American Idol XIII – Idol Chat with M&M – The Top 6 Power Lists

Mac and MJ compare American Idol 13 Top 6 power lists! Share YOURS in comments!

MAC: 1) Alex Preston – This was so hard for me, because after last weeks terrific rendition of Creep, I was ready to throw Jena to the top. I think Jena has actually overcome all of her weaknesses from the start of the competition, and turned into quite a contender. I don’t know if TPTB will let her win Idol though, after the failure that is Candice Glover. I think they want a boy to win, and specifically, I think they want Alex to win. He’s Philip Phillips 2.0, and I’ve got no reason to believe he won’t beat Jena in the finale.

MJ: 1) Alex Preston – I agree. Jena is in Alex’s review mirror at the moment, but I don’t think she’ll over take him. We are likely looking at the final two, though.

MAC: 2) Jena Irene – Jena has come a long way, and I think the finale spot is hers to lose right now. Caleb is going to have to be happy right now with a hometown party. Jena continues to do innovative things with her music. Put her at a piano, rearrange the song, and we’ve got a moment. It’s like she’s a more likeable version of Angie Miller, and if Alex Preston performed another I Don’t Wanna Be at a really inopportune time, Jena might be able to overtake him. It’ s a longshot, but even Alex Preston isn’t perfect.

MJ:  2) Jena Irene –  She’s really put her troubles behind her, to the point that she could even afford another so so week if she had one. Her fan base is solid, and are ready to vote for her no matter what. But I think it would take a lot for Jena to overtake Alex. He’s been rock solid the entire competition. His win feels like a foregone conclusion at this point.

MAC: 3) Caleb Johnson– Currently destined to either be a shock boot, or the final person to get a hometown party. Caleb should be fine this week, since one of the two themes is ROCK. But how’s his country?

MJ: 3) Caleb Johnson – Caleb is so consistent, if he is booted early, it will be due to some weird voting anomaly. I think he’s pretty solid at #3.

MAC: 4) Jess Meuse – Jess is promising some interesting things this week, and for a girl who had never been in the bottom until last week, I’ve gotta believe she’s going to rebound. Plus, this week is rock and country, and she’s excelled at both in the past. I think we’ll see a comeback from Ms Meuse, and possibly she’ll look to challenge Caleb for his 3rd place spot.

MJ: 6) Jess Meuse – She was nearly eliminated last week. That, coupled with her inconsistent performances puts her in a precarious position. She has to perform well to stay in the competition at this point. I don’t think she’ll make it any higher than 4.

MAC: 5) Sam Woolf – Sam and CJ are almost interchangeable for me this week. My gut instinct tells me that CJ’s time is up, no matter what happens. He just cannot outlast. Since John Mayer would likely not be considered rock, CJ has a tough time. Honestly, so does Sam. Rock and Country are two genres that Sam is completely out of his element on. There’s nothing rock or country about Sam, and honestly, he could be going home this week.

MJ: 4) Sam Woolf –  Sam is on an improvement arc at the moment, which can help him stay in the game. He could finish in 4th or 5th place at this point, which would be a good run for him, considering he was saved by the judges from elimination. A poor performance good send him home for good. He’s got to keep improving, even if it’s just by increments.

 MAC: 6) CJ Harris– My absolute gut feeling is that CJ is going home this week. However, I also feel that Sam is almost in equal danger. Ranking the bottom 2 this week was extremely hard, because both contestants have been in the bottom a few times, and neither contestant is really at an advantage this week. Perhaps CJ’s style allows him to be better at country and rock than Sam, but when we look at the actual country singers and rockers of this season, CJ pales in comparison to them. At this point, you could flip a coin, but my coin says CJ’s going home.

MJ: 5) CJ Harris – CJ appears to be connecting with viewers, which is more important than singing perfect notes. He could outlast Jess or Sam–who both have had connection problems–just for that ability to convey heartfelt emotion in his performances.

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