American Idol 10 Top 12 Results – Recap Roundup

American Idol’ on the scene for Top 12 results show: Tears, hugs, and the mystery of the ‘goop’

The Idoldome giveth and it taketh away. In the case of Thursday night’s Top 12 results show, it offered us a group performance that (for once) delivered the goods, plus some St. Patrick’s Day stage lighting and a snazzy drink coaster 10th Anniversary Idol CD. But in exchange for these fine gifts, Karen Rodriguez had to bid adieu to her Idol dreams. Tears were shed (not only by Karen), hugs were exchanged, and Bones started at its scheduled time. Life moves on, but let’s hold on to that single hour in the Idoldome just a bit longer and dive into the moments you didn’t see on TV.


Behind the Scenes at American Idol: J.Lo Gets Called Out!

In case you didn’t hear it at home, two ladies up above the stage yelled down to Jennifer, “You’re married!” and pointed out her husband Marc Anthony in the audience right after she and Stefano exchanged words (and more flirty looks). J.Lo didn’t react to the scolding from the two women, but some of the people sitting around the yellers seemed taken aback.

But not all the behind-the-scenes action was about shouting down to judges and questioning their devotion to their spouses. Here are other tidbits that went down while the cameras were off:

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A First-Timer’s View From Inside the ‘Idol’-Dome

I attended my first ever taping of American Idol on Thursday, and honestly, I can’t complain — it was pretty fun and exciting!

When you first step into the Idol studio, it’s impressive. You immediately think, this set had to have cost a decent amount of coin — from all the lights to the spinning American Idol logo globe thing. Everyone knows the show brings in a lot of money, and it’s clear that some of that money goes back into the show.


“American Idol” Has No Hero

Last night on American Idol, Lee DeWyze came back (with some sweet advice for the hopefuls), the Black Eyed Peas performed, and, as is customary on Thursdays, one of the singers got sent home. It probably wasn’t all too surprising that the bottom three was once again made up of all female singers—this time, it was Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart, and Karen Rodriguez who received the lowest number of votes—but the fact that Karen, whose MySpace-assisted journey to the show was dotted with lots of big ballads and playing straight to Jennifer Lopez, was the vocalist who America placed on the chopping block was a bit surprising. She was given the chance to sing for her life, and she revisited her bilingual interpretation of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”


American Idol Recap: Woe Is Mija

A disappointing week of American Idol ended Thursday night with all the suspense of watching an episode of Martha Bakes and wondering if the domestic diva’s cookies might catch on fire. There wasn’t a single genuine surprise over the course of the longest hour of Idol‘s 10th season. Well, unless you count Thia Megia declaring herself an “artist.” (These kids today!) Or Pia Toscano getting bleeped for language that would’ve been appropriate on Sesame Street. Or Lee DeWyze wondering what kind of God won’t let him be on the radio but allows the Black Eyed Peas to have a hit with that collection of notes and words they coughed up on the Idol stage tonight. (Little does Lee know, God hasn’t turned on the radio since Scotty McCreery was in diapers.)

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‘American Idol’ Recap: Karen Rodriguez Voted Off, 11 Remain

After once again being voted into the American Idol bottom three alongside two female singers, Karen Rodriguez could not survive this week’s competition and was voted off during the elimination episode Thursday night on Fox. Haley Reinhart and Naima Adedapo joined Rodriguez in the bottom three but were eventually cleared into the top 11.

When Rodriguez, who delivered a take on Taylor Dayne’s “Love Will Lead You Back” on last night’s episode that made Steven Tyler praise her “ethnic-what-is-it-ness, ” found out that she had received the least votes, she busted out a multilingual performance of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” that earned a standing ovation. “It just felt great to have at least that one chance, ” she said as she broke down in tears following the performance. “I can do so much better, and I know you guys believe in me.”


‘American Idol’: ‘One Voted Off’ Recap

There aren’t going to be too many shockers in the early stages of this Top 12. That’s because, as much as I hate to say it, the girls are, indeed, proving to be the weaker sex in this 10th season of ‘American Idol.’

While the little ‘Idol’ elves counted up all the Facebook and phone votes, it was clear well before tonight’s elimination episode that Karen Rodriguez, Haley Reinhart and Naima Adedapo were in danger.

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‘American Idol’: Karen Rodriguez Eliminated

Two of the three bottom vote-grabbers on “American Idol” tonight had experience in the slot. Haley Reinhart and Karen Rodriguez sat in this seat last week. This week they were joined by Naima Adedapo.

America voted to send Karen packing tonight. She gave it one last effort with an English-Spanish version of “Hero” in hopes of snagging a judge-infused stay, but no go.


‘American Idol’ 2011: Who got sent home?

Twelve will become 11 on “American Idol” tonight. As befits this solemn occasion, judge Jennifer Lopez is wearing a doily that she has had made into a very short dress. Judge Steven Tyler is dressed as one of those middle-aged ladies who lunch, who is attending an evening art gallery opening. Judge Randy Jackson has grown a Van Dyke, and host Ryan Seacrest is wearing a gorgeous suit.

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American Idol 10 Top 12 Elimination: Born Identity

American Idol is now employing the 8mm camera techniques employed by hipster iPhone apps and Jersey Shore. Can you feel the false drama? Its palpable, ain’t it. And while I already know who’s going home (yawn) after last night’s Songs From The Year You Were Born show, I must admit I am a wee bit excited this will be the first results show my DVR did not screw up…but only because it’s been a long time since I’ve got to rip on a cheesy Ford commercial (granted Ford is now employing that same Hollywood backlot for their REAL commercials. Yikes.) and my all-time favorite — THE AMERICAN IDOL GROUP SING.

Top Idol

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