American Idol 2024 Recap: Top 5 Disney Night, Top 3 Results


American Idol 2024 Recap: Top 3 Results, Top 5 songs from Disney Movies

It’s Disney night. The Top 5 singers perform two songs from the iconic Disney catalog. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan sit on the panel. At the end of the show, after viewers vote in real time coast to coast, host Ryan Seacrest will reveal the 3 contestants advancing to next week’s FINALE.

The cast and contestants traveled to Orlando, Florida, where they filmed segments across Disney parks. Former American Idol hopeful and country star Kane Brown mentored the Top 5 there. Jenifer Lewis will perform.

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How to VOTE

American Idol provides three ways to vote. You can vote online at, in the American Idol app or via text. You have to be at least 16 years old and located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app. For text message voting, simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523.” (Abi – 8, Will – 11, Emmy – 17, Jack – 20, Triston – 24) VOTING BEGINS AT THE TOP OF THE SHOW AND ENDS DURING THE END OF THE LAST COMMERCIAL BREAK Read the voting FAQ HERE. The show is LIVE COAST TO COAST.

The episode opens with the judges AND RYAN SEACREST singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” They wander around Disney properties, showing them off. BIG AD ENERGY.

Big confession: I couldn’t care less about Disney. In other words, I am not the least bit enamored of their parks, movies or characters. Went to Disneyland once, and at the end I felt like “Well I can say I did that once.” Sorry!

Katy Perry - American Idol 2024 Top 5
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KATY PERRY

Last year on Disney night, the judges were in the UK for the King Charles coronation, I believe. Katy is back, dressed as Disney princess, Cinderella. It’s her last Disney outfit EVER! She even gets in a word for her shoe collection.

The Top 5 “explored” all 4 theme parks, from which their video packages served as giant promotions for the properties.

Abi Carter – Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid

Her sister is named Ariel, after the Disney princess. Kane feels she picked the perfect song. He suggests that she move around the stage and interact with the audience.

The performances will feature original art from the movies. Confetti is a problem tonight. Heh. Abi pulled a piece out of her mouth without breaking character! She’d be perfect voicing a Disney character. And while we are at it, she has the vocals for Broadway musicals as well. Hm. That advice Kane gave her move around? She stuck planted at the microphone for the entire performance. Maybe not the song for moving around? Gotta stay somewhat comfortable, especially at crunch time.

Luke says, “Way to embody that character.” He calls it one of her best performances. Lionel believes her voice is “custom tailored” for Disney songs. Katy loved her big note and falsetto. “Your wish is coming true.” The judges never mention that she completely ditched Kane’s direction.

Triston Harper – Almost There from Princess and the Frog

Kane shares about growing up biracial, like Triston. He’s not crazy about Triston’s song choice, and wants him to choose something else. DENIED AGAIN. Instead, Kane suggests a higher key. “Use your adorableness to win all the ladies over.”

I’m not sure why Kane didn’t like the song for him. Maybe Triston wasn’t singing it well at rehearsal. The key change probably helped. It’s not an exciting song, but Triston turns on the charm making it something special. Unlike Abi, he’s into working the stage and even throws in a few dance moves.

Lionel calls him “Mr. Entertainment.” He loves his stagework. “You make the audience love you more when you are just having fun. Katy says, “You’re more than almost there. You’re there.” Luke calls him a “charmer.” He compares him to Frank Sinatra. Uhm. “Please don’t change.”

Emmy Russell – The Climb by Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana: The Movie

Once again, Emmy is VERY NERVOUS. Kane calls her timid. He suggests she pretend to be back in church. He thinks she’ll be an animal once she breaks out of her shell.

Emmy is behind the piano. Will she get up? Probably not. She delivers a solid vocal and doesn’t seem nervous. Yet, she has yet to really let loose. She probably holds a lot of tension in her body while she sings. Shake it out girl.

Katy believes the song is “so true for you.” She feels Emmy is conquering her fears. “Your miracle is on the way.” Luke loves that she’s gaining confidence and attempting notes she would not have earlier. Lionel calls her voice her sound “the complete makeup” of who she is. He calls her a “stylist.” She has friends and family in the audience, and it makes her emotional.

Idina Menzel makes a surprise visit to accept a DIAMOND certification for Frozen.

Jack Blocker – Nobody’s Fool by Brad Paisley from Cars 2

Kane shares that he went on tour with Brad. He suggests that Jack add a little sparkle to his stage outfit. He’s wearing a cowboy shirt with red accents. Nothing too fancy! As he sings, he uses the mic stand as a prop before pulling the microphone off to sing. He’s got weird stage moves, but they work! I compared him to Taylor Hicks earlier, and I stand by that. Weird stage moves for the win! His vocal delivery is spot on and confident.

Luke notes his swagger and calls him Fred Astaire. He’s amazed at how he’s opened up. Lionel mentions how he recovered dropping the mic. He dubs him “Jack Swagger.” Katy suggests “Jack Attack” and admits she treated him like a “step sister” at first, but if he wins, it will be a real Cinderella story.

Will Moseley – The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy by Chris Stapleton from Toy Story 4

Will is dying to meet Chris Stapleton. Kane says, “I think you’re holding back on us.” That’s the problem with Will. he takes no risks or try to stretch his boundaries. Maybe it’s fear. But people like him anyway. So where is the incentive to change?

It’s a good song choice for him. His easy-breezy soulful style is always pleasant, steady and dependable. A singer could make a career out of that. OHHH. He got up off his stool. But he finishes sitting down. He does have a nice smile. ETA: After a rewatch, I noticed that he forgot the words after he stood up and seemed disoriented for a few beats. He didn’t panic and got right back on it. But the mistake was obvious. (Sometimes when I’m typing, I miss stuff!)

Lionel drops Kenny Rogers’ name. He told Lionel that a cracking voice makes a country singer believable. Katy notices a fumble. But she felt he came back from that and then delivered the big note Kane suggested. Luke gives him props on his Disney World outfit.

Jenifer Lewis sings Dig a Little Deeper from Princess and the Frog

Jenifer is appearing on American Idol, but she also competed on The Masked Singer 11 as Miss Cleocatra. She’s out there promoting herself. Big kick at the end. The Top 5 are on stage with her waving handkerchiefs.

Part 2 will feature the contestants and their moms having fun at the parks for Mother’s Day.

Emmy Russell – Carried Me With You by Brandi Carlile from Onward

Look. It’s Loretta Lynn’s DAUGHTER having fun with her daughter. Emmy shares that she’s grown so much on American Idol. She thanks her mom for being there for her.

No guitar or piano for her second song. It’s an upbeat number. She’s even venturing around the stage a bit. She’s still stiff and somewhat uncomfortable, but she delivers a good vocal. WHOA. She’s shaking hands with audience members.

Katy says the chorus opened her up in the right way. She loves when she’s reaching for a hand. Luke says, “You’re getting more comfortable moving around…be proud…the sky’s going to be the limit.” Lionel reveals he even gets nervous before walking out on stage, and its a good thing. Nerves keeps a performer grounded, he says. “You blew is away tonight,” Lionel says.

The Top 5 recorded winners singles, Ryan confirms. Out this Friday

Triston Harper – Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts from Cars

Triston’s family is with him at the park. He gives mom a letter and a stuffed Mickey Mouse. he reads the letter to her. It’s emotional. She’s crying. That family has been through a lot together.

I’m not sure I like this song for him. The band Is VERY LOUD. But he’s adding some nice vocal touches, especially on the chorus, and he seems to be having a blast up there.

Luke says he’s going to be on a tour bus one day. Lionel says, “You just took this all the way.” Katy thinks it was one of his best vocal performances so far. “I felt the conviction,” she says. She mentions how he took the chorus up a gear.

Abi Carter – The Chain by Fleetwood Mac from Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Her mom surprised her. They watch home movies together and reminisce. Mom describes how when she divorced, and she leaned heavily on her teenage daughter. “I can’t thank you enough for being a good mom,” says Abi.

Abi puts her own spin on the song. Her rendition is ethereal and other-worldly. Some of this phrasing is incredible. She works the stage like a queen. Her sustained notes are so impressive! She’s like “Do not MESS WITH ME LOVER!” Heh.

Lionel was moved by her conversation with mom. “Way to strike a pose,” he says. “You did a great job.” Katy was also moved. “You’re owning it. You’re showing us new layers every day.” She compares her to Billie Eilish and Paramore. Luke compliments her confidence and connection. Abi explains that the onstage character is an alter ego.

Jack Blocker – Space Oddity by David Bowie from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

The Dapper Dans serenade Jack. Then, his mom pops out of the middle. She shares that she’s proud of the man he’s become, and calls American Idol a blessing. He and his mother close the segment with a dance. “I love my mother very very much.”

Jack accompanies himself on guitar. It’s a bold song choice at a critical point of the competition. Will covers Chris Stapleton, his go to, while Jack swings for the fences. But will the risk pay off with a finale spot? I’m not sure. It’s an interesting take, but the band was too loud and the arrangement could have been more dynamic. I was probably expecting too much.

Katy says, “You kept on surprising all of us. Everyone is glued to the television. You are Jack.” Luke calls it an interesting song choice. and loved his take on it. Lionel says, “I think you’re actually having fun. Wait until that career blossoms.”

Will Moseley – Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf from D3: The Mighty Ducks

Mom surprised him with the Stormtroopers. They go fishing together at the park. Mom is sad. She feels like she’s losing him. He tells her not to worry. “Just blessed to have you,” he tells mom.

For Will, it’s an energetic performance. He slaps a few hands out in the audience. He saunters around the stage belting out the 60s rock classic. He vibes with an on-stage guitar player, and gets a big faux pyro show behind him. He’s such a big guy, he can’t really move very fast. But overall, a rousing vocal performance, and makes up for his marred first performance.

Luke calls it a perfect song for his voice and his vocal a “real machine.” Lionel says, “Way to play the stage. That was incredible.” Katy says, “That’s the best you ever sounded. You had the attack, the growl the grit.”


TOM DIM THE LIGHTS HERE WE GO. After the nationwide vote. First person in the Top 3 is Will Moseley. The next person in the Top 3 is Abi Carter. The final person in the Top 3 is JACK BLOCKER

Once Will made the cut, I figured that Jack was probably out. That Emmy didn’t make the Top 3 is surprising. But maybe the competition finally caught up with her. Really happy that Abi and Jack made the Top 3. I’m not mad Will is there. But wouldn’t have been mad at any of the others either. When it comes down to it–Triston and Emmy weren’t quite ready for the competition. Will is better prepared.

American Idol 2024 Top 3

Will Moseley
Abi Carter
Jack Blocker


Triston Harper
Emmy Russell

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