American Idol 2019 Top 6: Lauren Daigle Mentors, Gabby Barrett Performs

AMERICAN IDOL - "215" - The "American Idol" finalists continue their journey in the competition, paying tribute to one of the world's most iconic bands, Queen. In this episode, each contestant will take on a song from the legendary Queen catalogue, before partnering up for classic movie duet performances. Helping to prepare the Top 8 to rock the stage is "American Idol" alumnus and GRAMMY¨-nominated artist Adam Lambert, who acts as celebrity guest mentor. Since first appearing on "American Idol" in 2009, Lambert has gone on to release four albums, has appeared in numerous hit television series and is currently touring the U.S. with Queen. The journey to find the next superstar continues SUNDAY, APRIL 28 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT/5:00-7:01 p.m. PDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) KATY PERRY, LIONEL RICHIE, LUKE BRYAN

American Idol alum and Grammy winning crossover CCM artist Lauren Daigle will serve as mentor on this Sunday’s American Idol. Lauren auditioned for American Idol in 2010 and 2012. In 2010, Lauren was cut on the green mile right before the Top 24 semifinals. She did not make it to Hollywood in 2011. In 2012, she made it to Hollywood, but was cut in the first Las Vegas round.

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Additionally, last year’s second runner-up, Gabby Barrett returns to the Idol stage to perform her new single.

Lauren will mentor the Top 6 finalists as they each perform one inspirationally powerful “showstopper” song. Each finalist will also take on a song performed at the famed Woodstock music festival in 1969, which remains one of the most historic moments in popular music history.

Two contestants will be eliminated by night’s end, unless the judges use their final opportunity to save one contestant from going home. Gabby is set to perform her latest song, “I Hope,” claiming her the No. 1 spot on Radio Disney Country’s Top 50 Chart and continuing to rise to the Top 3 on SiriusXM’s “The Highway.”

The journey to find the next superstar continues Sunday May 5 (8:00–10:01 p.m. EDT/5:00-7:01 p.m. PDT), on  ABC.

After making history last season as the first reality competition series on American television to allow viewers to watch and vote from coast to coast simultaneously, American Idol continues its simulcast once again in all time zones across the country. For this episode, viewers will be able to vote by text, via and on the American Idol app during the show. Results will be revealed at the end of the show in real time, across all time zones. The episode will be rebroadcast during its normal time slot on Sunday at 8:00-10:01 p.m. PDT on the west coast.

Helping to determine the next singing sensation are music industry legends and all-star judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Ryan Seacrest hosts, and famed multimedia personality Bobby Bones acts as in-house mentor.


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  1. I’m super excited for Gabby to come back after all the success her single has had. It’s a well written song for sure. Also Lauren should be a good mentor and I like the idea of one of the songs being more open and then also love the theme of Woodstock 1969 (what a fantastic music festival!)

  2. Not sure on the “inspirational” songs – but if Wade is smart – he’ll pick something from Joe Cocker’s set list for the Woodstock song. With a Little Help from my Friends would suit him – and if he can’t do that – he deserves to go home.

  3. That is not the theme. The twitter that always has spilled spoilers says it’s woodstock songs and a contestants choice.

  4. I think Born on the Bayou will be it – which is smart. Although I would love to see something unexpected from him occasionally – but staying in his genre is probably smart.

  5. Ok – this isn’t what we’ll probably get – but this would be my guesses/wishes for each contestant for the Woodstock songs (no ideas on the inspirational songs):

    Laine – “Born on the Bayou” – CCR
    Jeremiah – He would kill on “To Love Somebody” – the Bee Gees (Janis Joplin did it at Woodstock)
    Laci – “Blackbird” – the Beatles (Crosby Stills Nash did it at Woodstock)
    Wade – Anything from the Joe Cocker set list ;)
    Madison ‘ “Piece of My Heart” – Janis Joplin
    Alejandro – Probably something from Santana’s set list – which will unfortunately probably keep him in the competition :(

    I’m not sure who will be in the most danger this week – I would wish for Alejandro or Wade – but Madison would most likely replace Alejandro – which is a shame.

  6. So excited for this opportunity for Gabby. I love her voice and performance style and I like her song. So one theme is inspirational. I thought I had just imagined I’d read that, lol. Um maybe they should have considered a second mentor for Woodstock but it should be interesting. I really hate the save this late in the competition but I also dislike loosing two at once. Next year, I hope they consider fewer audition shows and have more live competition and not rush. I just started to focus on and enjoy Madison and Laci but the time is almost up.

  7. Another week that I miss Uche – it would have been nice to see someone do some Sly and Family Stone…:(

  8. The inspirational song theme sounds like it could be just a song that inspired them. Therefore being open ended. I guess we will see.

  9. Agreed…They love to use that line without realizing that they’re just saying results don’t matter.

    And she’s been on Top 40 stations and top Billboard charts. It’s less a genre crossover, and more just a mainstream recognition I guess?

  10. No, it is not something I would ever be likely to hear on purpose, and if people are discussing Country or CCM, or even Top 40 Pop, I just go find something more relevant to comment on.

    But now she is popping up in the middle of a theme week that features Songs from Woodstock, something I do have an interest in…so she got a sliver of my focus while I was figuring out why she was even here. ?

  11. Hate is a very strong word…?, I kinda reserve that for serious ish. I just don’t listen to the current iteration of Top 40 Pop music as chosen by radio; individually there *may* be a track or so I would not mind, but collectively it is not my cuppa ? – and there are so many other options for music. ? ?

  12. The only reason I have heard of her is that she’s from Louisiana – born in Lafayette and went to college at LSU in Baton Rouge – so the local papers covered her during Philip Phillip’s season even though she didn’t make it to the finals. Her name would pop up occasionally during the years after – but of course now – they’ve had full fledged feature stories on her.

  13. I really like Lauren Daigle’s song You Say. I don’t listen to the radio very often but I’ve heard the song twice in the last couple days.

  14. Thanks. I always enjoy your posts. Sorry I used word “hate.”
    In kindergarten (?), I was taught: “Don’t say hate or your mother will faint and your father will fall in a bucket of paint.” Guess I forgot. : )

  15. Much as I would like him doing the song – I don’t think “She Talks to Angels” is appropriate for the inspirational theme as it’s a song inspired by a “goth girl who was into heroin” according to Chris Robinson :)

  16. I had heard of her but not listened to any of her music until David Archuleta added a cover of You Say to his setlist on the tour he just finished. Then I had to go listen to the original to see what it sounded like lol. HappyDaisy is right — I honestly thought she sounded so much like Adele the first time I heard her it was eerie. I can tell more of a difference now but on first blush they sound quite similar.

  17. It probably could have been something as simple as Idol needed somebody to mentor and she was available at the right price. I don’t think their plans for guests are always plotted in detail.

  18. Laine will do a CCR song. You can find a couple of him singing them on YouTube. He could also do she talks to Angels or broken halos as his other song.

  19. It is 100 percent the theme. TWITTER IS WRONG as it often is. My info comes straight from the official ABC press release.

  20. Will Alejandro and Wade trying to perform big showstopper anthems = guaranteed trainwrecks? My money is on it. ;)

  21. Adding the “showstopper” certainly sounds like a quick and efficient filter for vocals that don’t do that, but they best be careful Wade doesn’t deploy the metal screech and stop ‘something’ ! ???

  22. It seems that for the temporary purposes of the Idol.2 Reboot publicity, Lauren Daigle, this coming week’s mentor, is being considered an Idol Alumni. ? It is true that Lauren was a hopeful applicant who got a golden ticket in two different years – she was rejected by the judges on American Idol more than once. She didn’t make the Final 24 in 2010, Lee’s Season 9, and was cut in the first Las Vegas round in 2012, Phillip Phillip’s Season 11. So don’t go looking for her on WNTS in the Alumni list, she isn’t there – she never made the Semi-Finals…she never was advanced by the voters, and so she is not in the Alumni Database in the archives. WIKI was also no help, and I wasn’t inclined to look any deeper.

    I know nothing about her, I have no interest in CCM, but was told she is not exclusively CCM, and has Crossover action – IDK to which market. She is still a blank slate to me, and I could not find out much about this recent genre expansion thing of hers, or how it is supposed to relate to whatever the theme is this week, (ETA – inspirational show stoppers/ songs from Woodstock) but it does not really matter, IMO. Rebel Wilson had no relevance either. ¯_(?)_/¯

    Since she has obviously performed in front of audiences, there ought to be something from her experience she can share with the remaining cast. (In return for which I am sure there is some Disney synergy in there somewhere, because otherwise this makes no sense, IMO.) ?

  23. As someone who works in the church and is very familiar with the CCM market–Lauren is HUGE. I have several friends who haven’t been watching Idol, but plan on tuning in because they’re so excited to see her. And yes, she has been crossing over a ton in radio, award shows, talk shows, etc. A contestant has already sung one of her songs on Idol this season, and the show used her music a ton in the background during the early rounds.

    I think it’s funny that a contestant they cut twice before the live rounds is now coming back as the mentor. Good for her! Tori Kelly should be next.

  24. Heh. The most familiar song from Santana’s Woodstock set list would be “Evil Ways” – which would make an interesting juxtaposition to whatever *inspirational show stopper* for either Wade OR Alejandro. Or, it could BE the inspirational show stopper… ? There is not a big range on that song, it’s all about the groove… Now I want to see one of them do that!

  25. She may not be in the WNTS database, but she did get some airtime the season 11, singing during the Las Vegas round in a group.

  26. I think Laine May reprise “The Weight.” Made famous by The Band, who performed it at Woodstock.

  27. Appears Gabby is going to be a bigger star than the winner… not surprising as it’s happens time and again on these shows.

  28. Yeah, I like the whole idea just because of the picture of Idol shooting themselves in the foot…saying it *doesn’t matter if you win* it doesn’t even matter if you get to compete on our show…oh, and BTW….Vote, Vote, Vote before you even hear the performance so you can support the winner you want, who also does not matter?

    Gotta love it….it’s all about the Cognitive Dissonance! ?

    So, what genre and/or market does she crossover to?

  29. I don’t know. He sang it as his audition song, and he just did it again what, 3 weeks ago, as his duet. right? I’d be very surprised, and bored, if he did it a third time.

  30. Appears that way. Although Maddie’s latest single is beginning to gain some traction.

  31. Well they could try Jimi Hendrix that would be in their wheelhouse maybe, perhaps, possibly, doubtful.

  32. I can’t wait to see if it makes a big jump on iTunes. She is at 26 country right now. I hope it will finally get in the top ten. Highest it has been is 11.

  33. Sounds like showstopper is just another way of saying choose what ever song you want.

  34. I doubt he’d be allowed to reprise a song he just did a couple of weeks ago.

  35. Top 40 and Hot AC. I think she’s even got played on Top 40/Rhythmic radio

  36. Lauren Daigle’s voice is just another level.

    Too bad American Idol didn’t recognize her potential when she auditioned. She most likely could soon be added to Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood , Jennifer Hudson and possibly Tori kelly’ s name as most successful female artists coming out of AI.

    Her song “You Say” is fantastic but so is “Trust In You”.

  37. Votes matter for the win but they don’t always matter, to Idol, if you fail to turn the win into a big high profile career. I’m sure they would love for all the winners to be well known and in demand in the industry so they could brag about them. But that is not always the case. I hear Lauren’s song on my HAC station a lot. I don’t follow CCM, even if it crosses over, so my interest is missing and I would fail to pick her out of a lineup. But I hear her name all the time and know of her and what she has accomplished. Idol is not going to let any Idol stars pass, without claiming credit for the discovery, even if they just flashed a toe on the Idol tv screen, lol.

  38. Those of us on this blog for years know that MJSBIGBLOG is reliable. MJ always includes info regarding whether something is incomplete or rumor.

  39. I could do without the Woodstock theme. Funny combo of themes.
    I don’t get the sense they invited Lauren due to her having previously tried out for Idol. Perhaps they invited her due to her music and the crossover hit, You Say?

  40. Pretty sure it hit 8 on the country chart on iTunes but could be wrong. It was like upper 30s or lower 40s overall for a few days too

  41. One song on the charts doesn’t make anybody a star. A year has gone by, and I don’t see much stardom in Gabby. The performance on Idol will most likely give her a quick boost.

  42. I would love for them to show clips from her American Idol journey as they introduce her as the mentor though!

  43. You haven’t heard her crossover hit You Say? It was discussed on this blog a few times.
    Her voice has been compared to Adele and Amy Winehouse. I thought it was Adele when I first heard You Say on the radio.

  44. I would be disappointed if they didn’t consider her an alum. I hope they make big mention of this on Sunday!

  45. Oh, OK. Didn’t realize you hate Top 40 Pop in addition to hating Country and CCM.
    Couldn’t figure out why you were so upset about Lauren whom you say (pun intended) you know almost nothing about.
    ETA: Is Idol emphasizing Lauren as an Idol alumnus in its promo?

  46. According to some people she did just sign to a major label Warner Nashville

  47. Have you been watching her career. She has accomplished a ton with no label.

  48. He already did that. That would be stupid. I can almost guarantee it will be a ccr song.

  49. IDK about emphasizing, but I read about it, so it is being mentioned on the net… I tried to find out more about the connection…and the results of that connection is what amused me about Idol’s mixed messages…?

  50. No buzz at all where I live in the south. In fact, I’ve never heard her on the radio either in the midwest.

  51. I heard from some top 24 contestants that originally Gabby was the chosen one and the producers wanted her to win in early rounds but when it got to the later rounds Maddie is who they wanted to win hence maybe why Gabbys finale song choices were so bad.

  52. You are right about that, the PTB have always had an element of very Last Minute Planning in their announcements, and then they have to do some scrambling…but this one had additional elements of some “Shout to The Lord” conversations in Season 7 – and Idol is nothing if not remarkably tone deaf at times!

    ..while they are making ratings exaggerating Jeremiah’s back story, they want to play to religions that have sects who would really be as rigid as they were trying to portray his parents to be. Makes it look like exactly what it is…lip service to obscure Idol’s Anything For a Dollar mindset…and that applies to OG Idol just as much as the Reboot. ?

  53. For the curious, here’s a Woodstock set list. Some intriguing possibilities here.

    Laine’s probably going to make a beeline for the CCR, but I’d be interested in hearing him make a go either at Blood Sweat & Tears or a blues song (particularly a slower tempo one — we haven’t heard too much of that from him). And would you believe American Idol has never had a single performance of a song by any/all of Crosby, Stills, Nash, or Young (thanks, What Not To Sing database!)?

    On the other hand, who knows how many of those songs were actually cleared for the Idols to choose from…

  54. It will be called innovative if the PTB like them, otherwise, the line reading is *we think you could have done more with the song* – and you have to wait for the critique to try to look through the smoke they are blowing…?

  55. I had forgotten that there were 32 acts performing at Woodstock. Lots of great music. I’d love for Madison to do some Janis Joplin. I always thought it would be great to have been at Woodstock, but we probably see a whole lot more watching the film documentary. I’m excited about the themes this week. All are good singers, so this should be cool.

  56. Of course they do! ???. Not all the rest of the hundreds of people who tried out and got cut, of course. Just the ones who went on to be successful in spite of Idol passing over them…because Idol is always up for the credit and the mentions – so predictable!!

    I would be shocked otherwise…?

  57. …As long as it is cleared, sounds inspirational and has glory notes that can “stop the show” …that part is kinda specific. And Alejandro does not Glory Note. Wade probably could, singing metal. But that would be counter- productive. ? So who would those parameters be designed to filter out? ?

  58. Meh. One hit song does not = More successful than the winner. IMO

    Idol is doing itself no favors by alienating fans of Maddie from the show!

    Which is what they are doing by choosing to (Yet AGAIN) focus their attention on a non-winner…

    If Seacrest finds the time to talk to Gabby this Sunday AND promotes her song too? I may just go on a Twitter rampage. lol

  59. She’s pretty famous. She has almost 5 million monthly listeners and 768,000 followers on Spotify. Her tracks on Spotify have streams of 99.5 million, 44 million, 36 million, 22 million and 15.5 million respectively, and that’s just listed in the first 10 songs in the popular listing. I skimmed down through her songs and only saw 3 tracks that didn’t hit 1 million and they were Christmas songs.

    ETA: And her youtube video for You Say has 86 million views. She has the goods.

  60. I think they really like everyone who is left. How would we know who they want to filter out when everyone gets a standing ovation? Alejandro is the worst vocally, imo. And Wade is not far behind with the vocals but minus the guitar skills. But the judges seem to love both of them as much as the others. If there are big notes, they just won’t sing them big. It is done all the time. They will simply arrange it to fit their style and range and call it innovative.

  61. Laine and David Clayton Thomas are a perfect match. He might be the only one who could handle BST. Laura Nyro’s And When I Die is one of my all time fave songs. I am not sure if BST did that at Woodstock but would love to hear Laine give that one a try.

  62. Maddie has had a lot of promotion. Imo, it wasn’t the best but she has been out there. And almost all the winners before Candace had a lot of promotion. The idea that some winner would be more successful, and in demand, if not for a non-winner’s success and popularity is only a fantasy that some refuse to let go of. Idol does not handle most of the promotion after the show. And they don’t make the careers. Yes, they brag and highlight the success stories and have them back often. But when the show ends, it is up to the label/management, media interest and the artist. If you resonate and are lucky, you probably end up with a very lucrative career. No other contestant is to blame if you fail to do that. One performance from Gabby or Maddie on Idol will not make their careers. Who really knows what will happen to them at this early stage? But they are not going to hold Gabby back while they wait for Maddie’s career to explode. That is unrealistic and it never happens. It is up to Maddie’s team, including her label, to fight for opportunities for her. What was Gabby’s team to do? No we won’t let Gabby go on because Maddie won and she should ALWAYS be the priority. She should be that now and 2-5-8 years from now too. Forever would be fair cause she won. Gabby’s team would be fired in a heartbeat if they operated on behalf of someone they don’t work for.

  63. There are plenty of genres I don’t follow… she is in one of them – and I have already found out more than I ever knew before about the whole category! ? It feels like a flashback to when people were trying to assign Mariah Carey songs in 2008, and I did not know any of those either. Heh. IDK if she is from the Jesus Per Minute or the Jesus Is My Boyfriend faction of CCM, but if she is doing crossover I suspect the latter, so that may be helpful, who knows? I did listen to a bit of that “You Say” track…?… not my thing.

    We will find out shortly if her experience translates to actionable advice for the remaining cast…or if they just nod, smile and do their thing. ¯_(?)_/¯

  64. I’ll be tuning in to watch her. Even though I check on here often (still a Scotty fan), I haven’t watched the show. Huge Lauren Daigle fan.

  65. Alejandro might want to sing Sound of Silence for his show stopper. I’d much rather hear him do his originals but Simon and Garfunkle suits him.

  66. She has 3.9 million hits on her video of I Hope. She has been consistently in the top 20 on iTunes for months. She has her video on cmt. She is number one o radio Disney. Has consistently been on the Sirius countdown for months. Also is on the billboard hot country songs. All of this with no label.

  67. Uh-oh. I hope it’s not a big festival of gushing tonsil-terrors…..

  68. Just Like A Woman could be good for Alejandro. That song in his style could be really nice. I wonder if he could do his original Blesser for the showstopper?!

  69. If Gabby Trump is considered a big star, then the star bar on Idol has been lowered A LOT. And it’s factually incorrect that time and time again a non-winner does better than the winner.

  70. you’re right about the original, but I can dream, lol! It would be a shame to cut it to 2min, anyway. America, now that could be interesting!

  71. Blesser would be great but they’ll never let him do it. I was also thinking of another Simon and Garfunkle, America.

  72. Ryan Hammond covered it for his top 20 solo this season and did an incredible job with it! (Didn’t advance, though.)

  73. Alejandro has a couple of originals that could be “showstoppers”… I wonder if they would let them do originals?

  74. Wade=Joe Cocker!!! LOVE Blackbird for Laci (that was the first song I learned on guitar).

    Alejandro could do Just Like a Woman, he could change it up and it could be really beautiful. It’s a Dylan song, but Joe Cocker did it at Woodstock. Alejandro’s original music is on another level… that’s why he has such a following. People are moved by his own music, and it doesn’t really matter what he does for 2 min. on TV. The way they do Idol is NOT doing him justice. As a musician, I’m in awe of his guitar+piano skill.

    It’s just fun to guess or hope for what they’ll sing! Can’t wait to find out!

  75. Please NO SPOILERS! Isn’t there a separate thread for this? I don’t see a warning that this is a spoiler thread.

  76. American Idol posted this game on their social media without a spoiler alert. It’s just guesses.

  77. It is spoilers. Should provide only the link and not list songs. MJ will likely delete and post her own spoilers thread soon.

  78. It is spoilers. Provide link only, not list of songs. MJ will likely delete and post her own spoilers thread soon.

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