American Idol 2023: Colin Stough Stuns Judges with A Robyn Hit

American Idol 2023 Top 12 Reveal - Colin Stough
(ABC/Eric McCandless) COLIN STOUGH

American Idol 2023: Colin Stough Confidently Countryfies a Robyn Hit

Monday night was an intense and tough night of cuts as the top 20 was whittled down to 12 for Season 21 of American Idol. (Read our Recap)

America saved 10 singers based on Sunday’s performances, and the judges saved two others to make up the top 12. Some singers sang for their life and others sang as a celebration. The singers who were at ease, knowing they were through, turned in several big moments. One of those was from country singer, Colin Stough

When the judges told him on Sunday to give them more on stage, he took that advice to heart on Monday, turning in a complete performance with loads of confidence. The contestants who were voted through and didn’t have to sing for their life seemed more at ease. 

His vocals were the best since his audition. It’s almost unbelievable that this is the same person who delivered Sunday night’s tepid performance. Nevertheless, America did vote for him, and tonight he proved that he might just be deserving.

The arrangement of the song was like a country rendition of Calum Scott’s ballad version of the song. Colin’s vocal was much livelier than it has ever been, with loads of grit and more passion than viewers have come to know. He even showed off more range than usual. The judges went wild, giving him a standing ovation. Luke Bryan hugged Colin, and although the judges weren’t talking to the contestants sho America voted through, Katy Perry said, “one moment can change your life and that was the moment.” Colin reveals he switched his song as it felt meant to be.

Colin had a “Stay” moment

The way Colin spun the song is reminiscent of winner, Noah Thompson’s signature Rihanna “Stay” moment last season. Country artists have had success flipping pop songs. For instance, country recording artist Luke Combs is enjoying chart success with a country spun cover of “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. Also, this is a genius song to flip, as the lyric “stilettos and broken bottles” sounds like it belongs in a country song.

Tonight’s strongest performances, other than Colin, came from Tyson Venegas on an Elton John classic, Wé Ani on The Greatest Showman’s “This Is Me,” Marybeth Byrd’s excellent vocal on “Cover Me Up,” and Iam Tongi continued his streak of consistency with judge Lionel Richie’s “Stuck On You”. 

A special honorable mention goes out to Kaerya as she turned in one of the best performances Sunday night. Tonight, her Gladys Knight cover was nearly flawless, and yet America and the judges failed to save her. Hopefully, America votes through the stronger talent as the season goes on, but I am skeptical as always.

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