramatic finish. Both singers are similarly gifted and likeable in a low-key way — voters had a narrow choice.

The real winner was Simon Cowell, the departing judge: the valedictory tribute to him was so lame and amateurish that it presaged more bad things for the show once he is truly gone.


Lesser performer DeWyze takes ‘Idol’ crown

I’ll say this about the “American Idol” audience: Its taste in music never changes.

That’s what I’m getting from the finale, which saw Lee DeWyze win the season nine crown over Crystal Bowersox. Bowersox was the better performer for most of the season, is more polished on stage and is a much better artist. But DeWyze emerged as a contender early and was at his strongest in the weeks leading up to the finale, staying in his comfort zone and looking more confident each week.

Though he struggled to match Bowersox on Tuesday, he had developed enough of a fan base that it didn’t make a difference. He looked overwhelmed when host Ryan Seacrest informed him that he’d won. DeWyze appeared as if he finally grasped how much his life has changed from the days when as a paint salesman, he helped suburbanites pick out the right neutral color for their living rooms.


Ann Powers: Simon’s last supper, and Lee’s chance to sing for his

What would you put on the menu for your last meal? The French dignitary Francois Mitterrand, about to expire from stomach cancer, famously ingested an endangered songbird. Joan of Arc received Holy Communion. Allen Ginsberg sipped at a bowl of fish chowder.

This year’s “American Idol” finale was Simon Cowell’s metaphorical final feast. The man whose tastes and attitude defined the nearly decade-old show that changed both reality television and pop music is departing his post to try a new approach to the musical amateur hour — at least in America, where he’ll import his X Factor franchise to Fox. Next season, “Idol” will soldier on, and so will Simon. But Tuesday and Wednesday nights will never be the same.

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Season 9 Finale: A Thudding Bore. And I spill my beer.

Here we are once again… We’ve barely survived another terrible season of Idol. They seem to be defying logic and reason as they keep getting worse, don’t they? I mean, there has to be a ground floor of Worst, doesn’t there? You know, the very bottom of the barrel nadir of all cheeseball, amateur singing contests that Idol just can’t get worse than? Well, if it’s one maxim that is proven time and again by VFTW and Idol, there is always a Worst.

Anyhow, I’ve been prepping for this fifteen hour Karaoke-thon by powering down some brews from my Beers From Around The World 10 pack. I’m saving the Moosehead for later, because I love Moosehead. I’ll start with Chang, from the fine country of Thailand. I hope they resolve their civil war soon, and get down to the serious business of being the tranny prostitute capitol of the world.

Vote for the Worst

‘American Idol’ Wraps Its Dull Season

American Idol crowned its ninth champion on Wednesday night, after a finale full of musicians who were famous long ago and other Idol contestants who are already only half-familiar. Cramming in its actual results after two hours of nostalgia acts and tributes to departing judge Simon Cowell, the show waited a long time, but eventually did reveal who was walking away as the winner.

In the end, as predicted, growl-pop-rocker Lee DeWyze took the crown over coffee-house specialist Crystal Bowersox. This, in itself, seemed almost anticlimactic, and the show devoted little attention to it.


Lee asks, “What would you do if I sang out of tune?” Answer: Let you win American Idol

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‘American Idol’ Still A Boys’ Club: Lee DeWyze Wins

“American Idol” premiered in January this year amid hype that Season 9 would be a “girls’ season.” But when that didn’t quite pan out–all of the female front-runners, except for Crystal Bowersox, were voted off early–the judges (especially Simon Cowell) changed their tune and started blatantly throwing their support behind Lee DeWyze. Their favoritism couldn’t have more obvious on the night the top three performed, when Lee got a big “Hallelujah moment, ” complete with an eight-member choir. Well, apparently the judges’ and producers’ tactics worked: Despite delivering drastically worse performances than Crystal on Tuesday, Lee DeWyze won Season 9 on Wednesday night.

Where do oldtime singers go when they die? The American Idol Finale

Is this it? Is this…the end? Well, although I doubt any of us will ever want to watch it again, it was nice spending Season 9 of American Idol with all of you. Tonight, almost every other former Idol contestant is in the house not because they’re naming Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze as the new American Idol, but because its Simon Cowell’s last night on the show. So this isn’t about crowning the next singing superstar (HA!), its about ensuring Simon Cowell is sent off with a proper tongue bath & circle jerk. And then Lee DeWyze will win because even though Crystal blew him out of the water last night, we all know by now a woman can’t win this damn thing.

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