Kory Wheeler – American Idol 2016 – Season 15 Contestant

Kory Wheeler American Idol 2016 Season 15 Top 24

Kory Wheeler American Idol 2016 Season 15 Top 24

Kory Wheeler is a 27-year-old barista and Idol returnee from Nashville Tennessee who says on his Instagram account that “I was on TV for a minute.” Last year on the day of the celebrity judges round, Kory was working in a coffee shop when an Idol producer walked into the store and the two started making small talk. While making coffee, Kory suggested to the producer that it would a cool idea if he would let him audition that day, and surprisingly the producer agreed. The next thing Kory knew he was in front of the Idol judges performing. While he earned himself a golden ticket, Kory’s Idol journey ended during group round, where half his group was cut and the only one to make the top 24 was Lovey James. After that, Kory returned home.Aside from last year’s Idol journey, back in March, Kory launched a Kickstarter to help fund his new music. The project raised over 11 thousand dollars in a month. In May, Kory updated his followers by saying he had booked a studio and recruited a producer, engineer and band. Since then, Kory’s EP “All Good Things” has charted at least as high as number 14 on one of the Itunes charts.

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In January 2013, Kory and his girlfriend Beth were married. Kory shared the adorable moment in a youtube video. On his social media, Kory also shares pictures of various latte art and short snippets of music.

Over the summer, Kory made a triumphant return to American Idol. According to The Idol Pad, Kory not only received a golden ticket, but also made it all the way through Hollywood Week to the showcase where he performed Electric Love, by Borne. Kory was then admitted to the top 24.

Instruments Kory Plays: Guitar


Overall Thoughts: I really like Kory, but compared to the other singers on the guy’s side I’m worried he will end up fodder. I will say though, of the contestants I feel like Kory is the one most likely to give us interesting song choices. I think his voice though is a little limited, which will stand out when he is compared to people like Jordan, Dalton and Adam. Regardless, I still am rooting for Kory. My advice is to try and find an angle where he can show some of his creativity and try really hard to separate his artistry from the other boys. The last thing Kory needs is to draw comparisons to one of the other guys. I would also suggest he pick a safe slow emotional song for top 24 week that he knows he can nail so that he could try and fly under the radar rather than go for a bigger number that could be a hit or miss.

Song Suggestions:

  • A Case Of You, by Joni Mitchell
  • Budapest, by George Ezra
  • The Scientist, by Coldplay

Kory Wheeler sang “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John at his Atlanta audition. Click to check out his FULL audition

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