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The duets this week were somewhat better than last week. The judges decided to mend their cranky ways and give practically everyone an A, even if it were only for effort. Except for Shelbie Z who was reamed for her “Bohemian Rhapsody” duet with Constantine. It really wasn’t her fault. She was given an impossible song and a duet partner who had no clue how to work with her.

The judges seem hell bent on advancing youngsters Tristan McIntosh and Lee Jean even as it becomes clear both are still growing into their artistry. At this point, I’d trade either one for Kory or even Adam. Maybe even CJ. His song choices can be corny, but at least he knows how to perform. Trent Harmon is the Grandpa of the bunch, and he’s only 24.

They literally and purposely ditched the older singers:

Top 14: Trent 24, Mackenzie 23. Jenn 23, La’porsha 22, Avalon 21, Sonkia 20, Manny 20, Dalton 20, Thomas 17, Olivia 16, Tristan 15, Lee 15, Jeneve Rose 15, Gianna 15.

Eliminated: Adam 28, CJ 28, Kory 27, Jordan 27, James VIII 23, Jenna 23, Shelbie Z 23, Stephany 21, Emily 16, Amelia 15.

If viewers had the opportunity to vote during the semi-finals, There is no WAY every guy over 25 would have been eliminated to make way for a bunch of 15, 16 and 17 year olds. The gender split 8 girls/6 boys probably would not have happened either.

Every single one of the fifteen year olds who advanced to the Top 14 aren’t ready yet. Do you think Scott is looking to sign a teen this year? He’s already got his grandpa guitar strummer. It’s obvious he isn’t looking for another. Speaking of teens, or near teens. For a minute I felt sorry for Dalton having his segment snatched away by Chris Daughtry’s plaque presentation from 19 and Ryan’s uhm twerking and rapping (!!!). But then our video guy, Al pointed out that the segment was 7 minutes long, and probably has the best shot at going viral because of the shenanigans, so way more attention for Dalton vs the other contestants. Crafty. Producer favorites this minute seem to be Dalton and Olivia.

Tristan is losing her luster a little bit, and I’ve got to wonder if Emily would have been a better choice for one of the teen country singers. But then, Tristan has that moving mommy backstory and she’s a person of color singing country music. Emily is just another boring blond. And unlike Jeneve, she doesn’t live without electricity, wear cowboy hats and play a million crazy instruments.

One last thing, when Jordin mentioned it’s been NINE years since she competed on the show, it really dawned on me how long I’ve been following this damn cheesy show. Has it really been 10 years? And am I minimizing the withdrawal I’m likely to feel after American Idol leaves the airwaves forever? Probably. As always, I loved seeing our favorite alums back on the Idol stage.


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