Lindita – 26 – Kosovo – It’s a Man’s Man’s World – Lindita lost more than 150 pounds to prepare for her audition. She’s a personal trainer now. Her husband, also a trainer, helped get the singer in shape. Lindita has a HUGE HUGE voice. She’s a solid singer, effortless in  her ability to project.  She still sings like a “big girl,” notes Jlo, whatever the hell that means. But she kinda ruined it by throwing in too many runs at the end. OVERKILL. But she’s good. Harry mentions that fans LOVE runs. “Fans eat that stuff up!” he says. Do they? Keith thought there were too many runs, as he’s wont to do. He suggests she trim things out. He’s right. “Invincible” by Kelly Clarkson plays as she celebrates her golden ticket. Three yesses.

American Idol 15 Auditions #1 Recap