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AMERICAN IDOL: Janelle Arthur is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL Thursday, April 18 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Pictured L-R: Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, Janelle Arthur, Angie Miller and Candice Glover. CR: Michael Yarish/ FOX. Copyright: FOX.

UPDATE: Janelle Arthur has the lowest number of votes. She sings “Keep Me Hanging On” THE JUDGES DO NOT SAVE HER. She is eliminated.

Quick thoughts: It’s only semi-surprising that the judges didn’t use the save tonight. As I mentioned in my prediction post, there was a chance they wouldn’t save Janelle, because it was VERY clear last night that TPTB were eager to get rid of her.

As far as “deadlines” on the save. I SCOFF. Ever since The Save came into play Season 8, the rule has been that it needed to be used BEFORE Top 5. Now suddenly, it is available before Top 4. There are no hard and fast rules about ANYTHING on a reality TV show. If the producers want to extend the save? They will. Or they’ll cook up some way to make up for that extra week. ETA:  Apparently Randy said last week that this week was the last opportunity to use the save.  There’s no reason why they can’t extend it anyway. What would happen? Would the reality show police come along and shut them down?  Anyway, the judges could decide not to eliminate anyone next week, and not call it a “Save.”  I can’t wait to see how they manage to make up for that extra week.

More thoughts:  Keith Urban tweeted, “I fought for ya @JanelleAI12!!”  You could have fought for her last night when it counted dude. Grumble.  Ryan said two judges fought for her. I wonder who the other was?

Janelle’s sing out wasn’t her best performance, but I still wish they had saved her.  At this point, a two week Top 5 would have been the best way to fill the extra week in the schedule. But the producers probably did not want to give Janelle–and unwanted contestant at this point–an advantage.  Some of you are thinking there might be a two week finale. That’s 6 hours of Idol to fill with two contestants. That would be awful. Just watch the finale ratings dive in further if that idea comes to pass. It’ll be interesting to see how FOX solves the dilemma.

Janelle wasn’t a consistent performer, but when she was on SHE WAS TOTALLY ON.  She brought a spark of charisma and personality to the Idol stage. And it was sorely needed. I’m really going to miss her.

Tonight was a total Throwback Thursday. First, Paula struts in like she just stepped out of the 8o’s, to congratulate Candice on her “Straight Up” performance. She was a big crazy crying mess. But would you have it any other way?  I won’t go as far to say I want her back on the show. That’s nostalgia talking. Remember Paula critiquing performances she hadn’t even seen yet?  There wasn’t much hand wringing by the time Paula bowed out of negotiations with FOX. Remember when she quit on twitter? Good times! 

Speaking of messes?  Fantasia totally is one, but that girl can sang–a great performance from her tonight.  The video package on LaToya London and the Big Fat Fail her career has been since the competition in 2004 was a little strange. And weird that it preceded a performance from the winner that year.  I suppose for LaToya,  looking like a loser, was a fair tradeoff for the publicity.

Completing the trip down memory lane, was Clay Aiken’s reprise of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” the song he sang on the Season 2 final.  He had absolutely nothing to promote, so I wonder how he snagged a spot on the show? Maybe a 10 year anniversary deal. It’s been nearly that long since the S2 finale.


I’ll be live blogging the American Idol results tonight.  Will the judges use their Save tonight, or will a contestant be sent packing?

Plus, Season 3 winner, Fantasia performs her new single. Season 2 runner-up,  Clay Aiken, also performs.

First up…a montage of loser boys, just to reiterate the fact that A GIRL WILL WIN IDOL. Yes. We need to be reminded CONSTANTLY.

The girls sing a DIVA medley of Donna Summer hits. “Last Dance,” “Heaven Knows,” “She Works Hard for the Money.”   The girls get their very own BOY DANCERS! FANCY. DIVAS. Choreography, people. This is actually pretty awesome. Maybe the best group number of the season. Now that the crappy boys are gone, it can be done. AWESOME POINTY POSE HOORAY.

Opening Group Number – Diva Medley – American… by IdolxMuzic

Ford Fiesta Mission: The girls are looking for clues that will eventually lead them to a celebrity. DAMN. When “hair gel” was a clue I thought for a second it was Darren Criss. Nope. Matt Morrison. Crap.

Ford Fiesta Mission – American Idol 12 (Top 5) by IdolxMuzic

The results will be done individually tonight.

Angie Miller is first. Jimmy says, “She’s a great technician, but when she plays the piano it is completely believable.  Although “Halo” is widely regarded as her better performance, Jimmy didn’t “believe” it. He thinks it’s a misstep that will  affect her score. Nicki says, “Jimmy has no idea what he’s talking about!” She insists “Halo” was a 10 out of 10. Ryan sends her back to the couch.

Candice Glover is next. Jimmy says, “When she did ‘Straight Up’ I was really concerned. ‘When You Believe’ blew my mind” He liked her choices when he was able to see her “complete thought.” He calls her “smart.”

Randy complains that Paula Abdul never got back to him on twitter yesterday after he reminded her to watch Idol. Oh. It’s just a setup for Paula to take the stage and congratulate Candice in person!  Oh Randy.  Everybody knows Paula watched! She already congratulated Candice via twitter late last night. After hugging it out with Candice, and tearfully congratulating her, (Paula babbling!!!!) she checks out her old chair (Randy’s) at the judges table. Aw. BRING BACK PAULA. Just kidding.

pauler by mjsbigblog

Fall Out Boy is here. Yippie.  They have a new album out, and I’m hearing it’s good. Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo and in the house as well. Ryan asks “When is the Wedding?” WHEN IS YOURS RYAN. Yeah. That would shut him up.

The video package for Clay Aiken runs. Aw. “This is the Night.” Remember that? These remember whens are fun. He talks about the beginnings of the National Inclusion Project and his work with UNICEF. Clay takes a trip down memory lane. He sings his finale song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which he performed TEN YEARS AGO in 2003. Can you believe that?

Janelle Arthur is next. Jimmy says that after her sleepy Vince Gill cover, she needed a hit. But “Dumb Blonde” was a strikeout. He liked her arrangement, right Diva, wrong song. Aw. Dolly sent a note! “Don’t feel bad that you didn’t get great reviews…you’re very talented and very special.” Aw that’s sweet. Janelle says it was her honor to sing her song. Ryan sends Janelle back to the couch.

Amber Holcomb is next. Jimmy says Amber sings brilliantly every week, but STILL ends up in the bottom 2. He gives her credit for realizing she needed to do something bold and brave last night. Singing Barbra Streisand and Mariah was a risk–she was brilliant. Amber will be rewarded for that risk tonight. Back to the couch with Amber!

Kree Harrison is last Jimmy feels Kree made the wrong song choices. He compares her performances unfavorably to when she sang “Up to the Mountain” early in the competition. Jimmy notes that Keith and Randy looked like deer in the headlights during the Nicki/Mariah dust up. He doesn’t blame them!

This is odd. Fantasia’s video package features the “lost” diva, LaToya London from season 3! While Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia found their places in the entertainment world, she’s been kind of aimless. If you remember, many predicted that she would take it ALL. It’s a little sad. Fantasia looks very elegant tonight, as she sings her weepy new single. Best. Moment Ever: We see the s0-called 3 Divas in the bottom 3! JHud bitchface is GOLD. LaToya is in the audience with Ryan.  So odd that Fantasia didn’t get a retrospective.  Too much negative stuff went down post-Idol. That’s probably it.

Lost Diva LaToya London From Season 3… by IdolxMuzic

Finally, it’s time for results. In no particular order, Ryan announces the finalists who are safe:  Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb. Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur are in the bottom 2!

In jeopardy of leaving tonight? Janelle Arthur. She sings a reprise of “Keep Me Hanging On” sans guitar.  Will the judges save her? Oh look! The panel is actually pretending to discuss whether to save her or not.

OMG THEY AREN’T GOING TO USE THE SAVE!!!!!  Randy says it was Two against Two. Keith Urban tweeted that he tried to save Janelle. Well, sir. Maybe you shouldn’t have bussed her last night. Hm.

Janelle is gracious in defeat. She cries through her goodbye video and the girls gather to hug. And we’re out.

Results & Final Elimination – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic



  • Candice Glover
  • Angie Miller
  • Amber Holcomb
  • Kree Harrison

Bottom 2

  • Kree Harrison
  • Janelle Arthur
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