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Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb were the bottom 2. Ryan NEVER announced who had the lowest number of votes.

Most anti-climatic results show EVER? I think so.

At the top of the show, Ryan Seacrest teased “shocking news” that would “affect the judges” and “turn the competition upside down.”  Of course, every Idol loonie was aware of the extra week in the season, due to the unused save. Most of us believed it was pretty likely that tonight would be a non-elimination night.

So when Ryan announced in the last few minutes of the show, that NO ONE would be going home, Idol fans joined in a collective yawn. WHATEVER RYAN.

The shocking twist that Ryan teased last night? It wasn’t so shocking. But we DO need to talk!  I figured that a surge of votes after Kree was pilloried unfairly by the judges last night would save her. But that was SOME SURGE. It landed her in the Top 2 with Angie, who was obviously going to be safe after last night’s pimping and semi-strong performances.  It probably didn’t hurt Kree that she’s no longer splitting votes with the other country gal, Janelle.

As some of you pointed out in comments, Kree and Angie are now in their own voting lanes, with R&B girls, Amber and Candice possibly splitting votes.  Honestly, the judges and Jimmy have been trying their damndest to make Amber happen, and I don’t think she will. But she COULD sneak into the Top 3 if Candice doesn’t kill it next week.

It’s going to be a tough call next week. Candice and Amber hitting the bottom 2 will surely spur their fan bases into action. If Kree doesn’t swing it out of the park next week, and the judges ease up on her, she could fall behind. She’s been in the bottom before.  Angie feels really safe right now. But who knows? When this week’s 38 million votes are transferred to next week…what will happen? I’m pretty terrible at math, to be honest.


WILL THERE BE AN ELIMINATION TONIGHT? And what of that game changing TWIST Ryan Seacrest teased last night? Tune in to find out! I’ll be liveblogging here. Plus, American Idol 9 winner, Lee DeWyze and American Idol 10 alum, Stefano Langone perform!

The opening video package features a day in the life of the Top 4, including rehearsals, recording, Ford shoots, Red carpet events and a visit to the Children’s Hospital! By the way, I totally missed the girls attending Brit week!


But first, more video from the Children’s Hospital visit. Michael Orland introduces the Top 4 as they are about to perform for the kids. Aw. The kids sing “Just The Way You Are” along with the Idols.

Group number: The Top 4 perform Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire”.  Angie plays the piano while the rest take spots on the stage. They trade off solos, and are pretty much ALL ON FIRE.  Some of the harmonies are wonky, but a decent job overall.

Opening Group Number – Girl On Fire – American… by IdolxMuzic

The Ford Fiesta mission is next. The girls will be hanging out with Ryan Seacrest for the day. OMG HOW THRILLING I AM SOOO JELLUS. The conceit is that 4 girls aren’t even enough to do everything he has to accomplish in a day. The spot ends with A QUARTET OF SKEERY RYANS standing in a row, freaking the girls out. Good thing they can get away in their Ford Fiesta. Or whatever. Back in the studio, the girls take over for Ryan, reading from a teleprompter, and it’s totally awkwardcakes. Ryan rushes back, “I had to go next door to polish Tom Bergeron’s Emmy.” Hardee Har Har.

Ford Fiesta Mission – American Idol 12 (Top 4) by IdolxMuzic

Next a video package where each of the girls reveal 5 things we don’t know about them. But they only have 20 seconds. Of course, the girls can’t finish their lists in the allotted time. The director does his best to completely unnerve them, so that doesn’t help.

Time for “Results”. AIR QUOTES.

Amber Holcomb’s recap is first. Jimmy Says: “Amber did a great job on Power of Love.” He reiterates his hate for MacArthur Park, and that the lyrics make no sense. And as it turns out, Amber confessed to not understanding them either. If America agrees with Jimmy, she’s in trouble tonight, he says. Randy insists that Amber’s performance on “MacArthur’s Park” was superb.

Kree Harrison is next. Recap of Nicki abusing her. BOO. Jimmy says Kree needed to redeem herself on her second song. He doesn’t think she did. “Whiter Shade of Pale” has corny lyrics. It’s not a great song. “It’s no wonder that group was a one hit wonder,” He said.

Next, it’s Stefano Langone. His video clip features his sob story–that bad accident. He explains what a Reality Check American Idol was. He decided to stay in LA after he was eliminated. Signing with Hollywood Records was a dream. Then he goes off on a totally cheesy rant about how he was going to sing “Yes To Love” to his “ladies” Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey as if he were a real playah. Lame sauce.  He semi-realizes how stupid he sounds, and asks the director not to use it. Which means, of course, he totally will. Stefano’s pop ballad has a sweet melody, but I’m not sure it’s right for his voice. His vocals are a little shaky tonight. Definity have heard him sing better than this.

Candice Glover is up. BLAH BLAH BLAH Randy. BLAH BLAH BLAH Judges. Jimmy says: “Candice has a big voice, and big voices are difficult to maintain.”  She had a cold Jimmy. What do you want?  He felt the Drake song was “playing it safe” WTF? On the second performance, and the judges arguing with him, he says,  “The entire audience is booing me! Here comes Nicki [on stage] like a middle line backer. My charisma and charm win the day! I think she’s sweet on me.”  Nicki is laughing. She said she was going to wait until the season was over to reveal her love for Jimmy. On Candice’s’ second song Jimmy said:  Oh nothing. He spent the whole segment blabbing about Nicki.  Candice looks REALLY uneasy on stage.  Sigh.

Drake left an audio message!  In a pretty loud, suspiciously clear audio clip, he says that he watched her performance at home, and  knows what it is like to be in her position, under heavy scrutiny. He was honored that she sang his song and she did an INCREDIBLE job with it. He calls her voice angelic.  He almost wishes he could have produced the track with her… AND GUESS WHAT! Drake walks out onto stage to congratulate Candice in person. She flips out. He gives her a big hug “I’m so proud of you,” he whispers in her ear. He gives all the girls a hug. Amber is swooning! Candice gushes about what a big fan she is and thanks him for coming. That was nice of him.

Lee Dewyze, the season 9 winner is next! The post-idol life can be tough, he says in his video package.  He calls it a crazy mixture of emotion and music. He speaks of meeting and marrying his wife, Johnna. He’s finishing up his next album. He has no regrets. The record is about finding hope, when you think there’s none. Finding the balance. He performs “Silver Lining” the lead single. OH LOOK A BANJO! It’s oh-so-Mumford and Sons! I’M WAITING FOR THE BAGPIPES. I quite like this strummy tune, and Lee is in fine voice. Nicki has a big ole smile on her face!

Angie Miller is last:  Jimmy says: Angie won the night. She had two great songs, two great performances. “I like her on a piano,” he says, and that she looks more in her head when she sings without an instrument. She needs to stay at that piano, he says. Ryan reads a tweet from JesseJ. For a minute, she thinks she’s there. LOL. Pretty sure she’s on tour right now. Mariah tells her “keep being angelic.” “Angie-elic” says Ryan. Hm.

Now it’s finally time for some RESULTS. Ryan explains that he’s going to split the group in half. Two on one side, Two on the other. He sends Amber to one side of the stage and Angie to the other. The remaining girls have to be nervous, because it’s pretty damn obvious who is in jeopardy and who is not. There is NO WAY Angie isn’t safe. Not after the night that she had.  Kree is sent to stand by Angie!  Oh, those sympathy votes must have been MASSIVE.  And Candice is sent to stand by Amber. Gulp.

Ryan asks Kieran to “dim the lights.” And…After the nationwide vote… Candice and Amber are the bottom two.  NO KIDDING. Angie and Kress are sent to safety.  He announces next week’s theme “Now and Then.” And then he pretty much gives it away: “The person who COULD BE leaving us tonight is…” Could be? Yawn. Let’s get this farce over with.

The person who could be leaving us tonight is….No one. Candice looks TRULY shocked. The girls hug. Ryan explains an extra week was built into the finals to make room for the save.  He says an extra week was built into ever season, but that’s actually not true. In the past, a double elimination right after took care of it. (last year’s disqualification of Jermaine Jones made up for the save).

Ryan explains that our votes will not be wasted.  Over 38 million votes from last night will be combined with next week’s votes. So. There you go. And we’ll NEVER learn who got the lowest number of votes tonight, because Ryan did not announce it.

  • Angie Miller and Kree Harrison are on one side of the stage. – TOP TWO
  • Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover are on the other. – BOTTOM TWO

Ryan Seacrest announces that NO ONE will be eliminated this week!

Results & Final Elimination – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

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