American Idol 2024 Recap: Top 24 Sing in Hawaii, Tori Kelly Mentors, Part 1

American Idol 2024 Top 24 - KB Richins
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KB RICHINS

American Idol 2024: 12 of the Top 24 sing for YOUR votes! Tori Kelly mentors

American Idol season 22 Top 24 round, which took place at the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii, airs in two parts. Tonight (April 7) Tori Kelly mentors the first 12 contestants and sits on the judges panel. For the first time this season, AMERICA VOTES for their favorites. Reigning America Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan are judges. Ryan Seacrest hosts.

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How to VOTE

American Idol provides three ways to vote. You can vote online at, in the American Idol app or via text. You have to be at least 16 years old and located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app. For text message voting, simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523”. The contestant number matches the performance order (Hailey – 1, Jordan – 2, Jayna -3, Julia – 4, Kayko – 5, Nya – 6, Blake – 7, Abi – 8, Quintavious – 9, KB – 10, Will – 11, McKenna – 12) Voting opens at 8pm ET/5pm PT and locks at 6am ET/3am PT on both April 7 and 8. Read the voting FAQ HERE.

The episode opens with a Hawaii-Five-0 themed based on the old school Jack Lord intro. It’s even shot in 4:3!

Hailey Mia – She’s All I Wanna Be by Tate McRae

Tori suggests that she work the stage. When SHE competed on Idol, she had issues with stage presence too, Tori said. A clip airs of Hailey on a hoverboard dancing and singing a Tori Kelly song. Tori says to tap into the exuberance of that young child.

Hailey is incredible when she sings ballads–especially when it’s just her and an acoustic guitar. But on the big stage, the band swallows her up.

Tori feels like she’s watching herself in some ways. “You leveled up! You killed it.” she says. Lionel wants more attitude. Katy loves the intimate moments. She thinks the performance “needed more sauce.” Luke thinks the enormity of the moment made her hold back.

Jordan Anthony – Titanium by David Guetta & Sia

Jordan explains that he played “Titanium” with his dad. When he was younger he had a weight problem and kids bullied him. Tori thinks Jordan needs to figure out which parts of his voice to highlight. She has very specific advice for these contestants!

The singer from Australia is taking on a big song. He can’t out-drama Sia, but he manages to put his own stamp on the song while hitting impressive notes. He could have dialed back on the runs, which felt indiscriminate at times.

“If you found one more run, I would have run out of here,” says Lionel. Katy warns that performances can become too runny It did become to runny! Luke admires that he took a risk. Tori says “so good.”

Jayna Elise – Confident by Demi Lovato

Jayna just missed making the Top 26 last season. “Make it your own,” suggests Tori, who thinks she’s ready for the big stage. Not many notes from Tori.

The Idol returnee works the stage with the confidence she’s singing about while hitting all the runs and big notes. Her raspy tone is well suited to the song. She chose well.

“I feel so proud,” says Tori, “You looked like a rock star.” Lionel calls her “take no prisoners Jayna.” Katy loves that she’s got her own style of runs. “GIve me that all the time.” Luke agrees that her runs were perfectly done.

Julia Gagnon – Rumour Has It by Adele

Juli won the final Platinum ticket of the season. Oh. Julia got engaged on Christmas Eve. Tori calls Julia “a force” but she’s looking for more sassiness. “Have fun with it.”

Julia’s low notes are so good. And then she hits the high notes and continues to impress. Tori has a point about paying more attention to the story. She’s still learning to embody the songs she sings. However, in time, she’s only going to get better and better.

Katy loved the last note, but thought her low notes had too much vibrato. Hm. Luke thinks she should be proud of her performance. Tori asks America to vote. “I would love to see even more of the emotion of the song come out.” Lionel suggests she work the stage more. I don’t agree with Katy so much, but Tori and Lionel had good advice. Julia is a work in progress.

Next, Tori Kelly performs her brand new song, “High Water.” Once a 16 year old contestant, back in 2010, where Simon Cowell dismissed her out of hand! Now, she’s a Grammy winning artist. Take that! Tori has had a few Christian Contemporary hits that won Grammys, and this song will likely cross over. Tori calls mentoring on American Idol a “full circle moment.” Along with a new song, Tori has a new album out!

Kayko – How To Live Without You (original song)

Kayko will sing another original. This one is about his mother who passed away a few years ago. He had Tori in tears. She suggests he let the emotional part of the song take precedence over a technically perfect vocal.

The emotional ballad is about what a great mom she was, but he was not prepared for life after her death. It’s not a perfect vocal, but it is raw. And kudos to Kayko for continuing the competition with originals. He possesses a strong artistic identity.

Tori is crying again. “A true artist is somebody who can evoke that emotion. You did just that.” Lionel loved what he did. Katy is moved by this more vulnerable side of his personality. She asks America to vote. Lionel decides not to pick apart the vocal. “Your songwriting is something to behold.” Ryan mentions that the sun came out when he began singing the song in rehearsal.

Nya – (Simply) The Best by Tina Turner

She’s dedicating her performance to her fiance, who will be in the audience. No notes from Tori! But she did choose an overdone song.

The camera cuts to her guy in the audience watching. Although the song is overdone on these shows, she arranges it differently enough to make it her own. She changes up the melody in spots. But wisely, she doesn’t mess with the chorus. That’s the key to covering a song people love. She ends on a strong note.

Katy loved the arrangement. Luke liked how she navigated the verses. He calls her the best so far. Tori calls the performance “stunning.” Lionel liked that she turned it into “your song.”

Next, the contestants participate in what amounts to an ad for Disney Aulani Resort!

Blake Proehl – Anyone by Justin Bieber

Blake travelled to Hawaii when his NFL dad coached in the Pro Bowl. Blake played NFL football too. But after an injury sidelined him, his grandmother suggested he go for a career in music. Tori is impressed with his high notes and helps him channel his energy in the performance.

Lionel can be heard saying he needed to pick up the mic off the stand. But he does eventually. Blake’s inexperience shows as he hits several off key notes. He’s a cutie, but an average singer. His tone is pleasant, though. He needs to work more on his technique and musicality.

Katy thinks he has all the makings, but he’s in his own way. “Push yourself every single time.” Luke notes his boy next door charm, but he needs to keep swinging at it. “You have such a presence about you,” says Tori. “Get out of your head,” says Lionel.

Reining American Idol winner, Iam Tongi performs his single “Why Kiki?”

Iam’s family lived in Hawaii until they couldn’t afford it anymore. They eventually moved to Seattle. But it never felt like home. Iam could break out in Hot Adult Contemporary or Adult Alternative. He has that Jack Johnson vibe. Can modern American Idol break an artist outside of country? It remains to be seen.

Abi Carter – Oceans (Where My Feet Might Fail) by Hillsong United

Abi is another Platinum ticket holder. After singing with bronchitis in Hollywood, she thought she was going home. Tori suggests that she get up from behind the piano. Abi is a little nervous.

Working the stage when the band goes big is a smart idea. She can hit the high notes while connecting to the audience. She becomes so emotional by the end of the song.

Luke calls the performance “an experience” and declares her a front runner. Tori is rooting for her so hard. She belives Abi created a moment. “You had us all holding our breath,” says Lionel. He begs America to vote. “You’re my favorite,” says Katy. Well, we know who’s duetting with Katy on the finale!

Quintavious Johnson – Something In The Water by Carrie Underwood

Quintavius was thinking of singing Tori’s song “Hollow.” She’s biased. She hopes he’ll sing her song. They sing a little together. But still, he’s leaning toward Carrie’s song.

And he goes there. Probably because he feels more comfortable in the Christian relm. He’s a Gospel singer now, and if he intends going in that direction, he made the correct decision. Lionel is up on his feet. Carrie is going to LOVE this version. He soulfully takes the crowd to church. He whiffed a note, but it almost doesn’t matter.

Tori wants to throw her shoe. And, she respects that he chose the song he was feeling in his heart. “You took charge,” says Lionel. “Your vocals were amazing.” He begs fans to vote. Katy calls it a baptism. “Everybody loves a church moment.” Luke calls it a good song choice. “Big time energy.”

KB Richins – Heaven by Bryan Adams

The song is her dad’s favorite. He has been her biggest fan and encouraged her to audition for the show. Tori suggests she take the song a half-step higher. She does. But KB is stressing about hitting the notes. She’s worried fear will take her out of the song.

Tori had complimented her rasp, which is appealing. Show performs an aching version of the 80’s classic. She’s pulling this off! “Heaven” is a boring cover in the wrong hands. She looks relieved when it’s over.

KB DID take the higher step and hit the notes. “You killed it,” says Tori. The song gave Lionel goosebumps. The cry in her voice can’t be taught, he says. Katy felt she balanced emotion and control. Luke is getting “star vibes.” But she needs to work on her confidence. he says.

Will Moseley – (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding

Tori compliments his tone and rasp. Will confesses that he taught himself to play guitar 4 years ago, and THEN he began singing. She encourages him to push harder into his performance.

The thing is, Will makes it all look easy. Maybe TOO easy. He’s good, but adding more urgency to his performance will elevate it. However, there is a charm to how natural and easy going his performance is. Just a little more oomph is all it needs.

“Your voice makes me feel safe,” says Tori. Lionel calls Will “a stylist…I know who you are.” Lionel begs America to vote. The judges are calling it the best performance of the night. “It was so American.” Luke calls the performance “listenable.” He compares Luke to Iam Tongi.

McKenna Faith Breinholt – The Story by Brandi Carlile

She’s dedicating the song to her adoptive mom, who will be in the audience. Tori stresses that she channel her emotions.

McKenna starts off intimately with a solo acoustic guitar. It’s the best part of the song as the band overpowers her raspy, yet vulnerable voice. I’m used to very emotional, torchy versions of this song. But McKenna’s raspy tone is appealing. This song would be great with a full band of acoustic instruments.

“You have that star voice,” says Katy. “You have something incredible. Luke says, “You’ve got so many big time singer-songwriter traits. You are a serious contender.” Tori can hear her warm, pure tone on a record. Lionel compares her to Joni Mitchell. McKenna is good, but that’s going too far. Joni is the GOAT.

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