American Idol 10 Top 6 Results – Recap Roundup

‘Something Pitchy:’ Who Is Voting for Jacob Lusk?! Will Jimmy Iovine Judge Next Season?

Also on our minds, tonight, is Jimmy Iovine’s growing role on ‘Idol.’ Will he be back as a judge next season? And what’s up with Randy’s hot and cold attitude about Haley Reinhart? Find out what I, Rickey Yaneza ( and MJ Santilli (MJ’s Big Blog) have to say about all the ‘Idol’ issues of the day in this post-Top 6 edition of AOL’s ‘American Idol’ talk show, ‘Something Pitchy!’

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Live at American Idol: Why Was Nigel Freaking Out on Ryan?

It’s no secret Nigel is a bit of a control freak. At every show he’s either pulling girls from the audience to rush the stage and attack Scotty McCreery with love, having deep discussions with the judges, or keeping a watchful eye on the contestants. On Thursday’s elimination show, he seemed to be all about micro-managing Ryan and even took their conversation backstage and out of audience view.

From our seat behind the judges table we were surprised to see the frantic conversation Nigel was having with Ryan during the commercial breaks. Make-up was by Ryan’s side giving him two emergency powder pat-downs while Nigel seemed to be hounding him and giving him strict directions. Following that up with wild hand gestures and quick conversations with the stage manager, Nigel took Ryan backstage, catching the attention of the Idols on the couch and the audience around us.


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‘American Idol’ Elimination Night: 25 Things You Didn’t See on Thursday’s Show

1. With 30 seconds to go, the American Idol studio, typically awash in blue and neon white, turns into a starry night with the flick of a switch. Haley Reinhart, still getting accustomed to her straight hair, is fussing with it while taking position on the center stage stairs.

2. Mid-way through the Carole King medley, Haley literally skips over to Casey, who’s positioned on stage left.

3. While awaiting their cue at the judges’ table, Lauren Alaina and Haley look towards each other and mouth along to the boys’ part in a moment of female solidarity.


‘American Idol’ on the scene for Top 6 results show: Casey delivers a speech, while Scotty and James hand out hugs and teddy bears

Casey’s farewell: Here’s what went down right after Casey’s “I Put a Spell on You” exit performance. As the judges stepped onstage, the audience started chanting Casey’s name. “I’m not supposed to make speeches, ” said the eliminated singer while thanking the crowd. “My goal was to make the Top 6, and I’m here!” Casey then hugged Jacob, who’s quickly becoming the American Idol equivalent of the Butler college basketball team. Seconds later, J.Lo walked over to Casey, placed her “most beautiful in the world” arms on his shoulders, and offered what I can only imagine was some cheek-kissing advice. After the contestants and judges had left the stage, Cory the Warmup Host asked the audience to raise their hands if Casey kissed them. A good dozen or so hands went up.


American Idol Recap: A Farewell to Arrrghs

Thursday night’s American Idol Top 6 results show featured a moment of spontaneous profanity from an unexpected source (someone other than Steven Tyler), a spontaneous kiss for an unexpected judge (someone other than Jennifer Lopez), and a surprising elimination Ryan Seacrest promised would disappoint a lot of fans (someone other than Jimmy Iovine).

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‘American Idol’ recap: Tragic Spell

American Idol bid farewell this week to Casey Abrams, the eminently cheerful jazz enthusiast who releases all his pent-up aggression through a very tiny hole. Is that gross? His words, not mine! Casey may have been better-suited for a stage musical than a reality show, but I take my fedora off to him and fling it into the ether! for being one of the most intriguing weirdos to ever hit the Idoldome. Season 10 would have been much more boring without him.


‘Idol’ Top 6 Results: Casey Gets The Hi De Heave-Ho

Dragging out the results in the most agonizing way possible Thursday, Ryan Sadist–um, I mean Seacrest–waited until the very last minute to deliver this week’s shocking “American Idol” elimination news. No, it wasn’t shocking that frequent bottom-three contestant Jacob Lusk was back on the chopping block. Everyone expected that. Jimmy Iovine himself had predicted that Jacob was on “banana-peel status.” But to see the bottom three rounded out by Casey Abrams, who’d seemed to be on a roll since coming back from the brink on that infamous Judges’ Save night? And to see Jacob and Casey joined by Scotty McCreery, who’d a) never been in the bottom three before, b) had previously seemed like a shoo-in for the grand finale, and c) gave his best performance of the season this week? Yep, that was shocking.

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Casey Abrams Voted Off ‘American Idol’

After being dramatically saved by the judges five weeks ago, Casey Abrams was voted off American Idol on the elimination episode Thursday night Season 10’s Top 5 contestants — Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart and James Durbin — remain and will square off next week.

Casey, the livewire jazz enthusiast who performed “Hi De Ho” on Wednesday night’s Carole King-themed episode, received a standing ovation from Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler after receiving the sad news. He performed his signature tune, “I Put a Spell on You, ” as his swan song, which was capped off by an embrace with his rumored beau, Haley Reinhart.


Casey Abrams Sent Packing On ‘American Idol’

But after finding new ways to make the amateur singers twist in the wind while awaiting their fate, when the smoke cleared, it was Casey Abrams whose card was punched into “Idol” purgatory. Lauded for his musical aptitude but hampered by a tendency to get overly aggressive and unnecessarily scatty during his performances, Abrams left the show after being saved by the judges earlier in the season.


American Idol says Goodbye again to Casey

“A lot of fans are going to be disappointed with tonight’s result, ” Ryan Seacrest said solemnly at the outset of this week’s American Idol elimination episode. Um, not this one!

Casey Abrams, he of the scatting and the upright bass and the growling and the godawful Nirvana cover, has been sent packing. Here is an example of a singer who was very hampered by the complete lack of pushing he received from the judges; he had so much promise when he started, and he turned in a couple of lovely performances along the way, but for the most part, his growling and freakouts were OK to listen to, but painful to watch. (Especially in HD.) He’ll probably be fine, turning in a listenable, sorta-jazzy album that’ll sell about 50, 000 copies and making more of those Pomplamoussey YouTubes that were all pulled from the site once the Idol powers that be got their claws into him.


‘American Idol’ 2011: Casey out, cause dogs can’t vote

A lot of fans are going to be disappointed with tonight’s result, ” show host Ryan Seacrest says ominously at the top of Carole King Week results night.

This mean’s neither Jacob Lusk nor Haley Reinhart will get the hook, because they’re perennial Bottom 3 dwellers.

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