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I nailed my power list this week, but wish I hadn’t. I was rooting for early favorite Laci Kaye Booth to make next week’s (May 19) American Idol finale, but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, it was Laine Hardy, Alejandro Aranda and Madison VanDenburg who will sing for the crown. Wade Cota had a good run, but he was also eliminated.

Top 10 Airlines in the world 2019
Top 10 Airlines in the world 2019

American Idol 2019 Top 5 Recap and Results Live Blog (VIDEO)

Laci is a more mature singer than young Madison, but the ability to hit major power notes counts for a lot on singing shows. Not that major vocal chops have been necessary for Alejandro Aranda’s success. He doesn’t even have a notable backstory! But Alejandro is an impressive songwriter and musician. Those skills are taking him far. I for one, am not complaining. Laine, a returnee from last year, has made all the right moves. He’s playing the game strategically. 

ABC Renews American Idol for Season 3, Judges Panel Still Unsettled

The judges don’t offer up much criticism, but they weren’t subtle about their favorites last night. Madison, Laine and Alejandro closed the show, respectively, and in each case, Lionel implored viewers to VOTE VOTE VOTE for each one. Wade got what amounted to the kiss off goodbye speech. 

Next week’s results will be interesting. Will the southern white(ish) dude win as they often do? Or will an Southern California Hispanic musician with a quirky edge (and impressive socials) take it all? Or will Madison go all dark horse and snatch the win? Stay tuned!

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  1. We do have 3 finalist though who are very different. There is something for everyone. The two guys know who they are as artists. Which is why people complain they sound the same. That isn’t a bad thing.

  2. I thought that cuting the performances to a minute and a half really hurt some people. Laci’s Miranda Lambert cover was my favorite performance of the night, but having her performance condensed that much didn’t do her any favors. She also sounded really good on her dedication, but her Elton cover was by far my least favorite performance of the night. Why she thought that song would work for her, I have no idea. I was very bored and unimpressed by all 3 performances from Laine. Particularly on Hey Jude. If you’re not going to take me to church by the end of that song, don’t sing it. It’s not a song that should be shortened that much, so I’ll give him that, but he shouldn’t have picked it in the first place. Madison’s Dylan cover was my favorite performance from her so far, so kudos for showing that she can at least be able to show and inch of emotion while singing. But it was a little too late if you ask me. Also was really annoyed by those big notes at the end that added absolutely nothing to the performance. It’s so obvious how much they want Alejandro to win, and I think he would be a fantastic producer because he is a great artist, but as far as singing goes… let’s just say that’s not his forte. Also I didn’t understand a single word from his original and I thought that No Woman No Cry was unrecognizable. And Wade… he seems like a really nice guy so I’m not going to kick him while he is down. He should be proud of how far he made it and I wish him both him and Laci the best in their careers.

  3. I’ve voted for both Laci and Wade as well as Alejandro and Madison. Now my votes go to only Alejandro, because IMO he is the best overall contestant. I tried to like Laine, but I find him boring and singing the same type of song week after week and not really knowing who he is and what genre he’s going for. I haven’t seen any fans of Alejandro being annoying, but I have also seen numerous posts saying they’re voting for him.

  4. Alejandro has 144k more followers than the most followed contestant from last year Gabby. Maybe socials don’t matter that much because Gabby had the best last season but it wasn’t as large of a margin.

  5. I actually picked AA Sorry seems to be the hardest word as my favourite performance, Laine is still my favourite contestant though….Wade did not have a good night, Laci did fine. I didn’t like Alejandro’s original song…..didn’t help that i couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but didn’t like the tune either, and a bit annoyed that he was allowed to perform for 2 mins when everyone else barely got 90 seconds!!!

  6. Alejandro was by far the best contestant last night but Laine is still my pick to win. I really like both of them but am torn about who I want to win. Alejandro arguably deserves to win but tying him to that record contract and to Disney would be a disaster for his career. Laine would fare a little better but again I don’t trust the record company. I cannot stand Madison but she might be the most moldable and the least damaged by the Disney connection.

    The real losers last night were the judges, who lost any smidgen of credibility or likeability they still clung to. Replace all three

  7. I can speak on this: I voted for Laci and Wade. I am not a country fan but I liked Laci and I thought her voice was way more mature in depth and range than Laine and Alejandro’s. Laine’s voice is very limited and amateurish and he is not very entertaining. He will always be a karaoke singer with a pretty boy face. AA is an artist, and his vocals are not there, but he is a good artist. Either of the guys could win AI, but for different reasons. Laine – due to his looks and socializing that he does (hey who’s up for a party), but at the end of the day, his voice has limited vocal range and there is only so much Hollywood can do with that. AA – due to people just wanting something different and he is different than we have seen in the past – but there are risks that come with that. Madison could surprise everyone and win. She is solid and a traditional singer that you see on AI. Just not very personable.

  8. Something I have noticed is AA does not keep his Facebook updated. That might be the reason he is so far ahead in IG followers. It is the only outlet fans have. Laine’s thank you post after last night has the most likes even though AA has more IG followers. Also his Elton song has the most likes on the AI IG post is that performance. Although I think AA is popular I think his IG followers are a little over inflated because of not using FB. Laine has over 200k while he has only 41k. He hasn’t updated since Feb. Laine posts on all three socials. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. If Madison beats out either two guys she really had a quiet fan base that don’t use SM. I think Laine picks up most of Laci and Wades votes. Also AA fans are turning people off off of AA by being so annoying. The last two weeks it seems his fans have found every outlet they can to be super annoying to other fan bases.

  9. I think his IG numbers might over estimate his AI support some. He only uses IG so that is the only place for fans. Laine uses all three SM platforms.
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  10. So we have a mediocre singer who only shines when he sings his original material, but his limitations stick out like a sore thumb when he tries to sing something else. We have a great vocalist who a) is not able to emote; b) has no idea what she’s singing about or c) both. And finally a guy with a pleasant voice but picks the exact same types of song every single week, sounds the same in all of them and doesn’t stay away from that. Yeah I think I’ll sit out from watching the finale performances this season.

  11. Why would it help Alejandro? They all sang the same number of songs.

  12. Alejandro is the whole package and most likely the music I would buy. Laine still has room for growth and I would love to see him go in a more Americana direction-I would follow him there. I would be happy to never hear another note from Madison but she is the perfect Disney princess.

  13. You were already voting for AA though. I am talking about ones that voted only for Laci or Wade. Laine should get the country vote from Laci. As popular as AA is I think his style is to polarizing. I could be wrong though.
    They’ve are annoying because they trash without saying what they don’t like. All of the he is the best crap is grandstanding and silly.

  14. Vote for Alejandro America… I’m 100 percent behind you Alejandro …

  15. I think the lack of actual mentoring helping the contestants plus throwing three songs at them did not help anyone except Alejandro who has been give preferential treatment from the beginning. Everyone but him suffered while the judges declared everyone the winner but little else. It was an unqualified dull program that seemed geared to highlight Alejandro and his lack of singing ability. The judges were a gigantic fail!!

  16. I thought the same thing at first. But his Elton song seemed to really go over well. I was surprised it went over as well as it did. That song and hey Jude showed a ton because they were ballads and the comments I have seen show he gained fans last night.

  17. I was thinking about Laines attire today. I think it actually makes him stand out instead of being just a good looking kid. I agree with you here.

  18. I REALLY wanted “Nobody” to be a choice in the favorite top 3 contestant poll. I have watched every idol season, so I may tune in next week. But I don’t think any of these three come close to deserving the idol title. Sorry.

  19. There is also YouTube which has a ton of Alejandro views. I think Alejandro picks up Wade’s votes.

  20. Everyone got about the same air time according to the video performance times on AI’s YouTube performances.

  21. Madison would be best served by the Disney connection. She fits the role to a T. But my pick is still Alejandro for the win because I think he is the most talented overall and I’d like to see a change for Idol.

  22. I watched all the videos here…AA last song was 2.01, the others around 1.25 to 1.32

  23. Ahh. I don’t know why I keep checking the poll but I’m so excited and curious what the finale’s results will be. I haven’t posted on this blog in 10 years nor watched Idol that much since Adam but this season is so good.

  24. wade told fans that he wants laine to win. he was live on ig story

  25. Don’t a lot of male country singers have limited vocal range. It’s about the songs you make. Nor so much your range.

  26. Mere speak of Alejandro makes us fans annoying (whereas fans of Laine are never annoying) as the original poster stated.

  27. Or it could be viewed as self serving, trying to use his clothes to win over fans. If he spent as much time on delivering his songs with any degree of passion as he does his wardrobe, he would sweep this thing.

  28. He has not been given any preferential treatment. He just performs preferentially better.

  29. I am not a believer in people playing games to win a singing show. To me that would imply that they outsmarted the competition. If they had it like that, there would not be so many mediocre careers after the win, lol. But Alejandro, with his low key and humble persona, would be the perfect candidate to win if only he were from the “right” part of the country and ____. There are just some things that cannot be changed that have proved to be less appealing to more conservative voters. Laine could tone down his flamboyant attire and performance style, if he wanted to appeal to more voters. Thankfully he hasn’t. Makes him a little more interesting, imo. He still might win but he seems to be playing to an audience or potential supporters other than just the voting public. That could prove to be the smarter and more useful move for his career chances later. Set yourself apart from the vanilla cookie cutter contestants. The same old thing, personality and style have not been working out so well. It will be interesting to see what will happen with these two very different styles and talent.

  30. I don’t think Laine made the necessary right moves last night. Katy was still imploring him to scare himself, and after the last performance the judges were just killing time with their comments with no content- I knew Katy wanted to be able to say Laine took her advice, but she didn’t. I think Laine is coasting and Alejandro is growing at the right time.
    As far as social media, I am not sure but I wonder if YouTube views translate to votes even more than Instagram followers. I mean, I don’t have Instagram and I still follow (keep up with lol) Alejandro’s Instagram. But his YouTube views are the highest by a large margin, 90% of the time, and not just on American Idol’s channel, but on Talent Recap, which posts first. Take a look at how quickly those views rack up- that dedication to go watch the performance again is what may translate the most to votes.

  31. Why?…..Wade and Alejandro are 2 completely different performers, I don’t get why someone who voted for Wade would switch to AA…

  32. “Nobody” was also my choice, so I just did not vote on that question. I am certainly curious to see how it plays out, but I never got invested in anyone this year…and being dispassionate about a polarizing cast is really rather peaceful…just me and my ?, waiting for this year’s verdict! ?

  33. American Idol’s page shows all performances. Each has the time below each performance. Look. It is not feasible for Idol to let some performances go way beyond the mark.

  34. I voted for Laine , it was a default vote, he managed to slowly drain every bit of enthusiasm I originally felt when first hearing his voice on last years audition. When a contestant seems to be more concerned with how they look on stage them than how they sound, they have lost me.

  35. Yep. He uses fashion as part of his presentation like Adam and Harry Styles. But it only works if it is in your comfort zone so I have no problem with artists who stick with the basics. It is just another form of expression. What appeals to one may not work for another and that is okay. But some want everyone to stick to the same designated formula so I hope it does not hurt him.

  36. His clothes aren’t going to make him a star. Look at P2 who never gave in and continued to wear ordinary plain clothes. He won by a landslide even though the producers did everything they could to get the win for Jessica.

  37. If I could I’d vote for Alejandro. Amazing musician/songwriter. He’s not best singer there, but I think he can sell a lot with his cool arrangements. Also a great thing for the show to have the first Latino Idol. It’s about time.

  38. I like that he makes an effort with his outfits, its all part of the package…..if I’m paying to go to a concert I prefer to see the performer looking good and making an effort with ‘stage’ clothes and makeup and not turning up in scruffy jeans and t-shirt looking like he/she couldn’t give a toss….

  39. What’s funny is the girls all get glammed up and nobody says a word. When a guy does it on the show he is fake. He is having fun. When the show is over he will go back to jeans. Trucker hat, and t shirt.

  40. They do rack up quickly for Alejandro mostly, it’s amazing. And his tryout performance is going to hit 10 Million, which is insane as it’s been just a few months.

  41. Your missing the point. On the show it makes him stand out and get noticed.

  42. Wade and Alejandro are both “underdogs” of the typical American Idol. Young, cute WGWG. Which is part of the reason why fans would go to Alejandro instead of Laine. Laine is the cutout cardboard figure of what people envision as an American Idol. Except he lacks in key areas (artistry, performing ability, karaoke singing, creativity except his costumes). And Alejandro is far and away more talented IMO. I think people are tired of the same old, same old, mediocre stuff. Time for a change.

  43. I don’t understand why people think Laine is “country”. I haven’t seen any performances that shows he’s going country and is going “pop” as portrayed by his Elvis wannabes.

  44. Go and listen to his originals. Country rock is his thing.

  45. obviously not a Grateful Dead fan lol. Anyhow we are all different in that regard, I go to concerts for the music. Most performers these days do make an effort to look good as they are performing and that’s fine, it does add a little something to the “performance” aspect of it.
    On the other hand I have seen Brandi Carlile in concert twice, once in just jeans, a t shirt and a Santa Hat because it was near Christmas. No one cared what she was dressed in once she started singing.

  46. People look for all kinds of reasons to call people fake. Nothing really new about that. Women get the same as Gabby did. But Brendon Urie is also a stylish artist. One has nothing to do with the other. But I think it makes some fans think Hollywood so you get the freak out. Some want everyone to look the same because that is the way their favorites look. I don’t know what Laine will do, as far as style or music, after the show but what a person does on his off time may be different when they hit the stage. He will work it out but it may depend on if he is playing small clubs or larger theaters or bigger. But it will be his choice if he wants to perform in jeans or make more of an effort. There is no one way that works best for everyone.

  47. It worked for Adam Lambert because he started out his career as more of a performance artist, albeit one with an incredible voice. I just don’t think that’s what Laine truly is deep in his soul, at least that wasn’t his original attraction. I have said it before but I think it’s true that Laine’s efforts to win the show have turned off some of his original fans who were attracted to him based strictly on that amazing tone of his voice. Again JMO.

  48. I think it’s been a calculated move to try to stay alive and win the show. That’s what voters are responding to so he keeps going back to the well. I don’t think it necessarily means it’s his future intention.

  49. Laine is not playing to an audience of one. For every fan that he loses he may pick up another. And Adam was much more than a performance artist. Most of the attention and buzz for him, from the press and public, were because of his incredible voice. That still works for him today and he has never dropped off the radar in 10 years. His sold out headlining world tours, at the beginning or his career, were because of his talent. Yes style and stage presence were also useful for his career. But trying to box artists in has left some artists still playing to a small group of fans. My opinion is artists should try to do what is best for them and their careers and not worry about what a small group of voters want.

  50. I think it’s probably a pretty good bet that the fans Laine picks up because he is wearing snazzy outfits are just going to move on to the next shiny object when the season is over. And I never said that Adam was just a performance artist, it was just part of who he was along with his incredible voice, and for Adam, it always seemed genuine. For Laine, it doesn’t. Audiences will sniff that out in a minute.

  51. I agree Michael, I mean at the end of the day, what he is wearing is meaningless to me, what’s more troubling is that along with the outfits, I don’t think the performances have been great and I just know that Laine has more to him than this. Again as always this is JMO, but to me, Laine looks uncomfortable in this persona, and maybe that is affecting his performances. I think it’s probably wishful thinking though to hope he would change course at this point of the season. What he is doing is obviously working so he has no incentive to change. It will be interesting to see what happens after the show, win or lose. People who play Delta Blues swamp rock don’t normally dress in three piece silver suits lol. I don’t ever recall seeing Lowell George dressed like that :)

  52. I don’t think they necessarily need to be mutually exclusive either. Why can’t he sing his swampy shizz in a Panic At the Disco jacket? If he’s discovered he likes flashy jackets when he’s on stage, I got no problem with that. But as far as the music, I do agree to an extent with bob that what’s giving him a boost on the show in terms of musical choices aren’t necessarily that likely to sustain him post-show. That said, nothing ultimately wrong with riding the wave while it’s there.

  53. Oh, I agree with that. Though I will say I think he might be less comfortable with the style of music he’s singing than the style of clothes he’s wearing. I kinda feel like he digs the flashy jackets to a point. Or at least he’s having fun with it. The Elvis/50-60s pop stuff though…I mean, I think it’s been a little forced for him. It’s not so far out of his natural lane – see what I did there! – that it comes off as awkward…I mean, he;s sold it a bit…but yeah, I think he knows it doesn’t fully fit him, and yes, I think that shows in his performances and given them a slight air of, if not joylessness, a tad bit of inauthenticity.

  54. Though I will say I think he might be less comfortable with the style of music he’s singing than the style of clothes he’s wearing.

    I think that’s exactly right!

  55. You’re completely missing my point so I will just move on,I’m glad you enjoy his performances. Hope he is able to capture back some of his authentic self and still be successful when his time on the show ends.

  56. He has stayed true to his Louisiana roots on the show. I am confident he will take his roots and make it current.

  57. I know everyone thinks this is an Alejandro/Laine competition but don’t count Madison out just yet. She’s be a perfect Disney winner and she hasn’t been in the bottom yet. Also, she can SANG- something the other two can’t claim… so she could always pull a Jordin Sparks and pull out a win. I’m ok with that actually :)

  58. Well, there are a lot of male country singers that seem to get by on limited vocals and like-ability. You got me there. Seems like the rest of the music industry is working a bit harder than that and not relying on that good ole boy mentality but I guess good for them. Not gonna shame them.

  59. I agree with you to a point. I think Laine is a lot greener then gabby. He might benefit from winning. I am not sure he is ready to go out on his own and make it happen like she did. She was totally ready to go make it happen. She is very mature. I could be wrong with Laine but I think he is still a little green to go out and make it happen on his own. Maybe he would get good management like she did. Record deals are hard to get. It took gabby a year and she had to have a bunch of success first.

  60. They have never done a bottom 2 or 3 it’s always been in random order. I do agree though with you on Madison.

  61. Laine has purposely veered away from country because more recently, the Idol fanbase has turned away from it. He’s trying to appeal to the masses and loses his identity in the process IMO.

  62. I think Laine would be better served to use his voice and an interesting and unique song choice to get noticed. This is JMO but when I see him in what can only be described as “costumes” I immediately am distracted from what he is performing. I think this is where Laine lives, and if he does happen to win Idol I guess he will have to make a decision on which path he wants to pursue.

  63. I think it’s safe to say Laine isn’t going to be performing in sparkly suits after the show. It’s just for the show and fun. He will go back to his jeans and T-shirt and his trucker hat.

  64. I think what he is staying true to his LA Roots with his songs. He is singing stuff he said he grew up on.

  65. They kk have to pick up new fans after the show or they will disappear. Laines fans stuck with him after he got booted from idol. I think he is smart at marketing himself. Look how he had his merchandise on when he went in with his friend in the audition.

  66. I could see Laine picking up a style like Gary Allen. He always had suits on. He was very stylish.

  67. Definitely not a Grateful Dead fan :)….Yes, I saw Ed sheeran just in his jeans and shirt, and whilst it was a great concert which I really enjoyed, for the spectacle I loved Katy Perrys concert with all the costumes and dancers…

  68. Laine is not playing to an audience of one. For every fan that he loses he may pick up another. And Adam was much more than a performance artist. Most of the attention and buzz for him, from the press and public, were because of his incredible voice. That still works for him today and he has never dropped off the radar in 10 years. His sold out headlining world tours, at the beginning or his career, were because of his talent. Yes style and stage presence were also useful for his career. But trying to box artists in has left some artists still playing to a small group of fans. My opinion is artists should try to do what is best for them and their careers and not worry about what a small group of voters want.

  69. I think that’s absolutely right to an extent. I feel that way at least. Though I wouldn’t say I’m turned off as much as I’m disappointed that it’s the way the cookie has crumbled. But I certainly don’t blame him. This show is, in part, about exposure and lasting as long as you can, and unfortunately I think it’s just gone down the path of that’s what seems to be getting him votes en masse and giving him the best shot to stick around so he’s just hammering it. But yeah, I’d love to see him bust out something closer to is OG form for the finale…at least once. Seems like it’d be a good happy medium and smart way to appeal to the horde that’s voting for Elvis, and the crew that liked him so much for the stuff he was doing initially. Do that, and I think you can still legit win the show, and arguably improve your chances. If not, Alejandro’s momentum feels like it’s definitely in play. I still fail to be a true fan…I just can’t quite get past the comparative vocal weakness. But I will say I’ve been coming around to respecting what he does do well and staying true to that lane. I don’t always dig it, but honestly, there actually have been a couple times on the last two weeks where I almost did. Almost. And I’ll give it up that he earned the spot. He performed him as well as just about anyone else these last two weeks. Laci bombed two weeks ago though I thought she acquitted herself this week – I’m just gonna pretend the Elton thing didn’t happen…she performed two nice songs last week, right? – and probably deserved that last spot over Madison who I think is the true weak link of the finale. Her voice is real nice at times, she’s got some flashy tricks in the bag, but she’s just way too inconsistent. Too many missed notes. A uncanny perchant at times for being just ahead of or just behind the music. An abyssal habit of smiling at the wrong times and sapping her performances of credibility and connection. Frankly I thought she should’ve been fifth place after the last two weeks. Wade? Well…I thought he was arguably the best two weeks ago. This week? Not so much. And I can’t quite put my finger on it, because the songs choices, other than maybe the last, continued to be a strength and show a knack for getting things right in his wheelhouse. Just seemed to underperform a tad. But hey…a top 5 run for him was pretty much house money anyway. And I continue to feel like this season’s end game would’ve been a lot more interesting with at least a couple more weeks out Uche. Seems even more so in retrospect, or even Dimitrius. I would easily have swapped some extra sets of them for whatever it was we ended up getting out more extended runs by Alyssa, Walker or Madison who ultimately will have not etched much into my AI17 memory banks several years from now.

  70. I’ll just remove Adam from the equation. I only used his name and Harry and Brendon to make the point that style is not a bad thing. And I think Laine is talented but if he wants to dress in a stylish manner it should not be a problem. But everything is so rigid in Idol land that I would not be surprised if it hurts him. That to me is sad. Why is there no room for stage presence and style along with talent? It should not be one or the other. How many of the same types do we really need? How many have a lot of success to show for sticking to the what the voters will accept? They move on after most of the winners. So if that happens with Laine, he is in the same boat as the rest of them. So why shouldn’t he take a chance?

  71. don’t disagree, I think stage presence is actually important. LOL so lets do this, lets remove Harry and Brendon from the equation and insert Brandi Carlile, who often performs in just jeans and a t shirt, but yet has more stage presence than any single female performer I have ever seen, except for maybe Rachel Price from Lake Street Dive. To me, Laine looks uncomfortable in this persona , I don’t know him obviously, and I could be wrong, but I think his performances have gone steadily downhill since his increased focus on how he looks. Damn, if he were performing great he could come on stage looking like Liberace and I wouldn’t give a shit. :)

  72. Again, he is not playing to an audience of one. I happen to enjoy his performances, style and I think he is a talented singer. I felt that way about Gabby when many called her fake. Everyone will not like the same thing. There should be room for Idol contestants who don’t fall in line. They may not win but many have done better with their careers than most winners. They have choices to make. Appeal to the voters or try to expand your reach and risk losing. And great that you enjoy Brandi and her jeans but why not let Laine make his own path as she did? If it doesn’t work then he will regroup.

  73. Has no one ever heard of Gary Allen. That guy has style and always wore suits in big performances and videos. Your obviously not going to wear a flashy jacket in a club playing.

    Why do people not say the same thing about the woman on the show.

  74. I love Laine but I don’t agree, he hasn’t had any really bad performances, but he has not done anything special either.

  75. I agree he hasn’t had any bad ones. I think he’s had several mediocre ones.

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