Joseph Koulruss – 15 – Scottsdale AZ – Hello by Lionel Richie – He’s brought an army of friends and family to “cheer” for him. He claims to be “classically” trained and very versatile. He’s looking forward to 4 yesses. OK then. And of course…he’s really terrible. In that “old days of Idol totally delusional” way. He bellows out the notes, mostly off key. He ends with an “operatic” big note. “You” is soft and totally off key. Simon would have eviscerated him. Harry asks him to demonstrate his lowest notes. He swoops down to a grunt. “That’s the sound you hear at the end of Harry’s jokes,” quips Keith. They reject him. After, Harry said “The last half of what he did wasn’t even a note! It was like a burp.”

American Idol 15 Auditions #1 Recap