American Idol 11 Final 2 – Power Rankings and Predictions!

DialIdol has always been able to predict the American Idol winner, but this season, it has Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez in a statistical dead heat.

ETANigel Lythgoe tweeted that there were  a World record number of votes cast last night. 132 Million.

Maybe there is hope for Jessica Sanchez yet? All indications, however, are that Phillip Phillips will take the title. He would be the 5th white male winner in a row. If Phillip becomes the next American Idol, will it be even worth tuning in for Season 12? When the first rock/hac white guy with a guitar shows up on our TV screens, will we be muttering to ourselves “GAME OVER! I think I’ll watch Modern Family instead?”

I don’t have a horse in this particular race. My favorites were Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet and Skylar Laine–in that order. But I do think Jessica has a better chance at topping the pop charts than Phillip does. His coronation song is really good, but I can’t imagine it getting any spins on the pop stations. The album he eventually makes, after he sorts out his health issues (I’m not banking on a quick turnaround on the debut album because of Phil’s issues) won’t be chock full of hit singles. He might get some play in Adult Contemporary formats. Triple AAA, where he really belongs, will turn their noses up like they did when Crystal Bowersox came calling with a clutch of excellent, format appropriate songs in her hand.

Jessica is young, she obviously doesn’t know herself well yet, because she has picked some terrible songs for herself. But, with the right guidance, she could produce some swaggerific pop worthy hits. She’s our best hope right now for Idol to produce a pop star. And at this point, I think Idol NEEDS a pop star who can produce hit records. I believe Idol’s reputation as a starmaker is part of it’s success. And with the ratings down, it needs the shot in the arm chart and radio success could bring.

I won’t be buying any of your records, Jessica, but for the sake of the show I love. I hope you win.

But I don’t think you will.

Jessica needed to be operating on all cylinders last night. She needed at least one big moment that would compel voters to pick up their phones and vote for her. That moment never came as she performed 3 lackluster ballads. The first song wasn’t her fault. Simon Fuller was a complete fail at choosing songs for both Jessica and Phillip. But she should have picked something a little upbeat for her 2nd pick. Or at least sung the hell out of “The Prayer” which she didn’t. Like Phillip, who had two lackluster performances upfront, Jessica had the chance to redeem herself with her single pick. Maybe the songs Jimmy Iovine presented to her were all terrible. But she said she picked the song that was the most like a “Winner’s” single. Which makes me think there were some upbeat tunes in the hat. If she were determined to end with a ballad, she needed a song that gave her the opportunity to WOW the audience. She didn’t. I think her boat is sunk.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised come tonight.

Phillip will win because he had the best performance with the best Idol coronation song ever. But more importantly, he’s been gaining momentum in the last couple of weeks, while Jessica has been losing hers. Peaking at the right time means EVERYTHING on Idol. Phillip’s last 3 weeks have featured buzzworthy performances. I think he’s got this in the bag.

What do you think peeps? Do you agree that the guitar strumming white guy streak continues? Or will Jessica break the mold and prevail? If Jessica wins, she not only will be the first woman to take the crown since 2007, but she’ll be the first saved contestant to take the win.

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