American Idol 12 – Oklahoma City Auditions – Recap and Videos

I don’t understand the deal with Oklahoma City. Could there really have been so little talent, that the highlight of the night was a bad singer, who was likely planted by the producers? Oh, and ex-judge Steven Tyler crashing the party in drag. Thing is, there is at least one Oklahoma hopeful who has so much promise, she’s got Nashville types tweeting and buzzing about her already. That unseen hopeful is a country singer named Kree Harrison.

The rest of tonight was mildly entertaining and painless, if not entirely engrossing. It helped that the episode was only an hour. As I predicted, the Nicki/Mariah battle story arc ended with a truce. Who knows, the two could have continued to battle all the way through the auditions and Hollywood. If so,  I doubt that we’ll ever see it. But, all bets will be off once the live shows begin. I don’t think those ladies will be able to hold back if they continue to get on each other’s nerves. The live shows have the potential to become a battleground–but hopefully not at the expense of the contestants.

So, I don’t quite get what the producers were going for with this, the very last audition episode of season 12. Let’s end the auditions with as little talent on display, and as weird a vibe as possible. Hm.  I hope that when the Hollywood round begins next week, we’ll get acquainted with some of the talent passed over during these past few weeks of auditions.

In Hollywood, the girls performed on completely different days than the boys, and I wonder if the performances will be edited together, or if whole or half episodes will be devoted to either gender. We’ll find out soon if Nigel’s little gender-separated experiment will work…


It’s the LAST American Idol 12 audition episode in Oklahoma City. I’ll be live blogging the action right here.

That took me a second to figure out. That those lone OOOOOHHHHS would turn into “Oklahoma” from the musical of the same name. Carrie Underwood is from OK and there’s Seacrest invoking her name in front of the cattle call crowd. Actually, if the winner comes from the OK auditions, that would NOT be a surprise, considering the preponderance of southern winners.

Karl Skinner – 26 – Joplin MO – “I Feel Good” – He’s from the small town audition tour. This guy is totally being painted as a yokel. OMG. He’s singing and dancing like James Brown. “I’m going to prove that gingers have soul,” she says. Well, not really. But you know what I mean. He can’t be serious. He picks up the guitar he brought in. He sings a folky original. Dude was totally brought in for local yokel color. He’s pretty terrible. Keith asks him who he is as an artist. He really can’t answer. “Whatever people want me to do, I’m going to do it.” The judges think he’s funny. “He definitely lit up the room,” says Randy. They joke that he’d make a great Ryan Seacrest. Uhm. They all vote yes. Uh. Uhm. He’s pure Hollywood cannon fodder.

Karl Skinner – Oklahoma City Audition… by IdolxMuzic

A montage of bad singers. The second one was hilarious!

Nate Tao – 24 – Reston, VA – “For Once in My Life” – Both his parents are deaf. SHADES OF  JIM VERRAROS!  Nate says his parents are sad, and worried–that they can’t tell whether he’s a good singer or not. Keith asks if his parents are musical. As if he doesn’t know tha answer to that!  Nate is cute as a button and a solid singer.  Mariah enjoyed it. Nicki likes his charima and unique tone. Randy says he looks like he’s ready to do his taxes, but he’s good! “It seems like singing is easy…effortless,” says Keith. 4 yeses and he’s on his way to Hollywood.

Nate Tao – Oklahoma City Audition – American… by IdolxMuzic

Halie Hilburn – 27 – Vernon TX –  “Cowboy Sweetheart”  – A female ventriloquist. No lie. She’s been doing it since she was 9.  Her puppet’s name is Oscar. He’s a dog. OMG she’s going to duet with her puppet dog. She’s like a female Terry Fator. She would probably kill on  AGT.  The judges are laughing so hard, they can barely breath. Especially Keith.  “This is wild,” says Randy, “What is this.”  Halie promptly drops Oscar to the ground and sings by herself. It becomes clear that she’s got a good voice. She also yodels.  “I think Oscar is holding you back,” says Keith.  Basically, they tell her she can sing, but ditch the puppet.  Randy says no, but the rest say yes. Initially, I thought it was a bad idea to bring her puppet. But it did get her noticed.  Jokie: Oscar panhandles out in the street…and then winds up in the dumpster. HARSH.

Halie Hilburn – Oklahoma City Audition… by IdolxMuzic

Zoanette Johnson – 19 – Tulsa, OK –  The National Anthem –   Whereas crazy-ass girl sings the most audacious and atrocious National Anthem known to man, complete with runs, spills and earsplitting trills PLUS the most unbelievable whistle register you’ve ever heard ever.  This chick is a total nutball  AND ALL FOUR JUDGES SEND HER TO HOLLYWOOD.  “I am obsessed with you,” says Nikki.  “Your voice is out of this world.”  That’s one way to put it.  She’s 100 percent comic relief for Hollywood Week. And I’m not really mad.

Zoanette Johnson – Oklahoma City Audition… by IdolxMuzic

Next, a montage of crying contestants after the judges scorn them.

Anastacia Freeman –  25 – Ardmore, OK – “Unbreak My Heart” – This hopeful’s whiny singing is just unbearable. What makes her think she can sing?  The judges are laughing. She stops abruptly to ask “Are you all laughing at me?”  “No!” say the judges. LIARS. She continues to sing. Nicki has her head down on the desk she is laughing so hard.   Oh. Did her parents tell her to audition? A friend? Nope. GOD TOLD HER TO AUDITION.  No. Like for reals. There’s a fun snarky bit that involves a “cheap dramatization” that includes a fake Anastacia asking if she should try out for The Voice or X Factor.  “NOOOOO,” says God. Ha.   As Anastacia leaves, after the judges ditch her, she says she’ll never listen to Mariah again. and what’s more, she heard  Nicki worships the devil.  Not a surprise.

Anastacia Freeman – Oklahoma City Audition… by IdolxMuzic

Kayden Stephenson – 16 –  Tulsa, OK – “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder He looks like he’s 10. But there’s a reason for that. He has Cystic Fibrosis. Which means he’ll die before he’s 35. He’s determined to live life to the fullest.  He’s just an OK singer. But I wouldn’t blame the judges if they played “Make a Wish” and sent him right along to Hollywood.  Nicki is inspired. MARIAH IS BEYOND INSPIRED.  She thinks the girls will love him.  He is cute. It’s 4 yeses.

Kayden Stephenson – Oklahoma City Audition… by IdolxMuzic

OMG Steven Tyler crashes the auditions DRESSED IN DRAG! TOO TOO HILARIOUS.

Steven Tyler – Surprise Oklahoma City Audition… by IdolxMuzic

Next week…it’s Hollywood Week!

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