American Idol 2023 Top 3 Poll Results, Winner Prediction


American Idol 2023 Top 3 POLL Results, Power Rankings and WINNER PREDICTION

The American Idol season 21 3-hour finale airs on Sunday May 21. Fans will vote for their favorite contestants in real time and a winner will emerge at the end of the broadcast. ‘

In other words, it’s the very last poll results and prediction poll of the season! Fans voted in our polls after last week’s show, now here are your results, plus Facebook likes and a powerlist. Also, i make the most obvious prediction ever.

The finale episode will feature a slew of guest artists, many singing with already eliminated contestants. Plus, former American Idol judge Keith Urban returns to perform and mentor the Top 3–Iam Tongi, Colin Stough and Megan Danielle. Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan will also perform.

The competing three singers will each cover a Keith Urban song. After a singer is eliminated halfway through the broadcast, the top two will perform their newly recorded original winners single. In the past, finalists also chose a second song that could either be new or a reprise from earlier in the season. Additionally, the Top 3 are fresh off a hometown visit. Video packages of the heroes welcome received from family, friends and fans will also be included in the show.

American Idol season 21 3-hour finale airs on ABC Sunday May 21 beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT coast to coast

Facebook likes and views

The Top 5 sang two songs from the Disney catalog last week. Let’s take a glance at the Top 3 performances likes and views from the American Idol Facebook page (Facebook data tends to track to fan votes Mostly, but not always!). The entries are ordered according to Facebook likes. Interestingly, like last week, Megan ranks high according to video streams, but not likes. “You Can’t Stop the Girl” is No. 3 in views, but No. 5 in likes.

However, once again, Iam blows away the competition in both likes and views.

  1. Iam Tongi – Lava (Song 1) – 43k likes, 986K views
  2. Iam Tongi – Father and Song (Song 2) – 42.K likes, 856.8K views
  3. Colin Stough – Nobody Knows (Song 2) – 14K likes, 371K views
  4. Colin Stough – Real Gone (Song 1) – 12K likes, 291.4K views
  5. Megan Danielle – You Can’t Stop the Girl (Song 1) – 9.1K likes, 443.2K views
  6. Megan Danielle – Carried Me with You (Song 2) – 6.9K likes, 281.4K views

American Idol Top 3 Power Rankings

American Idol 2023 Colin Stough, Megan Danielle, Ian Tongi

Here’s how I rank the Top 3 finalists ahead of Sunday’s 3 hour finale. How would you rate them? Tell us in comments!

3. Megan Danielle

Megan has had a solid run on American Idol. During her audition, the Christian singer admitted to lacking confidence, but she’s taken the stage every week and performed like a champ. If she’s nervous, she hides it pretty well. Megan is the most versatile of the remaining singers. She performs in Christian, Country and Americana. But she also has the vocal chops to handle big pop songs. She’s the best pure vocalist remaining.

2. Colin Stough

Colin is the type of small town raw talent that American Idol loves. He shares a lot in common with last year’s winner, Noah Thompson, sans the young son. For instance, Colin comes from a small Mississippi town where he works a blue collar job. He came into the competition like a deer in the headlights, but has grown more comfortable on stage each successive week. He’s had moments with acoustic songs. In that setting, he’s able to hold the stage and enthrall the audience.

1. Iam Tongi

From the moment Iam took the stage to sing James Blunt’s “Monster” for his audition, the young singer has been a phenomenon. He’s racked up millions of views of his performances across the season. Thousands of his fellow Hawaiians came out to watch his Hometown concert earlier this week. Iam is relatable in every way–from his emotional backstory about losing his beloved father weeks before his audition, to being forced to move to the States after his family was priced out of Hawaii. His musical style is effortless and authentic. He sings from his heart, and always with a beautiful tone and phrasing that leaves his imprint on every cover.

Predicting the WINNER of American Idol 2023

American Idol season 23 Iam Tongi
(ABC/Eric McCandless) IAM TONGI

There will be no suspense on stage when host Ryan Seacrest reads the winner from the big gold card at the end of Sunday’s show. Iam Tongi will win American Idol Season 21. Colin Stough or Megan Danielle could come in second. But I predict Colin Stough will be the runner-up. America Idol fans love a country boy with a growth arc.

American Idol Top 3 POLL Results

American Idol 2023 Lionel Richie, Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan

Who WILL WIN American Idol 2023?

An overwhelming number of voters believe Iam will win the show. But more fans feel that Megan or Colin SHOULD win. Megan comes in second to Iam with over 30 percent of the vote!

  1. Iam Tongi – 61.00%
  2. Colin Stough – 22.79%
  3. Megan Danielle – 16.21%

Who SHOULD WIN American Idol 2023?

  1. Iam Tongi – 46.49%
  2. Megan Danielle – 32.19%
  3. Colin Stough – 21.32%

American Idol 2023: Vote for Your Favorite Top 5 Performance

Wé Ani tops the favorite performance poll, but she’s only a smidge ahead of Iam Tongi’s “Father and Son” cover.

  1. Wé Ani – Into the Unknown from Frozen II – 17.76%
  2. Iam Tongi – Father and Son from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – 17.35%
  3. Colin Stough – Nobody Knows from Pete’s Dragon – 12.75%
  4. Iam Tongi – Lava from Lava – 11.91%
  5. Colin Stough – Real Gone from Cars – 10.34%
  6. Megan Danielle – You Can’t Stop the Girl from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – 9.93%
  7. Wé Ani – The Climb from Hannah Montana – 8.46%
  8. Megan Danielle – Carried Me With You from Onward – 6.79%
  9. Zachariah Smith – Just Can’t Wait to be King from Lion King – 2.82%
  10. Zachariah Smith – Life is a Highway from Cars – 1.88%

American Idol 2023 Top 3 Reveal: Who Was Robbed?

LOTS of fans are big mad that voters eliminated Wé Ani last week. She’s come to terms with it, however.

  1. Wé Ani – 61.84%
  2. Nobody was Robbed – 30.61%
  3. Zachariah Smith – 7.55%
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